Custom: Ultimate Healing Q + Lust At First Sight Q + The Mighty Mogul Q


Would ask you what morphogenetic fields you are using in a PM, but your profile is private :-\


I dont know to change that setting…


Maybe try messaging me? :smiley:


More like inner beauty mandala, the pic is small but it looks like it I guess.


Day 45 (4th Sept)

I’ve been spending most of my time learning things that will me get facilitate better healing results.

Anyone knows of the healing discipline where thought forms are plucked from the ether and transmitted to another person via the hands of the healer? I dont even know if something like that exists…


hmmm…that sounds sort of like all energy healing.

Guess it depends what you mean by thought forms


Basically any ideas that I am conscious of and would like to manifest in the body/mind/spirit/soul of the person I’m working with to help heal. Eg: Perfect Health


Day 46 (5th Sept)

The Universe rewards us based on the amount of “action” that we take to maximize the chances of manifesting our desires. One of the main mechanisms it uses is Synchronicity.

Looking at another possibility for LAFS v2:


  1. Primal Q
  2. Sex Mastery X2 Q
  3. Aura Q


  1. Approachability Aura

  2. Aura of Craving

  3. Auric Overdriver

  4. Direct Influencing Aura

  5. Intensity Aura

  6. Sphaera Magnetic

  7. Energetic Development XI

  8. The Architect

  9. Earthshaker - Sexuality

  10. Instant Spark

  11. Temptation

  12. Focused Arousal

  13. Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver

  14. Transcendental Connection

Results Enhancement Modules

  1. DEUS
  2. Omnidimensional
  3. Yggdrasil

Modules 1-8 are dedicated to intensifying the sexual aura, modules 9-15 work during the interaction. Would appreciate any feedback from those reading this journal.


What’s wrong with v1?


He probably didn’t get results lol


21 modules :neutral_face:


I havent had the opportunity to determine how effective it’s working :unamused:


For those of you, who are wondering what is happening when you are running Serum X:

And as we learn from the clip, don’t quit, not even when you experience full reconciliation. Taking a little break is fine :wink:


LOL sorry, I actually have posted that in the wrong thread… ahaha

Reconciliation going hard


Day 47 (6th Sept)

I am having to questions all my previous assumptions…again…


Day 48 (7th Sept)

Still feel like I need a break from my stack… But I am learning new things that will help me as a healer. Applying what I learn in the first 3 hours are already showing spectacular results.


Day 49 (8th Sept)

Just had the idea of a custom with The Oath and Trailblazer as modules, so I can come up with discoveries that will help accelerated healing. Only thing is I dont know what core would be best.


So many possibilities. Will be interesting to see which ones speak to you the most.


Really? Like what?


A core for a health and healing innovation-based Custom?

The first to come to mind is Stark. The Visionary program par excellence.

For inventors, creators, innovators of all types.

Then again, Quantum Limitless might also be an option with its incisive, discerning, highly focused integration of analytical and intuitive intellect.

Those first two practically radiate innovation.

But for a person who already has a steady stream of innovative ideas and is looking more to establish a foothold in some specific industry or area related to those innovations, Emperor might be the choice.

AEGIS: Survival Instinct tends to seem to be more about protecting oneself and one’s circle of close affiliation (the Tribe). But for a broader-minded or more enlightened person who sees many people as her/his Tribe or Collective, AEGIS: Survival Instinct might add that urgency and focused motivation to the quest to come up with cures and ways of helping.

Just some initial ideas. I feel that there are more.