Custom Ultimas Are Here!


Lol, naw. When you select “Ultima” on the Build Type radio buttons, the Build Strength disappears.


Are you guys back to making new subliminals or is there still something you’ve got to implement in the current system, like name embedded major titles, etc.

And if it’s the former, what were the other titles which came into existence upon the subclub meet at Paris, HoM is just the first… :slight_smile:


@Hurrikane they’ve got a laundry list of technological advancements they’re going to do before any new subliminals.


You have a point mate.
if it will change my state for the whole day using it in the morning would be amazing.
are the changes long lasting using this “booster” is what i am really curiois about.

lets say i been using my custom ult for 2 month then stop for good, how drastically the messages are ingrained in me in comparison to regular q subs🤔


Is this the ultimate tech, you mentioned earlier?

And how powerful, or I say, optimized this tech would be?



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Thx. A lot of people are takling about something called project Hero, which I still believe is undisclosed. Can you say whether project Hero will be an upgrade on the current physical improvement custom modules or if it will ‘just’ be a new ultima?


We don’t know much about Project hero, but what if it isn’t about physical improvement?

Hero’s Journey :wink: :wink:


If i am not mistaken its going to be a full blown product which is set for release in December. I am speculating that its a physical changing product for men. Well if it was for women i don’t think it would be called Hero :).


That’s my understanding as well.

It would just be awesome to know whether there will be an improvement in the current custom modules for physical improvement.

I’m considering orderen a physical improvement product as well.


Which begs the question why buy this product if we already have Emperor Fitness ? Stage 3 which boasts physical shifting technology so why buy this one ?


Because the product could have face improvement, muscle relaxation and male enhancement as well. Plus a custom should always be more efficient since it uses your name.


I’m not sure if this has been asked/answered already. I don’t remember seeing it as I skimmed through the various threads on the topic. @SaintSovereign made it clear that Core modules are not a good idea for custom ultimas. What about the reverse? Could an ultima core be used in a Q sub? I.e. would it be possible to put The Executive Core into a custom Q? If at all possible, what recommendations for/against this would accompany it?

For the sake of not bothering Saint with inane questions I’ll also tag @DarkPhilosopher because maybe you might have some insight. Tyia


What do you guys suggest would go with masculine enhancement ? as two more are required as a minimum ? perhaps serum x ?.


I could see the evolution of the model chosen here, it is something I could see myself investing, to put it simply. If one were to pay the initial cost, one is essentially reserving encoding time, with quotas etc. Ultima could introduce special pricing for reconfiguration that makes it cheaper in the long term. This solves two issues I see, testing individual modules (Compare contrast two similar ultimas), and choosing modules for a standard Q custom based on individual testing, not reports. There is the issue of over time, too many users buy in and the CPU load become imbalanced, thus could be solved through tiered quotas, ala subscription, or batched (combined), timed (delay/schedule), compile optimization or more cpus.

since we might get four Ultimas per year, we could get four reconfigurations per purchased ultima, per year, in between the main ultima releases, (benefits community hype?). Everything planned out in advance, should work and alleviate some back-end issues or whatnot.

How I would use this, I would purchase Beyond limitless + Polyglot, then in a reconfiguration (90-150$, plus reconfiguration discount (50-75%?)), I would remove polyglot and add something else, like mathematica de virtuoso.


Alpha of Alpha and Lion IV potentially. Possibly Rogue and Total Nonchalance.
I don’t understand the fascination with Serum X the Same way I don’t understand the big deal about Libertine.


Nope. Although it is now possible to “translate” a regular module into an Ultima without having to rewrite the whole thing, the reverse is not true. It is unlikely that any Ultima core would work in a regular custom. That is also the main reason why they are not available as modules, because people will inevitably try it even after we tell them not to.


But Q store has Sanguine, GLM and Rebirth. If we were to choose either one, and have it built with the Ultima option, wouldn’t it be the same as getting a name-embedded Ultima of those subs?


@d1gz those modules are unique since they underwent all the revisions manually.

I also suspect the Q vs Ultima versions are much more different than from what we think the differences are. Just think about how drastically different Beyond Limitless is from Beyond Limitless Ultima.


Dont think so at all cause you can add module that am sure weren’t put inti the ultima verson also you name on it so its going to work way from the ultima version
You can build like crazy amount of different version a the same ultim with glm being the focus, the possibilities are endless