Custom: Ultimate Healing Q + Lust At First Sight Q + The Mighty Mogul Q


Stark, QL and Emperor have a lot of scripting related to innovation, but zero with regards to healing others. I never knew AEGIS: Survival Instinct also included protecting the tribe.


I dont know if Alchemist has specific scripting towards healing others but it definitely has helped me enormously in that regard, maybe because it conects you with your Spiritual path.

What I can tell you is using alchemist has made such a big difference in my healing/teaching practice, Im way more intuitive, I know exactly what someone needs and the tools to help them. Its so effortless.

Also consider Ive been stacking it with Stark for many months and I have developed some new approaches to doing things, I reinvented the way I work.


What type of healer are you, if you dont mind me asking? ie reiki, osteopath, medical doctor, naturopath, massage therapist, taichi etc


NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki and other energy healing modalities.
I specialize in emotional healing and trauma resolution.


Yep. That and a bit more are in the description, actually. Including a line that’s even more relevant to your interest.

If you are in a healing profession (doctor, nurse etc), Aegis Initiative: Survival Instinct will help you to stay focused and heal more effectively.

While Aegis Initiative: Survival Instinct can help keep you protected, keep you safe, ensure the people around you are well and take charge of the situation,

But even if it weren’t in there, it would still be relevant.

You’re not a tabula rasa. The subliminals aren’t working with a blank slate. Your own intentions and values seem to matter a lot as far as how the programs work.

You give a banana to a tiger and that banana will eventually become sharp claws. You give the same banana to an elephant and it’s going to become a trunk and tusks at some point.

Because it’s our own minds that guide how the program is integrated and how it’s expressed.

This is my opinion, of course. And I guess the influence goes both ways. We influence the program, and the program also influences us.

But I guess that a person with a strong enough vision and an implacable enough will would be able to make use of almost any subliminal to get her where she wants to go.


Interesting. We should chat via PM.


Day 50 (9th Sept)

Went to collect some posters for my office and continued watching some epic videos related to being a great healer.


Day 51 (10th Sept)

Today I went to a few places namely a hotel, gym, boxing place, and mixed martial arts x2 place to market my services.

No solid closes, but for some reason I’m not worried. I feel like this is a combination of Ultimate Healing and The Mighty Mogul at work. I am like “It’s your loss if you dont even want to check out what I can offer”.

Another reason why I am not worried is because I know there is a divine timing for everything. And I believe, as evident by me stumbling upon SC and this great community), the Universe has my back.

With that said, I need a more impactful “script”. I need to get the point that I am not a run off the mill manual therapist. I think the best way to do this is to show how they can benefit. A brochure may be helpful.

Oh yeah, 7 weeks since I engaged in PMO, and this is without PoMaQ in my customs. But the changes are not as dramatic as people are making it out to be (for me). I feel the effects so far are very subtle, but I’ll take it. And the cool part is I’m not even thinking about it.


Yup-it’s like Alpha combat bunker ready, wild man shaman. tribe leader


noo! lol :joy:
Keep talking here, this is amazing, I am getting so much out of this.
As everything here is relevant to my interests, passion, and purpose.

or obviously, do what’s best for your thread :slight_smile:


I’m stacking Survival Instinct and it has me pursuing once and for all dealing/healing with a chronic issue I have.

Do you have any recommended resources, practices, books, for chronic back pain/ reoccurring injury-I’ll look to account holistically and from any angle, structural, mindset, emotional, spiritual sources- .

If you have any recommendations as well please let me know


Sure thing.


For any psychological components, Dr Joe Dispenza’s meditations are really good. But like subliminals, you gotta do it consistently.

For the “physical”, check this out.

Structural I cant give you advice over the internet without first doing some examination, but if you give me your location I can PM you anyone I know who is legit.


Awesome thanks,
I’ll try those both out.

How do I PM you, your profile is hidden?


I dont know. I dont know how to unhide it.


I just PM’d you.


Yup got it :slight_smile:


What works wonders is identifying the emotional state “hidden” behind the physical pain/injury and then doing a regression to find and heal the root cause of that feeling.

Of course it requires some decent skill level in hypnosis, so I would recommend finding a hypnotist with experience in that area.

Not every pain requires this approach, this is for the cronic more intense kind of pain and is what I did with the arthritis I had.
I you want simpler but powerful techniques you can begin to do now, please PM me.


Are your familiar with Rapid Transformational Therapy by Marisa Peer?


Ive been pointed to her work by a couple of people, but I havent look into it yet. What about you?