Custom Ultimas Are Here!


@SaintSovereign ignore my question, just saw it to be here tomorrow if all goes well.


I was thinking of adding the two modules : Ego Adsum and Joie de vivre with the healing to help swallow this huge ass pill. Could also be replaced by GLM for the mental toughness, or Merger of World if you want to be conscious about your healing.

I am
Attachment Destroyer
Blue Skies
Ego Adsum
Joie de Vivre

I don’t really know much about Spiritual freedom tho so I don’t know exactly which value it has!

I have made an emperor custom for healing, I could just replace it with an ultima, which would complement my current run…

Ok, this is pretty cool! I just have to play it once per day for 2 weeks maybe to have healing effects? I’ve ran my Emperor+I AM terminus build for a month and had profound change into me, how much time would it take for ultima to do those types of change?

I am also curious about smaller core, for example SS or even subs like PCC!


I’m super excited. I think I have three that I want to try out which I haven’t since I’ve not had time to listen normally. Great news.

Thank you for always bringing the best to us!


Sorry to be the party pooper. But commander and executive will not be available for custom ultimas Saint said.


If not it’ll be a cheaper custom ultima and I can just figure out usage from there, no worries in the end either way.


Wow how anout the auras and the physical change modules ?


All Q modules available in the store are available for Custom Ultimas.

Cores aren’t really recommended and if applied just use 1 per Ultima like Saint said.

The Ultima specials like Commander, Beyond Limitless, Executive, Elixir… will not be added into the Q store therefore you cannot include them in building your custom Ultima (every other module already in Q store is available to use for custom Ultimas including Auras and physical change).

The aformentioned Ultimas that will not be available are that way to prevent people from putting these into their Q/T/T2 customs. The said modules do not work in that configuration and Saint and Fire decided it is best to save us from ourselves.

All in all --> you still have 186+ modules to choose from to build your own Ultimas (consisting of 3-6 modules). There’s plenty to choose from :slight_smile:


Lol this was getting lost.

Saint said ultima based physical changes modules will work significantly faster. Although Fire is working on something totally new for physical changes, Project HERO might be just that. So we’re all in for some treats.


Couldn’t help it when I was reminded of this guy when @Hurrikane mentioned Project Hero and physical change.


@SaintSovereign, @Fire - A Physical Healing Custom Ultima would be a great thing to make. Although it would take a while for me to gather some funds for it, am just wondering which would be the best modules for the job. Possibly:

-Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
-Serum X

What do the rest of you guys think? Would love some suggestions.


I am thinking of getting the phsyical healing/sleep Ultima to play in the evening…

  1. Asclepius
  2. Deep Sleep
  3. Serum X
  4. Stress Displacement
  5. Epigenetics & DNA Modulator

And since I have one module slot yet to fill…

I’ll probably go with Male Enhancement hehe

Getting a nice, quality, deep sleep, recovering fast and during the process experiencing Male Enhacement.


So q plus is a stronger build method then regular q? will it be added to major titles aswell?


Haha! Neat idea, @renet1. I will definitely consider this. Maybe replace Deep Sleep with Emperor Fitness Height Inducer since am already into some deep 7 to 8 hours of sleep these days.


Faster, probably. How fast, who knows? Too many variables to take account for, the biggest being the person’s subconscious willingness to execute the script. The Ultima Core works to help the subconscious along in a non-pushy manner.

There’s really no difference in me creating a Khan U and you creating one other than price. Here’s the thing – you’re going to get some kind of benefit from running a core within an Ultima, the question is how much benefit? We never really tested for that – our goal for Ultima was to create titles that would supercharge the results for your stack. Eventually, we’ll get around to officially testing major titles as Ultimas, but right now, we still want to focus on supercharging results.

Unless you’re using modules that you’ve already licensed, which will lower the price. Also, you have the SubClub Elites program to lower costs as well.

Mind’s Eye, probably. Ascension and Mogul are “light,” but they’re still pretty hardcore.

There’s Q Plus and Ultima Plus, both of which are aimed at accelerating results. It’s such an ambitious project that I’m not sure how we’d improve on the tech after that.


This is exactly what we’re trying to avoid, hence we we’re not sure if we want to release the Ultima Cores. Slamming them all together may not work. But, if we do add the cores and you do this anyway, remember what we put in the original post – no complaining.

This is a good example of what we want people to do with Ultimas. Keep up the good suggestions, ya’ll.

Q-Plus and Ultima Plus are so far away that no one should even worry about it at this point, lol.


As fun and as interesting as an Ultima Custom would be I am going to pass and just wait for the time being. One of the beautiful things I have learned and ingrained in myself since I started running The Elixir Ultima with Regeneration Q is impulse or self control.
I appreciate and I am so grateful for everything @Fire and @SaintSovereign have done but I think the willingness to hold off and stick with one program or stack says more about the power of the Subliminal Club audios. Maybe in six months or a year. Have fun you all. I look forward to reading your journals


This is exactly what we’re trying to avoid, hence we we’re not sure if we want to release the Ultima Cores. Slamming them all together may not work. But, if we do add the cores and you do this anyway, remember what we put in the original post – no complaining.

I know the rules. Didn’t realize this would be a bad combo and another member already made it clear that executive and commander won’t be available anyway, which going back and reading the first post of the thread, I see that now. How about this instead?:


Attachment Destroyer



Inner Voice


All geared towards emotional healing and maintaining positivity while doing so.


Looks great to me.

I’ve been running Elixir/RegenQ stack for the past 8 weeks.

I will now switch to stacking RegenQ/Custom Ultima…


  1. Blue Skies
  2. Power Awareness
  3. Gratitude Embodiment
  4. Rebirth
  5. New Beginnings
  6. Inner Voice

Still debating whether or not to put in Ares and Limit Destroyer instead of the above modules.

My biggest healing issues are self-love, self-acceptance and embodying what I already have (confidence).

This Ultima will further boost my RegenerationQ healing for another 8 weeks minimum.

Then I’ll see where to go from there.


Yes, this is a good build.


I too am still working on the self love aspect, I’ve grown in that department greatly this year luckily. I’m sure blue skies will help you develop your sense of self love greatly. With the inner voice it just may cover the self-acceptance and embodiment of confidence you’re looking for as well. Looks like a good list for your target goal.


Alright “Phoenix Ultima” it is.