Custom Ultima Build Thread


Can anyone recommend a Ultima sub to stop rumination?


I know Executive had that “stop thinking, start doing shit” effect on me


Hi…any updates on making the main store Ultimas available on Q?


Saint has been MIA for the past 2 days. I hope that means he’s finishing the stacking instructions :slight_smile:


Focused Arousal
aura of Craving
Seducer’s Gaze
Earthshaker - Sexuality

I am also designing a physical transformation sub. Just have to think about what modules to include.


I love this ultima build short and sweet, you will see some nice results from this


If the emperor height module can work then i am all for it. My concern is will it work for older men.


I feel i might still have an effect to how much who knows, might just work arpund it and make you like you regular height


I believe the emperor height inducer is in EF stage 3 unless i am mistaken.


I would replace Ego Adsum and Inner Voice with Total Nonchalance and Rogue. Maybe Attachment Destroyer instead of Inner Voice. Not be attached to the dumb shit people say and do.

Iron Frame
Lion IV
Total Nonchalance
Attachment Destroyer


I’m having the same thoughts. How old are you?


I’m going to do a physical one

Male Enhancement
Physicality Shifter: Sexiness
Serum X
Harmonic Singularity
and I’m deciding if I want to add Epigentitcs (what do yall think?)



This does have a single theme of physical changes. However, it’s also telling your subconscious to change multiple parts of your body.

Personally, if it were me, I’d focus on 1 or 2. I started with Serum X and Facial Morphing for one custom subliminal. When I thought it was working, I added another physical change module.


@SaintSovereign and @Fire

Is this going to be “too much” for one subliminal to induce changes? Will changes be faster if it’s just one physical change? Any recommendations?


Sounds like Epigentitcs will tie the rest of them together nicely. I’ll certainly add it to my custom physical stack if I decide to pull the trigger.


Did you do this in Ultima? If so what was modules 3 or 3-6 in addition to Serum X and Facial Morphing.

great questions


that’s what I was thinking, it would support the other changes even though it’s extra scripting
I’m getting excited about this, probably order this weekend.

Then the next one will be wealth- Sultan, Secret Source, Unrelenting Wealth motivation and Energy, Financial Reality Shifter, Wealth Limit Destroyer, and Yggdrisal or Current Invoker


@SaintSovereign can the height inducing module help men in their middle age get taller ?


Good clarifying question… I did them in Terminus Squared format. Remember, Terminus Squared warnings apply. :grin:


which physical modules did you see positive changes with in Terminus Squared ?


These are ones I’m convinced have been showing effects:

Physicality Shifter – Sexiness

Facial Morphing

Serum X


Emperor Fitness