Custom Ultimas Are Here!


I already have my credit card on my desk next to my laptop. I am planning on christmas shopping at the q store. Christmas has come early ahhahhaha.


@JCast running the Executive and Elixir has probably gotten you to make better sub purchasing decisions as well as heal those parts of yourself that promoted shiny sub syndrome (SSS)!


@SubliminalUser Most likely probably more so Elixir than anything else as that’s what I run most often


I’m still relatively new to this forum, so I apologize if this is a stupid question.

I’ve started a pretty heavy stack with Khan and QL, which I plan to run for at least 6 months. I didn’t know anything about customs when I purchased this sub.

I just found this thread, and I really want to order a sub with: “Emperor Fitness Height Inducer”, “Male Enhancement” and “Physicality Shifter – Sexiness” and maybe “Harmonic Singularity”.

I know a sub like this will take a lot of time and patience before showing results. Two question:

  1. Is it realistic that the Height Inducer works for people above 30 (and could it help to add “Epigenetics & DNA Modulator”)?

  2. will I see the best result if I purchase this in the Ultima format, or will something like this work better as a normal Q?



Me too. This really inspired me.


To be honest I’d wait and see what Project hero has to offer before purchasing more physical changers.


sounds like the right move wi, wait and see what they drop



I AM is one of the main modules geared towards clearing out dysfunctional masculine beliefs in Kahn St1. However, I’ve never heard you or @Fire share what modules were in St1 of EOG. Is the wealth limit destroyer Q module the same as in St1?

Specifically, I’m wishing to work on my own financial scarcity mentality.


It’s hard to say – depends on how your subconscious responds. And yes, adding that would help.

Ultima. It’s a very focused set of modules.


Given the amount of work you guys do and things you pull off, I don’t believe it is too far off in the future. If I remember correctly, Q was launched way before than it was anticipated to launch.


Just installed the “Ultima Code” on Q-Enterprise. Now performing a test. If all goes well, we’ll turn on the Ultima option on the Q-store.


Yea. By the rate of development it seems that I’ll have my social custom at power level ??? with the missing modules ???. And perhaps I’ll use Libertine V? at power ?.

Basically a lot of unknowns because a lot is going to change.


How it looks to me

The important question to ask with Ultima is ‘Am I ready for this?’

It’s going to hit the ground running.

With an Ultima-powered title, you can expect to experience results within the first few days of running the title. Many of our testers experienced results in the first day of testing — some while listening to their first loop!

So the Listening-to-Action arc gets even shorter.

This also means that if you aren’t actually convenient, able, or ready to take action on this particular part of your plans, it’s probably a good idea to wait a while or to build a different Ultima supercharger that will better address where you actually are right now.

With a Major Program or Major Custom, you can build it based on ‘Where I Am Going’.
For an Ultima, it should be built based on ‘Where I Am Right Now’.

(of course, those two things sometimes overlap almost completely)


Ultima Customs are now available! I was going to wait until the morning, but some enterprising individuals have already discovered it, lol. @Fire and I are still discussing whether or not we’ll add the cores of existing Ultima programs – if we do, they’ll be available tomorrow. So, if you’re interested in doing that, please wait before building your custom.


My point has been PROVEN HERE!!!


Wow specifically geared towards masculine limiting beliefs?

I have troubles not embodying my masculine fully or not feeling as manly as somebody else… is the I AM module good for that.

Any info on that topic from the guys who used Khan St1 or I AM module?


Nice i am logging onto the Q store now thanks SC for all your great work and efforts.


Thank you. I’m currently running 3 loops of Khan and 2 loops QL daily.

Could such an ultima be added without me needed to adjust this listening pattern or are they really “hard hitting”?


Thank you. Just did a forum search and found a post form August stating that Project Hero was expected to be released later this year. Has there been any updates since then?


Unless I am mistaken I do not see any ultima options ?. Perhaps i need a cup of tea to wake up my grey matter