Custom Ultima Build Thread


I will be more open minded when you can get my name correct


Sorry mate !


It looks tempting for me to do one Ultima with:

Direct Influencing Aura
Dragons Tongue
Submodel Alpha
Intuition Enhancer
Seducer’s Gaze

That one is for fast, powerful persuasion.


Iron Frame
Total Nonchalant

That one to be immune to manipulation


Dependence on any capacity or ideology, if taken to excess or extreme, becomes unhelpful or dysfunctional. This applies as much to hard-nosed empiricism and grimly determined individualism as it does to faith in the forces and powers beyond oneself.

The stoic, spare beauty of self-responsibility and unflinching personal investigation can be perverted into narcissistic blindness to interdependence and grandiose, imbalanced hyper-intellectualism. (Just one more religion called Modern Science.)

In the same way, the humble grace and spiritual faith of openness to the greater patterns of nature beyond oneself can degrade into superstitious mob mentality, childish denial of responsibility, and fear-based suppression of any threatening innovation.

Modern science is often applied as dogmatically, benightedly, and ignorantly as are faith and spirituality.

In the long run, it’s probably about finding a balance and being willing to challenge and question each and every humanly possible point of view. They’re all incomplete. Neither science nor spirituality offer any final escape from human ignorance or the continual work of learning and growth.



Back to the Ultima builds.

The second one I would create would probably be a mind, meditation, manifestation oriented supercharger meant to bolster Alchemist.

Still thinking about the modules. I think the beauty of these Ultimas is that they can address your individual particular needs and specific blocks at a given point in time or stage of development. That’s how I’m approaching them. Like rappelling up a cliff. ‘What particular strategic angle and leverage do I need to get me to that next point I want to reach?’

Takes some reflection.



I want to make a comment without judgment or criticism. This idea of an Ultima Viagra is a great idea.

I would also add somethings that might help such as modules to boost confidence, remove fears, and stop looking at pornography.

Doing all those things would likely be a more lifestyle solution to combine with the more immediate solution of an Ultima Cock Booster.


@SaintSovereign and @Fire

This “immune to manipulation” could be very helpful in a number of business and personal situations.

As a feasibility check… would Power Can Corrupt be a possible Ultima addition?


haha Ultima Viagra. Or I guess the product name would be Viagra Ultima. :rofl: (Side effects include…)

That’s dope.

Also, I’m pretty sure it will work. A bunch of us have experienced the UWE while on various programs. (Unexpected Wood Effect)


Hey everyone!

These ideas are certainly getting me to think about things beyond just the typical human conditions of relationships, wealth, status, power, sex… well, you know the topics. These are the hot buttons we all know.

Let’s also make sure we do feasibility checks…

I would guess that some of the stacking modules would likely fit into the Ultima, but let’s all make an effort to get the attention of

@SaintSovereign and @Fire

for confirmation. After all, there are NO refunds and some people I know are on a budget. Let’s proceed cautiously as we experiment. If we get a “confirmation” of “probably not” or “at your own risk” … then at least that person doing so, does so after they have been warned for that module or program.


Thank you for making sure we stay on track.


Is that what that was?




@SaintSovereign and @Fire

Some Ultima feasibility confirmations and comments:


Quantum Limitless stage 4

LimitlessQ core

Power Can Corrupt



Yes it would be Viagra Ultima. Side effects would likely be very desirable. And the wood would be expected. Would wood be expected? Yes.


That secret source module looks intriguing.


I misread that as Ultima Cock Master


I’m thinking you could also work backwards. Like starting from the modules that you feel or intuit would be most useful for you now, and then figuring out how they fit together after you see them together.

In my case, for example, Harmonic Singularity is timely. Just based on where I am at this point. But it could fit with any number of other modules and be applied in a variety of directions or purposes.


This is very insightful.

I would like to expand upon the analogy of rappelling up the cliff.

What is your ultimate goal? Is there a destination at the cliff that you want to reach, or do you enjoy rappelling?

What tools do you have now? Do you have a rappel or any other essential tools? Or are you so experienced that actually you can get up the cliff with your bare hands?

What is your physical condition like? Have you been building up your physical condition? Are you at your peak state of physical fitness to go up the cliff?

How many cliffs have you gone up?

How did you get up the cliffs previously? By rappelling or some other means? (E.g. helicopter)

What else do you think prevents you from getting up the cliff?

Lastly, where are you at the moment? Are you at the base of the cliff? Or do you just 5 metres away from the top of the cliff and just need an extra push?

In most cases, the solution would be a mix of tools that combine both short-term and long-term objectives.

Would add the “tactical” component apart from strategic too.



Would that wood would be expected.


Yes. I agree. ‘Tactical’ makes better sense there. Thanks.

That is kind of the whole point.

The Major Programs and Customs are (primarily) about strategy.
The Ultimas are (primarily) about tactics (and then as they’re used over time, they evolve into parts of the strategy).

That’s a helpful way to think about it.


I’m willing to invest in an Ultima which will bring me into a state of complete meditation and relaxation and “akin to sleep” (also known as hypnagogic state). Supposedly it’s between theta and alpha state. I think something like Harmonic Singularity will be very important for this, since that is supposed to promote complete relaxation. This Ultima can then set the base for 100% absorption of the subliminal script.

I mean that could be done with Lucid dreaming too, but if a hypnagogic state can be achieved with a custom Ultima, actually I would be happy enough.