Custom Ultima Build Thread


GLM is an ultima, so it’s a major program type that may not work well for a custom.


Strongly agree with this sentiment.


A Really Good Day

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Everything comes from within James.

You are the sole creator.

These external forces are just an expression of your subconscious.


Would appreciate this. Still a tossup as to whether the custom ultima I had in mind would be able to replace Khan Q ST1 in my stack.


Since GLM was already built into Ultima format, I have no doubts it will work well in custom Ultima as well


@renet1 what I am getting at is that the creators have already debated whether allowing for ultima cores to be part of customs. This would kind of fall along that same issue


I see what you are saying.

To be honest, I think that GLM is kinda compatible with everything.

It was a stacking module, it got adapted to Q, it got adapted to Ultima… at least I hope so🙂

@SaintSovereign is GLM good to go for custom Ultimas? Just to be sure…


I am wondering about this option…

What if one creates a Q-strength custom of let’s say 15 modules… then creates an Ultima of the 6 he wants to put emphasis on --> so then 6 modules are both in the Q custom and Ultima custom. Will this provide faster results?

Or should one create a custom and then do the custom Ultima with 6 new modules that complement the custom?


Im really tempted to get a wealth ultima. If you think about it we already got attraction, healing, masculine, take action and fitness ultimas but we haven’t got one for wealth.

I think the one would be really good to use maybe use it before you get a lottery ticket :slight_smile:
ps i selected market weaver as i trade horses online

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Secret Source
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unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
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Wealth Limit Destroyer
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I worded that wrong. I should have said if it becomes an option or possiblity


Sure if you ignore any form of societal, cultural, academic, or parental programming


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Gratitude Embodiment
Joie de Vivre
Carpe Diem Ascended
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The Flow

This one would be the “Feel Good Ultima”, Im not considering Sanguine since we dont know yet if its gonna be available.


You mean running this WITH Khan ST1? That’s wild. I guess I didn’t really consider that, that means I’d have to switch out Elixir with this custom ultima.


That seems like it would make a good ultima. I was thinking of making a wealth related one but with FSRS, Wealth Limit Destroyer, Debt Annihilator, Marketweaver, Positive Being Attractor - Wealth, Inner Circle, and Sultan.


That’s 7 modules, but Sultan taps into some of the same beneficial processes as Inner Circle. And Inner Circle is a major program, so it can be stacked separately.


@Malkuth any thoughts on what might go well with these?

Context here…


An Ultima that boosts and replicates the energy of Khan Stage 1.

I just read your original post. It sounds like you’re happy with the transformational breakdown/healing part but you would also like to add a bit of the “Khan core social programming” flavor to this booster. You also felt somewhat ambivalent because, like most at this time, you have limited or significantly altered opportunities for developing your social aspects.

I’d ask, ‘what, for you, is the nature of the Khan core social programming’ and I mean this in a personal sense for you, like what do you feel is most important about it for you? What do you feel you will be getting from it? What will it facilitate or enable to happen?


Facilitate Khan ST4 to work even better once I start running that as part of a custom. I didn’t have anything in particular in mind, to be honest.

Also my premise was originally that I was going to try and drop Khan Q ST1 from my stack by running this custom, but now I’m not sure if that’s the best way to use this Ultima. So if I don’t drop ST1 from the stack then I’d still be getting the core programming.

The change in my stack if ST1 is kept is that Elixir would be removed in favor of this custom ultima.


I actually intended the question more practically, as in ‘setting subliminals to the side for a moment, What will the Khan core social programming’ enable you to do in your real-world life?’

Hmm…I think you might have a point there. @King pointed out (hmmm…actually somewhere above in this same thread) that Ultimas offer (at least in the beginning) a tactical resource. They help to boost your ability to enact the larger strategy that you’re working on (represented by your Major Program or Custom). We all have weak points and areas where effective change or action may be harder for us. An Ultima can help us with those areas. This enables the Major Programs to work even more smoothly and effectively.

So, yeah, I’d agree that it’s not really a substitute or a way to remove part of your major programs, exactly. Although, in the long-term the Ultima-facilitated changes do become deeper. So, both ways can be argued.

But yes. Use the major programs as your Big Tools and the Ultimas as your precision-adjustment tools.

That’s why I want to ask ‘What changes are you expecting in your real-life?’ and also ‘Which aspects seem to give you more trouble?’ or alternately, ‘Which aspects would you like to beef-up?’