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It’s all encompassing, yes but it doesn’t work if you’re stuck in any of the lower chakra’s. When the Root Chakra is blocked, so are the others. Your spine is like a highway for these energies, imagine a traffic jam at the first traffic light… speaks for itself.


How would you determine which chakras are blocked?


Day 2:

While listening to it for the third time today with 1 Hr. Solfeggio Frequency 174hz ~ Foundation of Conscious Evolution in a meditative state, I found myself saying “I let go” repeatedly. :thinking: Wonder which module(s) were at work this time.

A few thoughts came to my mind, one of them was of this thug in middle school who I had not seen since he dropped out/graduated, I cant remember.

Staying in the present moment while meditating is harder than it seems, but I am only going to get better.


Listened to the fourth loop of the day along with 174Hz and doing Dr Joe’s meditation. A voice in my head went “you’re light years away from being able to sit here and be present for 1 hour”, and then the reply came “that’s fine. we’re starting”. I am also able to get back to the present more quickly if my mind wanders, sometimes I was in the present and observing my mind as it wandered.

Very happy that when my mind was asking “How long more?”, a voice replied “Who cares? We love the present now.” This can only help me achieve my goals, as I have been guilty in the past of not being able to concentrate on the task at hand, always feeling like I’m too late to the party, so why even bother? But I know now that the soul is eternal, and time is an illusion anyways. And I do not give a fuck about what people think. My next goal is to significantly reduce the number of times my mind ask “How long more?”. Target is less than 5 times in a month’s time.

I also used @Hermit’s advice of looking up towards the third eye, and I felt some energy moving in a clockwise circular direction in my third eye. The last time I felt something like that was when I listened to Alchemist Stage 3 while in whole brain posture.

Really loving this custom sub so far. It’s been really smooth, and I feel like Negativity Displacer and Inner Voice are already working.


By knowing the Chakra’s and there Attributes.

By self retrospection and self-awareness about your feelings. Perhaps the following chart will aid you.


Try not to think, instead feel into your body and try to be in your body.


In the one that I’m doing, he’s asking me to forget about my body. I am suppose to be no one, no time, no space, basically pure consciousness itself…


In that case just follow the Guided Meditation, it’ll help to look up towards your third eye with Eyes Closed! Try to look into the far distance but don’t judge what you’re seeing, just be quiet and observe.


I will definitely try this out in my PM meditation! Thank you very much.


For your interest on the chakra’s hereby an easy explanation by the Avatar.


Thank you very much!


Check out my edit in the Day 2 post (22/30).

Ascension + Regeneration + Elixir

I am enjoying your journal. Have fun.


Thank you, so far I am and I expect it to stay that way :slightly_smiling_face:


I dont remember having a dream last night. and even though I slept lesser hours I feel more energetic when waking up. Deep Sleep is not one of the modules in this sub, but it is in Regeneration. Yay.


I agree with you on that because since I started Q I used to have dreams like 2 or 3 every night…and then when the deep sleep module kicked in all that stopped…when my sleep breaks halfway through the night I feel I have slept enough…lol
Definitely the deep sleep module!


4-D is not to be compared to 3-D, 3-D is a nasty place, you really don’t want to be there.


Would Deep Sleep be in Stark, Ascension or Quantum Limitless Stage 1?

I’ve been sleeping very good as well, yet I do dream quiet a lot and they’re amazingly vivid.


Can’t tell for Ascension but for the rest what I can tell based on experience - yes

And I am just remembering Saint even mentioning it somewhere the first day after the launch of the q-store


Maybe we’re talking about the wrong things, but I have the idea that 3-D is the world that we can perceive with out 5 outer senses, 4-D is the dimension of oneness, 5-D is the dimension of nothingness.


I’m talking about inner-dimensions, not about the outer world those are densities.

4-D is a dimension of time and alternate realities, most Successful Business people are here because they know that they decide their own reality by there thoughts and thus create there own reality.

4-D Controls 3-D, 5-D Controls 4-D thus controlling 3-D. That’s why the Lightworkers here on Earth are winning the battle against the Dark (Deep State).