Custom Ultimas Are Here!


340$ for a single 6 modules title? thats insane imo

not telling it doesnt worth its price, but i think you should make it more affordable especially since it is not yet tested by the public.
more like 150~200$ range is fine imo


Q and Ultima are 2 different builds as such Ultima requires more. I think the price is totally fair and justifiable. You could always just use the regular ultima titles if you don’t want to fork over the cash for a custom.

They have always been fair and honestly priced things a lot lower then the competition would.


I think I disagree. And I’m not wealthy yet.

Seems to me it’s worth it.

Think of how quickly they can work.


Will having Mosaic in the Custom Ultima make it more stackable?


Not sure how soon I’ll order an Ultima supercharger, but I’ve thought of my own preference for a wealth Ultima supercharger.

Here it is:

Financial success reality shifter
Secret Source
Current Invoker
Unrelenting wealth motivation and energy

I own and am currently using four of those already and would just add in two more.


Ultima on Q doesn’t need testing. We’ve been using Q to build the various parts of Ultimas for awhile now, I just had to still do the last (and more intensive) part by hand. Q on Ultima just automated the entire process, which is exactly the same as before. If you respond well to the past Ultimas, you’ll respond well to Ultima on Q.

Yes, it should.


Had the same question @raphael.


I kinda wanna build and run this one myself, hahahaha.


@Malkuth - ah thanks. I guess having it will make it even more stackable.


@SaintSovereign, @Malkuth - hmm now this would make a nice standalone title for a wealth ultima in the SubClub store. Maybe it can be called TITAN ULTIMA.


At the same time, I’m really digging how customizable this is. @Simon was conceiving another variation on a wealth Ultima that was based on Luck and encountering/easily receiving fortuitous opportunities and generous gifts.


@Malkuth - that’s intriguing. @Simon could call it FORTUNA ULTIMA


Your self-discipline is admirable! I salute it!


Post build ideas here: Custom Ultima Stack Thread

Let’s keep this one related to questions and comments so I don’t lose them.


could the ultima be built without the ultrasonic track?
when i listen to any ultrasonic it affects me badly


Thank you. It’s not easy but it needs to be done. I’m definitely thinking long term now.



At the risk of sounding like an audio loop…

The custom subliminal I think of as a 6 to 12 month commitment. That means listening as per instructions for 6 to 12 months.


@RVconsultant I believe you’re correct. I was speaking more to myself than anyone else without realizing it as I have let my impulsiveness wreak havok on my life and not thinking about the trade off and consequences of the choices I made. Placing importance on something that could obviously wait or I could have gone without or avoided. It’s a strange feeling when you start realizing how meaningless things are that people including myself have put such a priority on.


Even so, as much as I am biased and would love Subliminal Club to make lots of sales now as Ultima is released, I think it’s wise that people read these above comments on waiting and reflect on what they are doing instead of running to the store to buy buy buy.


I completely agree. Be realistic but also be patient and make whatever Ultima you choose focused like @SaintSovereign stated