Custom Ultima Build Thread


hahahaha, it would be wild! No I mean running this Ultima healing with my Khan St4 Custom :wink:


Blue Skies
New Beginnings
Attachment Destroyer
Power Awareness
Gratitude Embodiment

^I think the above looks good…

I’d like to beef up the knowing that I’m a socially powerful individual and that I should not try to limit myself from taking action. Often times I feel like in social settings I may limit my own expression more than desired.

The custom that I’ve constructed here is potentially workable for both my current stack AND my Khan ST4 custom.


Ok ok, seems pretty strong stack! Gratitude embodiment might help with the negative emotions generated by I Am!

I think :
I Am
Blue Skies
Attachment Destroyer
Power Awareness
New Beginnings

Power awareness seems great for seeing what you can do and remove blockage! Ultima seems amazing to supercharge, the only thing with this hyperfocus build is how would it hit?

Would it hit deeper and harder since it’s ultima or would it have trouble changing beliefs longer term… I always saw Elixir as a way to supercharge healing, not necessarly a healing sub itself! Would I am ultima just bring out emotions one shot and force you to process it because of it’s fast acting proprety? Maybe you could only run it for a short amount of time! Like one week! annnnnd I am so tempted to build it hahaha


This is a good selection as well. Though it has one extra module specifically around releasing emotions. That’s good, although there’s the potential tradeoff of deemphasizing the breakdown mechanism of “I AM”.

Gratitude embodiment is also personally inspired because when I look at this module, I think, “I need more gratitude in my life. It is so powerful, yet not practiced enough.” In addition it has some connections to manifestation which I am into!


Yeah, you are right, I could remove Ares, I just don’t want to put in too much modules I haven’t licensed. I could switch out Ares for Potentiator :wink: Which is similar to Power Awareness and they might work well together!


You could always do a 5-module custom :wink: But I know that feeling, not using up all the slots and whatnot.

Would be interesting to do a comparison of experiences with two similar customs that differ only in name and in 1 module


hahahaha, I was thinking… If you build your custom ultima, I’ll build mine… Honestly, ultima are so strong, I can’t imagine what they would do with name embedding.

Only difference is I have potentiator and you have gratitude embodiment!


@WhiteTiger IT IS DONE!

“I AM” EXCITED. :smiley:

Another Thing...

Discount coming in handy right now :wink:


Oh, you build it?

Ok ok, I’ll launch mine!


Man of Steel



Direct influencing aura
Dragon tounge
Iron Frame


Sex manifestation
Transcendental Connection
Dragon tounge
Focused arousal
Seducers gaze


Might be worth keeping the stacks to 3 if you can to prevent diffusion of the results.


In terms of absorbing large amounts of information, cognitive functioning, for technical computer based stuff like programming etc. What do you guys suggest ?

Beyond Limitless perhaps ?
Executive perhaps ?

What else do you guys suggest ?


I’m planning on making a st4 custom as well. What modules do you suggest I have in it. I’m trying to reduce it


Really depends on your overall objective, but I don’t think this is the place to build a non ultima custom :wink:.

Keep in mind you will run it for a long time so maybe you don’t have to lower it’s amount of modules.

Edit : Oh didn’t get you wanted to go with Ultima! Actually I would give the same advice as @RVconsultant. Stay focus on Khan St4, drop the healing, drop the results booster. Go with Khan St4 and add a few modules that you would like, but your beast is Khan St4. Or only go with Khan St4 and two boosters like Deus and Tyrant or something… Keep in mind that this build would be highly experimental!!



I’m looking at your list. To be absolutely clear, stage 4 of what program…

Also, what are your goals, plans, outcomes, etc. you want.

For example, if it’s Khan stage 4, Khan overall is about wealth, sex, and (I would describe it as) domination.

So on one hand, there could be a focus on one aspect of Khan st4 such as wealth, or perhaps a general Khan stage 4 booster that would be more broad.

If it were me, I would do my best to be objective and assess where I needed Khan boosted. So if I was listening to Khan st4 and just not getting the sexual effects I was hoping for, I would create an Ultima to booster the sex part of Khan.

After that was boosted to where I wanted, then I would assess what I wanted to work better based on my plans and goals.

Also remember that this is a lot of experimenting, and with Ultima, focus might be the best approach at this point. Remember, there are no refunds. So what ever you decide, make sure you plan you finances.

Personally, I’m staying with very focused single themes with my Ultimas.


An Ultima concept for equanimity, inability to be rattled.

Ego Adsum
Iron Frame
Inner Voice
Lion 4


Soon the power of the ultima stack wil be mine hahaha. Hopefully today or tomorrow hahahaha i will unleash it upon the world hahaha.


what modules did you go with?


Waiting to hear about Blackadder going forward into the world.