Custom: Ultimate Healing Q + Lust At First Sight Q + The Mighty Mogul Q


So what’s 5-D?


Pure bliss and love for another, a collective focused on evolution and growth by coörporation.


Day 3:

I decided to go with 1 loop today because I volunteer to be one of the test subjects for MK Ultima, which starts tomorrow. So if after the end of that I report back having telekinesis abilities and/or super speed, you’ll know what’s up :joy:

I continue to feel lighter even with that 1 loop, even if it’s just a bit. I followed my cousin and his wife out to the mall today and saw a lady in yoga pants that revealed the shaped of her voluptuous butt and got slightly anxious at the thought of talking to her. Then I went “wtf are you anxious for? you deserve that booty”. So on that front I’m happy that my thoughts are being replaced into more positive ones, the next step is to start with positive thoughts when thinking about approaching women I perceived to be attractive.

Even though I wont be listening to this sub for 2 weeks +/-, I will still be updating this journal daily. The bulk of it will be my experience meditating, along with lessons I learn from Dr Joe Dispenza and how I am going to apply them in my life.

Sitting still and being no one, no thing, at no where in no time for even 45 mins is way harder than it seems. I spent half the time dozing off, which meant that my brain waves went to alpha. I also constantly fidgeted and at once point, the nail of my left thumb finger autonomically pointed onto the palm surface of my index finger’s distal phalanx. It’s may be a mudra, but I’m not sure what it represents. Going try 1 more time.

I will also resume doing Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine, which I feel will really help me balance my energetic body especially with The Architect and Energetic Development XI.


Couple of interesting lessons from Joe Dispenza’s videos:

  1. To change is to be greater than the body. Habit is a set of automatic things that the body learns to do better than the mind. Genes do not determine our destiny.

  2. The outer environment of the cell signaling the gene is still the inner environment of your body. How we react to circumstances in our environment determine what genes are being expressed. The more we downregulate certain genes, the sooner it makes a cheaper protein, eventually leading to degeneration because there is no new information coming from any environmental change.

  3. Can we signal the gene ahead of the environment? If we can feel an elevated emotion and marry it with a clear intention, our body as the unconscious mind is getting chemical signals ahead of the environment, and it’s that emotion that’s beginning to signal the gene to begin to program that specific cell to make a protein consistent with our (awesome) future. We’re wearing it now and we’re headed for a desired genetic destiny.


You’re changing in the right places bro!!


Had a wild experience after listening to Ultima (A) and then doing the Dispenza meditation. It’s in the SubClub Labs sub forum for those interested.

Staying in the present moment is on my list of the top 5 most difficult things to do at the moment, but it’s gonna be so worth it as I continue to disinvest my energy out of a boring, predictable future and into the quantum field, where ALL possibilities exist.


I manifested being alone with this girl who I got to know on a facebook group. It looked like our scheduled meet up wasnt going to take place as other members have not replied until the last minute, but one of them did so it went ahead.

I manifested this by assuming the feeling of gratitude that we were going to spend some time alone, and that happen when the other member had to leave :slightly_smiling_face:

The meeting itself was fine. We were talking about manifesting, amongst other things. When we were talking about horoscopes, they said that mine meant I am a player. We all shared the same sign lol.

Due to the environment and lay out, it was hard to sexualize the conversation as I was seated across from her and those around could hear the conversation. But I enjoyed looking in her eye and transmitting the vibe of a Libertine (thank you SubClub).

While we were talking, there were a couple of occasions where we were looking into each others eyes and smiling.

I still deviate from being in the present moment all the time, but I recognize it and am able to switch my focus. I am going to imagine a scene which implies us having passionate sex.

Fun times.

edit: There is a fire that burns within you, it is the sun itself…


From Dr Joe Dispenza’s FB page:

If you were to close your eyes and take your attention off your body and all of the people, things, and events arising at different times and places in your external environment, letting go of time for a moment, you, as the quantum observer, would be removing your energy from your familiar life and investing your awareness into the unknown field of possibilities. Since where you place your attention is where you place your energy, then if you keep placing your awareness on your known life, your energy is invested in that familiar life. But if you were to invest your energy in the unknown field of possibilities beyond space and time, and you instead became a consciousness (a thought in quantum potential), you’d be drawing a new experience to yourself. As you enter a meditative state, your subjective, freewill consciousness would merge with the objective, universal consciousness, and you’d be planting a seed in possibility.⁣

The self-organizing autonomic nervous system is your connection to that innate intelligence that performs all of those automatic functions for you. It’s certainly not your thinking neocortex that’s responsible for the functions mentioned previously. Instead, it’s the lower brain centers below the neocortex that subconsciously run the show. This loving intelligence is what you merge with in meditation when you lay down the ego and go from selfish to selfless, when you become pure consciousness—no longer a body in the environment or in linear time but, instead, no body, no one, no thing, in no place and no time. That’s when you become simply an awareness in an infinite field of possibility. ⁣

You’re now in the unknown. And from the unknown, all things are created. You’re in the quantum field. And you and I already have all the biological machinery we need to accomplish this feat of becoming pure consciousness💙


So apparently people are starting with 10 minute meditations. I started with 45 minutes…


With 35 minutes of falling asleep or losing concentration. It is better to have a consistent daily practice and to move from there, every single day you can add a few minutes until you reach your new comfortable time-span. Concentration or mindfulness are exercises that train our muscles of willpower and need to be grown by daily practice.


In the last meditation session, I did not fall asleep or lose concentration at all. I am being conscious of how frequently thoughts are entering my mind that prevent me from being in the present moment, and that’s decreasing each time :sunglasses:


I’m assuming this is due the Ultima. The most noticeable effect for me is the grounding, being in the now and being somewhat focused, concentrated but on the here and now. And that goes for both audios but on B is seems to hit a little bit deeper, where I really become in tune with my reality.


Nice. I was just asking Saint about my latest Ultima experience in my journal. Check it out and let me know what you think.


I made a huge breakthrough in meditation:
I use to see it the meditation sessions as an endurance contest, wondering when it’s gonna end. Now I LOVE putting my focus on the Unknown as Pure Consciousness. I see each thought that comes to my mind as a necessary building block that will eventually help me have the ability to be Pure Consciousness perpetually.

Is this due to Ultima, or my custom sub, or a combination of both, or neither? I’m not sure but I dont really care tbh.

I need more discipline to do the Daily Energy Routine. Going to put this as the first thing to do upon waking up.


For the past 2 days, stuck to the Daily Energy Routine, going to incorporate the Celtic Weave to strengthen my aura.

Meditations these past 2 days have been a very interesting experience. I just realize the experience of losing track of time and space.


#### ST2 – Refinery

The stage where you will start massively growing your spiritual potential and develop the skills you will need on your journey. The Refinery will rapidly develop your energetics and the silence of your mind, allowing you to meditate like you have never meditated before.

With the development of your energetics there will also be the development of your spiritual senses. While you should not expect to be able to be instantly clairvoyant for example, you will see your intuition getting more and more powerful, and you will start picking up on things you have not picked up on before. With proper practice, dedication, and time, Refinery will help you develop your senses to the levels of clear spiritual seeing/hearing etc.

Any spiritual skill you desire to learn and especially the practices you have found during ST1 will come extremely easily, helping you to more quickly start deriving benefit from them.

With massive energetic development and the rapid improvement of your abilities and skills, there is a possibility of imbalance – Refinery is taking this into account and instead will balance your energies perfectly, so that you can go forward with full confidence and unafraid of imbalance.

You will also feel this in your everyday life if you decide so with your intent – if you suffer from overworking, the balancing aspect of Refinery will help you relax. If you are constantly sleepy, Refinery will generate more energy for you to use. If you are too sexual and forward with women, Refinery will pull you back and let women chase after you, and vice versa.

I need this…


Yeah I was smack in the middle of ST2 when ultima dropped. Want to get back to it.


What meditation are you doing?


Interesting experiences during meditation:

I now imagine drawing big ass figure 8s in the cosmos, and they’re gold in color. That’s how I stay in the moment. I visualized my aura of white light extending throughout the whole house. Jumping off 500000ft and landing on a trampoline in heaven, which rebounded me high as a kite.


I need to internalize the fact that Everyone Is Me Pushed Out. This will accelerate my progress 1000x.

Everyone Is Me Pushed Out.