Custom Ultimas Are Here!


The ultima option is at the last step where you select build method : )


It’s all the modules in the Q store

Just choose 3-6 that will work as the perfect booster for your current priorities. works better if you do not choose Major Program cores.



Ascension was my first sub at SC, and for focusing on building and reinforcing one’s masculinity, I’d recommend that. I’m looking at Kahn and I AM since I’m still resorting to self limiting beliefs and behaviors which completely distort my inborn masculinity and power. I’ve been focusing on healing a lot, but Kahn St1 uses different means to change one’s (ill-working) beliefs about himself

Here’s Saint’s words about Kahn

@SaintSovereign would you kindly tell us if there’s any benefit (or use) to combining other healing products with Khan Stage 1? The product page mentions both Regen and Rebirth. So what if you create a stack of all 3? And in what order/weight should they be run?

I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not – depends on the person. I do know this: Total Breakdown is much more comprehensive than both Regeneration and Rebirth. But, it’s a different type of tool. Instead of healing, it’s breaking down and rebuilding. If we had a dilapidated building, Regeneration would be someone restoring the building, but keeping the same framework and layout. Rebirth would be using the building a for a new, more positive purpose than before. Total Breakdown would be bulldozing the building down and building a skyscraper there instead.

Similar outcomes, different tools.


Hey thats clever :slight_smile: thanks Renet1


Hmm interesting. Now I’m wondering if I should add in I AM to my custom Ultima.

Currently the plan is:

Wonderinf if I AM and Blue Skies in the same ultima would be too much tho :sweat_smile:


I’ve been wondering if they were going different directions myself. I’m keeping my eyes open, having different mindsets on my priorities presently.

But Saint did approve of someone’s I AM Ultima mix here last night. Scroll up.


If you have already purchased the licensed module do you have to buy it again ? i assume not you just pay for the build process.


Nope. you just pay for the build :slight_smile:


Thats clever thanks again Renet1 for your assistance :slight_smile:

By the way what are your plans ?


Currently 8 weeks in Elixir/Regeneration combo.

Will continue with RegenQ and create a custom Ultima to help with my self-love/confidence/embodying greatness ultima booster.

Here’s how it looks and my dilemma about it:


Firstly, amazing work and thank you so much! The way you develop this technology and push beyond is freakin’ incredible… as someone who’s been getting and seeing results recently I’m definitely beyond grateful.

Secondly, is anyone else looking into this and, if available, thinking about making a custom out of the current Ultima’s?

If so, which were you thinking of and what for?


@SaintSovereign I’m a bit confused here. Although I am not planning a Ultima Custom at this time from an earlier screen shot it looks like you are able to build a Terminus or Terminus Squared Ultima Custom. Are you trying to make people’s heads explode similar to the scene in the movie Scanners? Joking aside I am curious


Ah yes scanners what a great movie that was. I am surprised they never did a reboot of it.


Any recommended Ultima Custom similar with BL? or BL + Executive?


Read the first post in this thread. It is currently still undetermined whether existing Ultimas will be available for creating custom Ultimas.


Yup, I mean… something similar like BL, Custom Ultima for increase learning :slight_smile: taking advantage of the name embedded.


I believe a good base would be IQ Booster and Productivity Unleashed. With other modules as you see them fit added : )


Is $1k too expensive for a bottle of wine?
Is $250k too expensive for a car?

Not to someone who appreciates it why it’s valued at that much and who can afford it.

Just the other day I was talking with a friend about costs, and how someone had told him the item in question was too expensive. 2 quotes came to mind…

“Don’t say it’s too expensive, be honest and say you can’t afford it”.

and one from a hair salon, iirc:

“Prices are based on our skills, not your budget.”

With what Ultimas can do, $340 for a custom instant state changer is a steal.



what is the final module count limit for custom ultimas?


One loop in the morning shouldn’t hurt too bad, depending on the Ultima.