Custom Ultima Build Thread


This sounds cool but it looks like there could be problems since it has mostly auras on it.


Saint gave it a like so i don’t think there should be a problem.


I don’t think so. The modules i chose are meant to compliment libertine and amplify its effects.


He’s also the one that suggested about making customs with too many auras. I’m just looking out for you.

I hope that it works for you.


@SubliminalUser thanks for the feedback. Will wait until they update the physical changes sub to the new tech.


@brandom your correct in pointing out that there might be an issue with too many auras. However I feel if he takes breaks in between listening, like on and off days such as 2 days listening one day rest he should be ok. He shouldnt experience the aura “burn out”.


I hope they do a module called Male Dehancement or Unenhancment . I could use that


James from America can you please elaborate on male dehancement please ?


Are there other James ’ here that I am James from America?
Male Dehancement would be the opposite of enhancement. If I have to explain it further you have officially ruined the joke


Don’t worry @JCast, I thought it was funny


James from america thankyou :slight_smile:


been thinking about a build for executive centered on wealth to support my wealth custom and i’ve come up with this

  1. Executive Ultima Core
  2. Finacial Success Reality Shifter
  3. Positive Being Attractor - Wealth
  4. Secrets of Akasha - Wealth
  5. Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
  6. Fortune’s Favorite


Looks decent my minds been on a similar ultima for wealth too, all of these are in my main custom sub except for positive being attractor


Just Received my Libertine custom hahahahahaha


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Just from what I know about Jame’s @JCast from reading probably everything he has ever written on this forum, I’d say you nailed it.


@Azriel your a top geezer !!! :smile:


not sure you got the right word but thanks :joy:
just hope it made you and James laugh.


It did Geezer :slight_smile: just being childish.

James from america is laughing his balls off :slight_smile: