Custom Ultima Build Thread


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I am thinking why doesnt subclub configure the aura so the mind projects it when it needs to. For example when in rapport with someone it would kick in automatically. As oppose to continually radiating the aura which uses alot of energy.


Something similar happened to me too. My biggest strength gains so far have happened after I joined a gym.


There has been a concern that I’ve had of overdoing the auras. It might work well for you.

and Saint did give it a like.

Keep us posted.


apologies i this fhas already been answered before.

but, how many ultima cores are reccomended to put in one custom ultima? @SaintSovereign


Recommendation was one but people have tried more already and it still works.would depend on the person though


HOW IS THE FOLLOWING CUSTOM ULTIMA? - Wealth from Entrepreneurship / Job / other sources



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It’s a good custom. Just run it every other day at first, give yourself lots of rest time.


@SaintSovereign Can minds eye core be placed into an ultima custom? or would i be going against guideline??

I know it is a major core, but i have read around that it is comparatively light…if i am not mistaken.


You’d technically go against the guideline, but those guidelines were put into place for beginners. If you’re more familiar with our products, how they work and how they feel, you can experiment a bit. And yes, Mind’s Eye is quite compact.


WOW! I say go for it man!


What would be your advice on replacing trailblazer and instant business tactician with Minds Eye Core And Index Gate?

Would that still keep my CUSTOM Ultima focused?
Would that slow down the fast effects of RICH?



Question - Who has built an ultima physical change stack ? if so are you getting results ? and what modules did you use ?


i just got these swap, akasha for the new rich ultima. well see