Custom Ultimas Are Here!


Let’s see what this custom ultima will do.

Man Finds Himself

Blue Skies
New Beginnings
Attachment Destroyer
Power Awareness
Gratitude Embodiment


Almost the same here, I’ll get it next week.

WhiteTiger’s foundation builder :

I Am
Blue Skies
New Beginnings
Attachment Destroyer
Power Awareness

@SubliminalUser and I will test these healing ultima out and report back to the community!


if you workout hard or consistently it greatly improves recovery time, I workout 3-5 days a week, heavy weights, and have not experienced soreness once since using it in a custom, and I literally get stronger every single session. Before adding it 1 day of working out would have me sore for 2-4 days and make me less likely to want to workout out again.


I wonder… should one build main custom first and only then build a custom ultima?

Or use a major program with custom Ultima?


Thanks for the suggestion James. I think Serum X helps promote healing on the physical level. Healing is somethjng we can all benefit from.


Hmmm would say its strongly up to the individual
If you been running major sub for awhile or even a ultima make them custom will help you target key areas that you didnt feel you werent getting before

Its also up to the person in the sense that the ultima is fast acting so not sure what to tell that individual

For me i plan out the entire year with my sub use been using majors with stack modules since the year start, once everything was upgraded i moved over, wont be testing custom till next year, but i will make a major custom and ultima at the same time helps me design them to complement each other


I put in an order for an ultima stack day before yesterday. Lets see whether these ultima products live upto my expectations. I have high expectations they better deliver !.


I forgot I posted that. You’re welcome.


Hmm I’m going to wait and see on this one. I’m barely listening to more than my first custom nowadays with 1/2 days a week of the second and the third is collecting dust. If I could shift the third into a wealth ultima I might look into it :thinking: y’all lemme know how it goes :joy:


@mnemosyne what are your goals and visions for the next 6 months ?.


I sm assuming you are referring to stacking ?



For example…

Using Regeneration Q and a Custom Healing Ultima?

Or a custom Q subliminal focused on healing with Elixir Ultima?


Regeneration i think is a better option with the ultima


Is the Ultima on the Build Type stronger than the Terminus Squared option whats the differences between both?


Stay tuned. :wink:

The next title is quite ambitious – so much that we may wait for Q and Ultima Plus.

Enough that you’d have to be delusional to deny that you’re getting results.

It’s a project – meaning research, technological advancements and new titles based around the concept. It may take some time before anything comes to fruition, but we’re getting some initial research results back around the 20th.

Not for some time.

Project Hero is more than just “physical shifting.” :wink:

Not the BEST idea, unless you’re going to run your custom like a major title. Might work well that way.

Absolutely not. If we add Ultima Cores and someone tries this, their custom will unceremoniously be placed “on hold” until they contact us to remove it. Once full automation rolls out (where no human is needed to help run Q), anyone who does this and then complains will lose access to the Q store. Ultima Cores will NOT work properly with standard Q customs.

These were stacking modules before we updated them to Ultima. The versions in the Q store isn’t the Ultima version.

'Tis up to you. Both of these approaches work.

Ultimas (when built and used properly) require less listening time. Right now, I’m running ONLY Ultimas.

Saint Sovereign's Journal (PRIMARCH Ultima Prototype)

Different type of subliminal.


@SaintSovereign do you see emperor fitness getting the hero treatment? :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. I ordered the physical improvement ultima that I had planned.

Can’t wait for it! Have had an great week on Khan st 1 and QL st 1, so can’t wait to see what this will do over the next months.


And there it is hahaha, new tech that I’ll want to jump on it! :smiley:


Probably a post-pandemic thing