Custom Ultimas Are Here!


I hope hahaha, yeah, when new subs will come out it will means upgrades :open_mouth:


Yea. I get the feeling it’s so far away that there’s much personal progress to make before I upgrade anything to the + versions.


Yeah, also, I love my terminus. The thing is, if someone tells me that the new version transforms you faster… I kinda got to have it and accelerate my growth!


We’re not quite sure what’s going to happen with Project Hero. Right now, it’s just research. First results comes in later this month.


Project hero sounds promising but am more curious about q and ultima plus
Also was wondering what kind of results will come from someone running the exact same custom sub on defferent build level, so t2 3 times a week, q 5 times a week and terminus, yes all over lapping but just running one loop each
Would it be just overlord or each will ease you into each other?


I sometimes wonder… if Saint is a man or fighter jet.

As I anticipated, it won’t take too long before you guys start churning out Q-Plus and Ultima Plus.


Here was wonsering if deus in a custom ultima would be a good idea? In the sense of after awhile of running ut will ut become useless/broken

Also what you think about deus in a custom termnius squared build? Should it even be attempted @SaintSovereign


Finding a goal and sticking to it is my first goal. :joy:


Now that is a goal worth doing.