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I could definitely see the value of this and would be worth doing as I go up the ladder of suggestions I am being given. I’ll start with the easier do myself stuff and keep adding professionals as/if needed.

I am unable to PM you either cause your profile is hidden as well, but I would certainly be interested, can you PM me with your recommendation.


Heard good things about it. It utilizes NLP and hypnosis too, that’s as basic as I know. But she believes that it can make deep lasting positive changes to the subconscious in as little as 4 sessions.


Im gonna look into it, but to be honest 4 sessions doesnt qualify as rapid for my standards.


Even if it’s a severe case of OCD spanning 20+ years?


I understand that for the person with severe OCD spanning for 20+ years, 4 sessions is lightning fast.
Ive seen it happen in 1 session and Ive done it multiple times in 1 session.
I dont offer a 1 session guaranteed job though.
I test my clients first, if I dont feel they are willing to change or if they are not a fit for my methods, I dont take them as clients.
If they pass the test things flow really quickly.


What if there was a way to make anybody willing to change? I mean, the fact that they are seeking you (or someone else) in the first places shows at least some consideration or desire to improve upon their current situation.

I’m not saying that RTT is the solution (because I am not familiar with it), but I’m certain it’s out there.


Day 52 (11th Sept)

I am noticing something strange while taking a break from my custom. It seems like certain modules that I’ve not added in my customs are working, even better than some of the ones that are.

Case in point: PoMaQ, I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, and Infomaticon. I’ve been stumbling upon so many things relating to manifestation and also healing that will aid me in reaching my goals ultimately.

Was exchanging emails with a creator of morphogenic fields and he suggested Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming, something @SubliminalUser has suggested to me right in this journal.

Is this a sign from the Universe? I would bet on it, but I am still apprehensive (re: being a pv$$y) when it comes to these type of topics.

Another module that is working excellently is Inner Voice. It’s communicating with me about things that I have came across in the past that are helping me find a solution to my problems/difficulties. This is related to me as a healthcare provider.


Its funny but once in a while I get somebody that is looking for confirmation that he/she cant be changed and they seek me or someone else, because the parents or spouse forced them to, thats the ones I screen out. Its tiring and unappealing for me to deal with those people.

Theres some other people that are willing to change but they feel they wont be able to, those you can reassure they can change relatively easy. Those I take in.

My screening process is basically design for me to get the clients that are going to follow instructions and methods, wheter they believe they can change or not, and to let out the ones that are going to fight to prove me wrong. They are free to think they are right and Im wrong, but Im not taking their money or waste our time so they can “prove” that.

I cant speak about that method either, I dont know it. If it works for some people then Im glad it exists. We need as human beings all the help we can get.


It is a sign that you should get ready for DREAMS Ultima. :wink:


Great to be a part of a subliminal journey :smiley:


Share with us some of your findings :slight_smile:


I would be glad to do so, but some of it may be deemed as competitors of SC so I will have to check with the mods first.

Anyways, check this out:

Not sure if it’s legit because I havent tested it out yet though.


This is wrong.

The fact that someone wants your therapy could just be them ‘going through the motions’ without any real desire to change.

As a therapist you should already understand this.

Abt doing it in 4 sessions, of course they are going to drag it out, how else are they going to make a living?


could” being the key word here. It also could be them needing some clarification on what’s holding them from actually changing.

I certainly do. I also understand that the people we attract are a reflection of ourselves. So if I observe that many people are coming to me just to be “going through the motions”, then I will need to do some self reflection.

I dont think 4 sessions is dragging it out. 40 on the other hand is, especially if 3-5 sessions is all that is needed.


Day 53 (12th Sept)


Day 54 (13th Sept)

Need to re-read feeling is the secret.


We need a Neville Thread!


If you truly believed in what Neville taught, you wouldnt even feel the need for subliminals:

You are already that which you want to be, and your refusal to believe it is the only reason you do not see it.

But with that said, a thread about his teachings would be great for discussion.


Day 55 (14th Sept)

I am still processing the last bits of my last stack. 3 customs is clearly too much for me. Going to have to reduce it to one, TMM.

I have plans to update LAFS, but not in the immediate future. Probably going to wait till end of the year and see what’s in the Q store at that point.


Day 56 (15th Sept)

Had a dream that I was lying down on the bed talking with a woman, with a couple to our left and right on the same bed engaging in foreplay. Me and this woman followed suit, and just when I was about to stick it in, I told her I couldnt because I wasnt sure if she was STD free.