Custom: Ultimate Healing Q + Lust At First Sight Q + The Mighty Mogul Q


Did they release Aura Ultima yet?


No, I’m predicting the future :sweat_smile:


Listened to Rebirth Ultima at 5am (lol), slept until 6pm :neutral_face:
I need to get my shit together and start re-reading The Human Aura.

I came out with a custom that will build on LAFS Q, I call this Powerful, Limitless Seducer Q:

Primal Seduction Q


  1. Emperor’s Voice
  2. Seducer’s Gaze
  3. Potentiator
  4. Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver
  5. Sexiness Unbound
  6. Sexual Manifestor
  7. Long-Range Seduction
  8. Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver
  9. Focused Arousal

Results Enhancers:

  1. Atman
  2. DEUS
  3. Divine Will
  4. Omnidimensional
  5. Power Awareness
  6. Power Unleashed
  7. Submodel Alpha
  8. The Merger of Worlds
  9. Tyrant
  10. Unlimiter
  11. Yggdrasil

Can you see how all the modules work in tandem to support each other? No? Okay fine…


5am to 6pm? Like just straight through sleep?


Yes that’s right. I woke up here and there, but only fully woke up at 6pm. That’s the price to pay for the Ultimate Rebirth :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Damn man lol. I don’t think I could stay in bed that long.


Day 1 (after Ultima A/B and 2):

UH x1
Rebirth Ultima x1

I attended a business meeting and it went well. I presented my points well, demonstrated what I did with confidence and managed to get a 10% discount with this business for my clients.

I listened to the subs at 8pm, 10pm, 12am. For LAFS, I am going to listen to the audio version of a men’s sexual mindset/instructional program. I will learn and visualize one aspect of sex from this program, starting with foreplay.

For UH, I am reading still The Completion Process by Teal Swan.

edit: 2 hours after listening to the stack, I received a thought “What if I am always aligned to the best version of myself?”, “What’s so difficult about that?”


Day 2:

Rebirth Ultima x1

Yes, I wasnt supposed to listen to Rebirth Ultima today, but I did… Anyway, it is some powerful sh!t. 1 hour after listening to it, I am thinking about all the failures/mistakes I’ve made in my life, and I am indifferent to it. Like it doesnt bother me at all.

On another note, why do authors put so much fluff into their books, especially the first few chapters? Just tell me the important things that I need to know to implement what I need to implement to reach my goals.

The term for Intensifying / Expanding the aura for romantic/sexual endeavors is “Personal Magnetism”.

2 cool things happened:

  1. While interacting with another potential business partner, I paused a lot more during conversation which helped me get my message across. It’s strange how for me, a 1 second pause in conversation is like an eternity. I also continue not to interject right after he asked a question, which lead him to expand on it a bit more… even though it was pretty much a repeat of his first sentence lol. At the end, he said he’ll bring his wife for her health challenges to me when I’m open, yay.

  2. A relative who I am treating thanked me for doing it at no charge. Since Everyone Is Me Pushed Out, that must be a reflection of the gratitude I have for life. In particular, SubClub for making these live changing subliminals. I dare say most subliminal producers would have taken a hiatus with the launch of the Q-store, but not these guys. They’re already onto the next big project. I can certainly emulate this in my own professional and personal life.

I had a pretty messed up dream where the aforementioned relative of mine was somehow sleeping on my massage table while I was about to lay a patient down. I politely told me to get up and go somewhere else, which resulted in him lashing out at me. I kept cool and continued what I had to do. Then I tore the shirt of next patient who only wanted to be treated in a seated position in an attempt to treat him in that position, and ended up giving him $30 as compensation. The $30 were made up of 2 $10 bills, and 5 $2 bills.
Then, I woke up and in my semi conscious state imagined myself yelling my head off at this relative as if I was still in the dream:
“You ******** ***t. When I tell you to get up you ********* well get up. The next time you **** around with me like that I will decimate you you ****tard. Try me.”

Okay, off to listen to UH sine Neutron decided to be a ***** and forced stopped while I was about 30 mins in :frowning_face:


Authors probably do that to fluff up their page count so they get more per book.

Like if you ever heard of the litrpg book Chaos Seeds the land, the 7th book is like 2k pages over half is just stats for the book lol.


I’m not sure when I first had this thought, but I think my previous incarnations has a message(s) for me regarding some master plan they embarked on while they were on earth. Once I know what this is, I can continue where they (or rather, I) left off. But I have no wish to go through the process of finding out what this may be if it involves communicating with entities from other dimensions with dubious backgrounds.


Day 3:

UH x 1 + 1
Rebirth x 1

My “deload” day. This is the third consecutive day I am running Rebirth Ultima. I will take a break from it tomorrow. It’s not affected me badly at all.

Probably the biggest change in my psychology relating to dating/sex/seduction is looking at a sexually attractive friend/acquaintance of mine post on social media about how much they love their current partner, and going “whatever”, To me now that’s like seeing a stray cat lick his balls on the middle of the road. I just acknowledge it and move on. I dont feel like jealous, envious at all.

I’m not sure which subliminal(s)/ module(s) are at work here, but I wouldnt be surprise if it’s Regeneration Core / Negativity Displacer / FEEBRUS / ARES / New Beginnings / Blue Skies.

Another reason for the above is my perceptions of how sexual attraction works. I now understand that there are laws that govern sexual attraction, just like how gravity acts on earth. So I am very confident of working with this law.

I heard my inner voice saying “That’s because you love yourself”, when thinking about the above. New Beginnings ftw.

edit: I decided to listen to another round of UH because Neutron stopped halfway while I was fiddling around with the settings.


Day 4:

UH x 1
LAFS x 1

I am starting Yoga Nidra aka “sleeping” yoga in an attempt to develop my energetic body. This is to support LAFS, more specifically the auras, Energetic Development XI and The Architect.
I will journal about it daily.

My sleep cycle has been really screwed up. Sleeping at 10am and waking up at 6pm isnt fun. I’m not sure if it’s due to Rebirth Ultima, but I doubt it.

I’ve realize that I can make this a 4 stage multi sub:

Stage 1: Ultimate Healing - Heal from everything that prevents you (me) from actualizing your sexual potential

Stage 2: Lust At First Sight - Develop the Sexual Aura that results in effortless seduction

Stage 3: Infinite Seducer - Tune up her/his/their sexual compliance and interest in you to unfathomable levels with your eyes, voice, presence, wit, smile, touch.

Stage 4: Cosmic Orgasmic Memorable Experiences (COME) Now - PM for the x-rated description of this stage :stuck_out_tongue: (In all honesty I’ve not thought about it lol)


Day 5:

UH x 1
LAFS x 1
Rebirth Ultima x 1

Had to listen to my stack at 12am as I was tied up with other stuff. Today I had the “when is this gonna end” feeling while listening to all 3 subs.

Yoga Nidra is child’s play after doing Joe Dispenza’s hour long meditation. I need to start doing an exercise called Swimming The Aura to help me achieve the goals of LAFS.

The biggest thing that is preventing me from achieving my goals is procrastination. I’m not sure if something of this nature can be genetic, but in any case I need to sort it out.

Btw, in case anyone was wondering, this is the module list I got for Infinite Seducer (I am not making this sub at the moment to focus on my current stack):

Primal Seduction Q


  1. Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver
  2. Emperor’s Voice
  3. Focused Arousal
  4. Long-Range Seduction
  5. Panther
  6. Potentiator
  7. Power Awareness
  8. Power Unleashed
  9. Seducer’s Gaze
  10. Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver
  11. Sexiness Unbound
  12. Total Nonchalance

Results Enhancers:

  1. Atman
  2. DEUS
  3. Divine Will
  4. Omnidimensional
  5. The Merger of Worlds
  6. Tyrant
  7. Unlimiter
  8. Yggdrasil

All modules dealing with limitations except Limits Destroyer are in there. Verbals are dealt with via Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver and Total Nonchalance, non-verbals are dealt with pretty much the rest of them.


Day 5:

UH x 1
LAFS x 1

Listened to this 2 hours ago, and about 24 hours after yesterday’s. Going to do Yoga Nidra soon.

Wanna know what modules are in Cosmic Orgasmic Memorable Experiences (COME) Now? Sure.


Emperor Fitness Stage 1
Sex Mastery v2


  1. Prevent Premature Ejaculation
  2. BLINK
  3. Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
  4. Equilibrium
  5. Inexhaustible
  6. Male Enhancement
  7. Master’s Coordination
  9. Power Unleashed


  1. Atman
  2. DEUS
  3. Omnidimensional
  4. Potentiator
  5. Unlimiter
  6. Ygggardsil
  7. Dominion
  8. Lion IV
  9. Leader of Men


Day 6:
Rest Day

Now that Libertine Ultima is out and it’s got incredible results with the testers, I am very tempted to stack it with LAFS and see the effects. But then my stack would be 4 hours if I’m listening to UH, LAFS, Rebirth Ultima and Libertine Ultima…

Take a look at the modules in this custom:


  1. Primal Q
  2. Sex Mastery X2 Q
  3. Approachability Aura
  4. Aura of Craving
  5. Auric Overdriver
  6. Direct Influencing Aura
  7. Intensity Aura
  8. Sphaera Magnetica
  9. Energetic Development XI
  10. Earthshaker - Sexuality
  11. Instant Spark
  12. Temptation
  13. Current Invoker
  14. DEUS
  15. Divine Will
  16. Jupiter
  17. Omnidimensional
  18. Pragya
  19. The Merger of Worlds
  20. Tyrant
  21. Yggdrasil

On a scale of 1-10, how well do you think this stacks with Libertine Ultima?

Okay, I just had a wild dream:
I went to an arcade after playing Libertine Ultima and the female staff came over to me and started serving me with a smile. Then I saw my crush just outside of the arcade, and I immediately ran up to her and said “__________!!! I miss you and I love you. May I give you a hug?” We hugged and I repeated “I miss you and I love you.”, and she said “No”.

That was the end of the dream. What’s amazing about this is that I’ve replayed the scene where I told her “I miss you and I love you.” in my mind’s eye as part of Neville’s States Akin To Sleep exercise over and over and over again. Except of course in my imagination she said “Aw, I love you too!”, and then we had sex.

This was as close as it gets to lucid dreaming for me.

I also had another dream where Shane McMahon of the WWE was doing his stupid dance and his failing arms kept on hitting my genitals in the arcade. I grabbed his collar and said “The next time you hit me I will decimate you” or something along the lines. He grabbed onto my collar and lifted me off the ground, and I bit his lip.

Then I woke up and while in a State Akin To Sleep, I visualized myself stabbing him with an 8 inch knife/blade :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

Okay apart from dreams, I signed up for an Energy Awakening program from a competitor of SubClub, who’s name had been edited out in previous post. Hence I will not name them, But this is my way to taking action to help my custom subs help me. There is no subliminal input in this particular program.
I believe it will work really nicely with UH, especially helping pave the way for Energetic Development XI and The Architect to help me balance my subtle body.

During their meditation, I believe I went into the theta/delta state. My mind was fully awake, but I was breathing automatically and rhythmically as though I was asleep.

Then I did Yoga Nidra, which is boring but necessary to help me develop sexual magnetism.

I believe me taking action somehow contributed to the release of Libertine Ultima. I mean, the producers could have continued on with the stacking modules and developed/released Aura or Godlike Masculinity next, but they chose Libertine. Even if this belief is incorrect, screw it. I will still believe it :cowboy_hat_face:

That’s all.


Starting my stack today after a rest day with UH. I pretty much slept the whole day away after attending a zoom call at 5am… I am in a dilemma now. Should I add Libertine Ultima to my stack or not?


  • In theory suppose to stack extremely well with LAFS
  • Libertine’s aura is designed to intensify and grow stronger with each loop


  • My stack will be 4 hours, and when I am working I cannot listen to my stack without exposing others
  • Need to experiment if I can handle 2 customs + 2 Ultima titles in a day (I am playing all 4 tracks only on alternate days)

I could focused on Rebirth for 1 month then switch to Libertine next. This may be a good idea since the covid restrictions arent lifted yet anyway, and listening to Libertine w/o being able to take action may result in massive reconciliation. With Rebirth I am actively meditating and doing energy work. Hmmm…

3 mins into UH I feel a slight (0.5/10) pain on the right side of my head where the top meets the side. It lasted for a second.

Ended Day 7 with:
UH x 1
LAFS x 1
Rebirth Ultima x 1


Okay, this just happened… While getting ready to listen to Rebirth Ultima, I inserted the headphone connector into my right ear :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:


Hey! Wait for the rest of us, will you? Early adopters, sheesh.



One of these would have to be taken out since there is a maximum of 20 modules.


Day 8:
UH x 1
LAFS x 1

Today I was at a coffee place with a friend and saw this woman with a pair of nice, medium size breasts. The thought of going up and talking to her initially got me a little bit anxious (old programming), but then Inner Voice/Negativity Displacer kicked in and I remembered talking to an attractive woman with the objective of having sex with her is as normal as washing the dishes, so the anxiety left completely there and then.
The next step is for any anxiety to not even be felt, and I am every bit confident that that will happen as I continue on my subliminal journey.

I am also a better healer since I started. My efficiency is improving by the day.

I thank Mind’s Eye for this, I am able to “manipulate” (hate that word) energy with my thought alone. Like I can see a pair of astral hands drawing counter clockwise circles on my palms and actually feel the energy in the form of a tingling / vibrating sensation. Perhaps I am destined to be an Ascended Master like Lao Tzu, Buddha, The Messiah :thinking: