Custom: Ultimate Healing Q + Lust At First Sight Q + The Mighty Mogul Q


Taking a break from meditating and subliminal listening… In my work, I find that I am getting more done in less time. If miniclip 8 ball pool is anything to go by, I am more in the flow…


I just want everyone to know that I am very proud of all the memes I’ve made on here…


As much as I am enjoying being a test subject of Ultima Stage 2, I equally want to be back on Ultimate Healing Q.


Got word from the Saint that Ultima Stage 3 testing wont be starting immediately, so I am returning to this custom sub.

Btw, this is the album art that I’ve chosen for this sub. I think it looks great :slightly_smiling_face:


Listened to 2 loops, 1 today and 1 yesterday. I feel lighter in general.

I am also reading The Completion Process by Teal Swan, and I think this part of it is great:


The Universe is pointing me towards telepathy, mesmerism, psychic communication, influencing via thought. It couldnt get any clearer. I accept it.


With my second custom sub added to the mix, I will be running them as such:

M: Ultimate Healing Q (UHQ), Rebirth Ultima*, Lust At First Sight Q (LAFSQ), Aura Ultima*
T: Ultimate Healing Q (UHQ), Lust At First Sight Q (LAFSQ)
W: Rebirth Ultima*, Aura Ultima*
Th: Ultimate Healing Q (UHQ), Rebirth Ultima*, Lust At First Sight Q (LAFSQ), Aura Ultima*
F: Ultimate Healing Q (UHQ), Lust At First Sight Q (LAFSQ)
S: Rebirth Ultima*, Aura Ultima*
S: Ultimate Healing Q (UHQ), Rebirth Ultima*, Lust At First Sight Q (LAFSQ), Aura Ultima*

This adds up to 5 loops of each in a week. I will change it depending on how I feel. * = optional

Action: I am going to take part in The Completion Process, founded by Teal Swan. I am also reading The Human Aura and will apply any exercises they recommend.

Since I’ve started with UHQ, the biggest breakthrough was refining my system as a healer so that I am now 3x more efficient. Very excited for what’s to come.

The rest of this week will be a trial of the above plan.

Oh yeah, the album art for LAFSQ is:


What modules are in LAFSQ? :wink:


Check the first post :slight_smile:


Ran 1 loop of UH and 2 loops of LAFS (should have been 1 loop, but the second one was in the morning) on neutron player, which is hands down THE best mp3 playing app on android. I can hear the sound waves of the mask tracks (and by extension the script) tickling my ears on the way to my subconscious lol.

The Human Aura is a very difficult book to read. Too much fluff about the ascended masters. I will extract the good stuff and make a post about it.

I feel really light. That’s the best way to describe it. To help enhance my results (because 10 result enhancing modules arent enough), I’ve even added the description of each module from the Q store as part of the lyrics. I read this once while the track is playing to remind myself of the objective of this sub. Looking forward to going out and meeting some female friends who are hot after 20+ hours of LAFS :smiling_imp:


Mp3 player is Mp3 player right and it plays Mp3 files, how does the audio player change sound quality?


I’m certainly no expert, but different mp3 apps process the audio file differently, leading to differences in sound quality. If you are able to try Neutron against other apps, you’ll hear what I mean.


Works on Iphone as well?


Yup. Search “Neutron Music Player” in the apple store. I believe you have the opportunity to try it out for 5days before deciding if you want to purchase it.


Found it, costs me 7 dollars though and only has a 3-star rating. But I see what you mean, it’s a very advanced audio player with a lot of customization, I don’t think it improves sound though – rather it’s changing it.


The 3 stars rating works out to be 5 stars for perceived sound quality, 1 star for the user interface. Compared to other music apps it’s super counterintuitive to navigate, but at this point I am going to tell myself that the sonic differences are actually helping me integrate the subliminals better. Even if it’s placebo :joy:


lol, I honestly think this is why I’m always ahead with things in life, belief in myself and what I’m doing even though it doesn’t actually give me advancements – the placebo will affect it nonetheless.

There’s literally no reason ever to think negative about anything, as it will always give you a negative counter-reaction through the placebo. It’s a useful tool, I’m glad you’re using it at your advantage.


I took an inadvertent break by listening to UH 20+ hours later after LAFS. Now on my first loop of LAFS for today.

Yesterday I call 2 businesses for collaboration that I’ve been putting off for the longest time. Both went great. Before I called them I was a little bit nervous, then a voice kicked in and said “fuck it. it’s gonna be great”. I didnt even have a script, because I believed in what I was proposing to them.

On another note, I have an interesting idea. I am thinking of getting my customs without the purely result enhancing modules, just as an experiment to see what differences they make. Would I get faster results because there’s less scripting to integrate? Or will I taking a longer path without the result enhancing modules? :thinking:


Previously I said:

Another option is:
M: Ultimate Healing Q (UHQ), Rebirth Ultima*, Lust At First Sight Q (LAFSQ), Aura Ultima*
T: Ultimate Healing Q (UHQ), Lust At First Sight Q (LAFSQ)
W: Ultimate Healing Q (UHQ), Rebirth Ultima*, Aura Ultima*
Th: Ultimate Healing Q (UHQ), Rebirth Ultima*, Lust At First Sight Q (LAFSQ), Aura Ultima*
F: Ultimate Healing Q (UHQ), Lust At First Sight Q (LAFSQ)
S: Lust At First Sight Q (LAFSQ) Rebirth Ultima*, Aura Ultima*
S: rest

I like the second one because it’s easier to keep track. hmm…


I read @Malkuth’s journal and toyed with the idea of a custom sub that’s focused on wealth building for beginners. This is what I got:

Inner Circle

Financial Success Reality Shifter
Positive Being Attractor - Wealth
Secrets of Akasha - Wealth
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Wealth Limit Destroyer

Carpe Diem Ascended
Intuition Enhancer
Limit Destroyer
Natrual Winner
Power Awaremess
Productivity Unleashed

Other than that, I payed a visit to my cousin’s house and he described me as “strong and handsome” when re-introducing me to his 1+ year old daughter. I’m not even kidding, I’m just reporting it as it is. I’ve seen his kids (son and daughter) are twins 3-5 times, and they seem more open to me in general. It could be due to familiarity over time, and/or Ultimate Healing doing it’s thing to soften my general vibe, or even the Approachability Aura module in LAFS.

I am also more calm in conversation. Even though I have something to say while someone is talking, I dont cut them off. I simply listen to them until they stop talking, and then tell them how I see things. I really wish I could go out and scoialize/sexualize, but I am taking the 'rona restrictions to really build my sexual vibe so that when things return to normal I am ready to rock.

My ultimate goal is to be the life of the party at an event like TomorrowLand or Ultra Music Festival, maybe even get invited to go on the stage with David Guetta with 2 bikini clad instagram models and have them twerk on me to his music :stuck_out_tongue: F*** THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!!

ps: are vulgarities allowed in these forums?