Custom Ultima Build Thread


@SaintSovereign and @Fire

Could you please comment on some of these combinations people are considering as reassurance they are focused and viable for Ultima?


Yep I get it. Keep me posted, on my side of things, gym are now closed, bar, we can’t go to people’s place. Everything is backed closed down :frowning:

I’ll follow your idea :wink:

What about temptation and sexiness unbound with the healing modules? Or Lion IV? Could help with the social and sexual liberty!

I think sexiness unbound seems more related to sexual liberation, or at least help you express and explore your sexiness.


Which idea is this?

Hmm…I don’t think I would feel that good having even 1 module be a social module that isn’t going to be realized until months later…my concern is more about being ready for that social programming of Khan ST4 + other stuff


Idea of making the Khan St1 prep.

I’ll follow it.

For me I am thinking for general healing, but also help me have a better relationship with my sexuality and my expression of it :

I Am
Blue Skies
Attachment Destroyer
Sexiness Unbound


No new beginnings?

Reading the description for sexiness unbound. I do like the idea of having the ultima boost that as ground work.


Hmmmm, I don’t know if I want to boost New Beginning, it is always in my regular custom… Maybe it needs a boost? Maybe it could eradicate some fears faster?

Yeah, I think I might add it, it could help consolidate whatever progress you are making.


Harmonic Singularity.


Khan ST4 is so underated cannot believe i forgot about this as i have khan. Might stack it alongside my stark custom.


I really wonder how much more effective this potential build (with name embedding and all) is compared to Khan Q ST1.


how would you characterize Khan Stage 4 in comparison to Emperor?


Yeah, this partly what is interesting me. What about running this healing Ultima alongside the regular build. And then stopping all healing process and letting it loose. Ultima is pretty freaking strong as it is, but how much stronger will it be to have it name embedded?

Also how would it compare to my other healing sub based on I Am which is in Terminus?

I kinda want to build it now! :heart_eyes: Lockdown time could be healing time, but I still want to keep my desire to interact with people. Would GLM be good with my mix? Also healing general masculinity?


@WhiteTiger I decided to throw in GLM to my self-love/confidence/healing Ultima.

Blue Skies & Gratitude Embodiment for self-love.

Power Awareness & GLM - to become aware of my own power and become aware of (and improve) my masculinity.

New Beginnings - to uproot all deep underlying causes for not being/feeling as powerful and as masculine.

Inner Voice - to envelop my conscious mind in self-loving and power/masculinity boosting monologue.

Damn I’m excited😍


This much talked about IAM module is this in the standard GLM, Rebirth products ?


Nah, I am is really a standalone. It is the type of technology used in Khan St1, total breakdown. It’s why people are raving about I am, because it breakdown shitty beliefs :wink:


I wonder how these modules would play together in an ultima

  1. Carpe Diem Ascended
  2. Productivity Unleashed
  3. Sanguine
  4. Godlike Masculinity
  5. Deus
  6. Tyrant


:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: @SaintSovereign


I put something just like this is module requests thread two weeks ago as I do not feel Sex Mastery Q covers this.


I was thinking last night that at this time the only Ultima I would purchase is name embedded versions of Elixir, Regeneration, and Executive. I will wait until those are an option

Custom Regen / PCC journey--clearing out time

Remember to confirm if Regeneration might be compatible with Ultima, as it might be a major program.

@SaintSovereign and @Fire


one for Age Regression - Body Gets Younger more beautiful, and also ulitmas in the categories, of Root Chakra - Kundalini Activator - Awaken Your Higher Self and higher density/ level enlightenment shouldnt be a problem