Custom Ultima Build Thread


They claim to be but we never know.


I might be mistaken i think they run their business from america. I think they once they said they spent time in France which tells me they are french.


As far as I know they are on the west coast in the LA area.


They went on a company retreat last year to Paris and that’s where and when they got the idea for the Q store.


Yes yes of course so they are in fact from america.


I spent time in the UK too but that doesn’t make me a fellow British.


I thought they were originally french anyway lets get back on topic :smile:


Well, the human brain cannot make sense of the individual units of sensory input, so it needs a story to explain the data.

That’s why we humans are so into listening to stories.

If I Am breaks down the original narrative, and New Beginnings builds up a new narrative that is in line with our desired reality and goals, then these two modules in a way are a perfect match.


America doesn’t exist just like Finland. Its a conspiracy by the Illuminati


such a great post.



or anyone else who has thoughts

What would recommend for pure physical healing Ultima custom
Ascpleius, Serum X, Epigentics maybe, health codex, harmonic singularity? anything else you see would be valuable to


New Beginnings
Blue Skies
Attachment Destroyer


Total Nonchalance


@friday - one option:


James you are from america right ? :grin:


I am actually strongly thinking of building something similar.

I was either thinking of adding “feel good” modules such as ego adsum and Joie de vivre… But I also think 4 modules could be enough. Or maybe just add Ares to lower fear quickly and maybe get some internal blockage moving, or even omnidimensional, Deus, some common booster which would boost your regular custom? Why not add potentiator, at the same time you are healing and removing shit, you are now aware of your potential!! And what about Pragya, it’s a modules made to boost your brain capacity to assimilate subs, talking about using healing to accelerate growth, boom! Your custom ultima would supercharge your regular custom! Merger of world, you could SEE and connect to what is blocking you!

I would be tempted to go with

  • I am : The flamethrower to create a new surface.
  • Attachment destroyer : Eliminate the wanting that are unhelpful in your life.
  • New Beginning : Help you grow in the direction you want.
  • Blue Skies : Know yourself and developp yourself.
  • Ares : Lower fear which could emerge while exploring beliefs that you don’t want to explore.
  • Merger of worlds : Help you consciously work on your fear and beliefs.

Ultima are usually used as a booster, so working on healing consciously could STRONGLY potentiate the healing power.

Do you plan on building this particular custom Ultima? I’m actually really curious about people’s experience with custom ultima :slight_smile: I don’t work right now so my budget is tighter and I’ll wait for people to explore before jumping into it hahaha


@WhiteTiger I am VERY conflicted on my custom ultima right now which would have an “I AM” base. @SaintSovereign I would appreciate your input on this as well.

The inspiration for this ultima comes from a hypothetical Khan U ST1. Since it doesn’t seem that’s happening, I toyed with the custom ultima concept that you have seen me write.

But I’m conflicted because even though “I AM” is the key part of Khan ST1, I’m going to be missing the “Khan core social programming” that’s also in Khan ST1. To be fair, that social programming isn’t very important right now due to the pandemic—I was just thinking it would be good to have so that when I run my social custom post-pandemic (which includes Khan ST4 Core in it), I’d be ready. Does that make sense?

In addition there’s a few other things:

  • Would there be a quantifiable way to compare the efficacy of this hypothetical ultima with Khan Q ST1 as it is right now?
  • How would I fit it into my stack right now? (Custom on M/W/F, Khan Q ST on Tu/Th). Would I drop Khan Q ST1 altogether with this hypothetical ultima?


Best and most concise description I ever heard for Imposter Syndrome from someone.

If you achieve something or solve a problem “anyone could do this” and you give yourself no credit. If something is really difficult “I’m a fake, this is too much everything I know is bs and I’m a failure”.

There’s no middle ground with imposter syndrome. You’re either living under constant anxiety that you lucked your way through everything or beating yourself up too much when something incredibly difficult comes along and reinforces those fears and insecurities.


I’m all in for some kind of Khan St1 Healing + Social programming.

I am running St4 right now and love it. Khan is a sub I really really like :slight_smile:


Even though I ran through the stages (see The Road to Khan), only ST1 got a chance to be run before the pandemic hit.