Custom Ultima Build Thread


Regeneration is fine. Cores are fine with Ultima, you’ll just need a lot more exposure. Remember, Ultimas were made for 1-2 loops per day. If you add a core, you may have to run it like a major title.

Paging @Fire

Great build!

We were more worried about people taking Ultima Cores and putting them in “Major” customs, then complaining that it didn’t work. If we allow Ultima Cores (we’re still debating it), it should be fine if you use Ultima.


That’s the way we’d prefer to use Ultimas, but experimentation is key. We’re getting more and more evidence that running Ultimas like a major title can be quite rewarding.

The build you created is solid and would work well. Good job.

Like 'em both. Keep the good builds coming, ya’ll.

Good build!

Theoretically, yes. Physical shifting is still one of those “very experimental” type modules. Some people see incredible results, others see nothing. Time is the one constant – some people have to run them longer than others.



Thank you so much for the replies!

Very informative and affirming!


Now alright, Regeneration is officially on the list of Ultima compatible programs.

Ultima Emotional Fist of Healing (six maximum):



Blue Skies

Discordia Deliverance

Dream Traveler

Eye of the Storm

Growth Through Pain

Harmonic Singularity

Inner Voice




Negativity Displacer

New Beginnings

Stress Displacement


because when I run healing modules and feel like I’m getting emotionally beat up, I just remember how my problems are probably feeling from the healing modules. :rofl:


nice thought


Check @SubliminalUser and my build for healing module :v:

We basically started with
I Am
Attachment Destroyer
Blue Skies
New Beginning

As a foundation and added two more.


Would manifestation module in ultima boost the manifestation in a custom Q sub?

Originally I thought libertine was also creating manifestation and not only aura, but seeing that Sex Manifestation could be put in Ultima format I guess it could be strong!


@RVconsultant what are your thoughts on Sex Mastery and Sex ans Seduction being ultima ?


Good question!

Here is a rant that I hope will give you all something to think about.

First, keep @SaintSovereign 's caution in mind:

Now it’s time for my blunt thoughts. When I did Stark Ultima, I didn’t notice much. Personally, if I did put cores in Ultima, I would put a core in an Ultima as a booster … that is, I would already be running the core in a Q, Terminus, or Terminus Squared subliminal, and consider the same core in Ultima format as a booster.

Further, if I did a core in Ultima, I would put in modules to re-inforce that core. So if the core was about healing, then I would only put in healing modules in to the Ultima with that one core, and NOT another core. I would only do ONE core per Ultima.

So let’s go back to your example. Let’s suppose I wanted to put Sex and Seduction along with Sex Mastery into an Ultima. First, I would see if I was putting 2 cores into a Ultima. So I check the Q store. Oops! Both are listed as cores.

So then I would ask myself if I wanted to enter in to experimental territory by putting 2 cores into an Ultima. Let’s suppose I wanted to take that risk. I would make sure my custom subliminal had already Sex and Seduction with Sex Mastery in it already. If so, then I would design this Ultima:

Sex Mastery
Sex and Seduction
put a sexual one here
put another sexual one here
put yet another sexual one here
put still another sexual one here

So I would max it out at 6. For my own preferences, if I was going to do Sex Mastery along with Sex and Seduction, I would do:

Sex Mastery
Sex and Seduction
Gorgeous Manifestor
Sexual Manifestation
Focused Arousal
Long range seduction

However, let’s suppose I didn’t want to put 2 cores, I would choose 1 core and put in 5 other non-core sexual modules. I also might decide to do 2 different Ultimas. One with Sex Mastery and 5 non-core sexual modules, and another with Sex and Seduction with 5 non-core sexual modules. Again, I would ensure that the cores were already in my custom subliminals.

We know Ultima works. Still, I would encourage thought, planning, and caution. If you are bold enough to experiment, worst thing is your results may not be what you hoped. The advantage is that if it works, you’ll be at the cutting edge of advancements.

Me personally, I’m only using non-core modules in Ultima unless @SaintSovereign or @Fire has told me something to indicate otherwise.


Yes, if you were running them as part of the same stack.


@SaintSovereign. It has to be a minimum of three modules correct? Just clarifying. I was thinking of these three for a highly focused detached relaxed indifference

  1. Attachment Destroyer
  2. Total Nonchalance
  3. Rogue


Have you consider adding Lion IV? Its awesome and goes perfectly with Rogue and Total Nonchalance


@Joa93 I have and it would probably just add to the ability to be as relaxed as possible and not be reactive. It’s strange because I’m rapidly learning to feel that way running Limit Destroyer Ultima and Elixir. It feels both weird and cool not to feel some weird guilt based passive aggressive obligation to respond to anything and everything. The other one I was considering adding was Iron Frame. Really cement it all. It would definitely make my life a whole lot easier. That and I want to be able to respond to things without getting emotional. It makes things unnecessary difficult at times. It might not hurt to add Steadfast for that reason


Iron Frame would be an excellent choice too!! Steadfast I have no idea what it does, gotta read that one.


I still say perhaps check out Loin IV and Sanguine. I also think Iron Frame might be another good option. Remember that 6 is your maximum for an Ultima. Although 3 is the minimum… remember the true minimum is zero because you don’t have to get anything… :grin:

Also perhaps Manipulus and Power Can Corrupt.

And congratulations on your planning and thought!


Aye — maximum of six.


Minimalist Equanimity

Ego Adsum
Iron Frame

It seems to me that Ego Adsum is key as it is about being rooted in the present moment.

Steadfast is being grounded and prepared to deal with whatever might come up.

Iron Frame. Unable to be shifted from grounded preparedness. Locked in.


Limit Destroyer
Productivity Unleashed

How’s that look?

Goal is to remove all limitations and be productive, but I honestly added some modules that just didn’t make the cut to my custom Qs. If there was an outlier for me it’d be Dominion


I like what I see. What are your thoughts about replacing Dominion with I Am?

I ask this since I’m seeking to remove limitations in my life and also hold onto my masculinity mindset. I have GLM in my custom healing Q presently.


I’m sure that would work fine! Though I have no experience yet using custom ultimas.


That’s been my thinking about a number of things.