Custom: Ultimate Healing Q + Lust At First Sight Q + The Mighty Mogul Q


Day 9:
UH x 1
LAFS x 1
Rebirth Ultima x1


I got a new custom, which I call The Mighty Mogul. Here are the modules:


Financial Success Reality Shifter
Positive Being Attractor - Wealth
Secrets of Akasha - Wealth
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Wealth Limit Destroyer
Inner Circle
Power Awareness
Power Unleashed
Productivity Unleashed

Result Enhancers:
Carpe Diem Ascended
Intuition Enhancer
Natural Winner

I created this to up my productivity, which is something that has been considerably lacking despite my progress in healing. Since there is only 1 productivity module in the store, I decided to see what else I could add to it. I choose to focus on finance since it is most related to productivity. And yes, even though I said I wasnt gonna focus on finance, screw that…

I might as well remove all limits related to finances that could spill into other areas of my life. And that’s what I did. Apart from Limitless Destroyer, all the modules that deal with limitation such as Unlimiter, Atman, Wealth Limit Destroyer and Potentiator are all in it. I’ve added to this modules which will help me express my power (hence the Mighty in the name). Power Unleashed and Potentiator.

This also means that I’ve got no space for Rebirth Ultima in my stack. Adding this to the mix would make it 4 hours long, and if I have to start my stack at 11pm I’ll end up sleeping at 3am (cant sleep for long while listening to subs).
So yeah, goodbye for now Rebirth Ultima!

Anyways, I am excited for this sub. With it, I’ve covered every major area of life except physical fitness, which isnt a priority at all now. I am starting a business in healthcare as previously mentioned so The Might Mogul will help me a ton. I couldnt have picked 20 modules that worked so well with each other.

Day 10:
UH x 1
LAFS x 1
TMM x 1

I will post about my first experiences listening to TMM in the next post.


This is great. I like it more the longer I look at it. It feels very congruent and on task.

I like the focus of Mogul.

(I’m scrolling up to look at it all.)

So, you’ve got your healing custom (which, among other jewels, packs both Energetic Development XI and The Architect, two healing powerhouses; not just for your own healing but also for your work as a healer of others.).

Then you’ve got the Lust At First Sight custom, which is like Charismatic Aura Fantastic. Cool as f.

And now you’ve added in The Mighty Mogul.

There’s such a synergy between these three programs. Just in regarding it, it feels good.

This is dope.


Thank you, I’m glad you think the same! Now to keep listening to all 3 consistently and internalize it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If anything I could have added Gratitude Embodiment in place of another module, but I feel thankful for being on this path so I opted against that.

Oh yeah, I know you guys are losing sleep over the album art for The Mighty Mogul, so here it is:

We makin’ all kindzZzz of monetary gainZzZzz… all kindZzzZzzZ…


Day 10:
UH x 1
LAFS x 1
TMM x 1

I’m noticing that every new custom feels really smooth and peaceful during the first few listens. I’ve not faced any major reconciliation since starting my customs a month ago. I think that’s because I am taking action to develop my aura and heal from what needs to be healed.
The biggest difference since then is my default attitude. It’s “I dont know how yet, but I will succeed”. I’ve stopped looking at 3-dimensional things like tactics and techniques. I am focused on vibration, frequency and energy ie the 4D stuff.

Today I had Everytime We Touch by Cascada playing in my head, so I downloaded it and am listening to it now lol. Not sure if it’s related to subliminals at all.
I also met a potential business partner and things went well. We will finalize the details which will provide me another way to earn some money. I was still a little bit anxious when I felt that both of us had nothing to say and the result silence would be awkward. Fuck that.

I slept while doing yoga nidra, so I will do it again. Very excited to be developing the sensitivity to harness sexual energy.


Okay, I think I may have cracked the code to semen retention:
While meditating, I visualize a particular scene in first person that gets me aroused to the point of having an erection. I then visualize my pair of etheric hands gathering all this sexual, primal, lustful energy and transferring it to my aura. Then, my erection subsided.

I feel extremely light after this meditation :slightly_smiling_face:


Day 11:
UH x 1
LAFS x 1
TMM x 1

I have 5 hours of sleep in the last 24 hours (since my last post) and feel like I am coming down with a flu :frowning:

Today I followed my cousin, his wife and kid to the playground. She asked me two interesting questions:

  1. Am I looking to have my own kids in future
  2. When I check out women, do I look at their feet

I find it interesting that these questions come after I engaged in Project Lust At First Sight. Not hoping and saying at all that she lust after me (that would be complicated), but that I am now starting to be perceived as someone who has romantic/dating plans.


What’s the build strength on your customs? Standard, Terminus, Terminus2?


All Q. The plan is to run them for a period of time eg 6 months, and then switch to Terminus.


Day 12:

I think I’ve missed 1-2 days of journaling, but nothing ground breaking happened in those days. I had a really deep sleep after lunch and dream about playing a game similar to Quest of Glory V. This entity killed in the game and I had to reload the game 3x and use a spell to defeat it.

If I do not go back to sleep after dinner, I will meditate until bed time.


Day 13 (3rd Aug 2020)
UH x 1
LAFS x 1
TMM x 1

I notice on a physical level, my lower muscles are less tense. I can stand in certain positions and not feel like they are cramping the f out.

On a mental level, I feel like I have a more “devil may care” attitude.

On my yoga nidra program that will eventually lead to developing sexual magnetism, I am on to Week 2. This involves alternate nostril breathing in a rhythm, eg Inhale 4 secs, Hold 4 secs, Exhale 4 secs, Hold 4 secs. It’s something I am still getting use to, but I dont see it as something challenging as long as I stick to it daily.

I do need to be exercising more, and sleeping regularly. @SaintSovereign: Please consider using Ultima technology to make a booster for fast, deep sleep.


Who has success fixing their insomnia?


Day 14 (4th Aug 2020)
UH x 1
LAFS x 1
TMM x 1

Government agencies are a pain to deal with online.

Yesterday I forgot to add that I had a few dreams. One of them involved running towards an enemy that was laying prone in the back of a lorry facing me and I shot his face twice.

Other than that nothing much to report. I am at the stage of building foundations energetically, so for the most part it’s just sticking diligently to the exercises and of course listening to the subliminals.

I realize I can go to 2 loops, but I’m not sure if I should. I certainly aint facing any sort of reconciliation. My motivation has been high since starting my customs. My sleep has gotten slightly better yesterday.


Day 15 (5th Aug 2020)
UH x 1
LAFS x 1
TMM x 1

I will be listening to TMM in the morning to start my day, LAFS in the afternoon, and UH at night before I sleep.
Speaking of sleep, I will be doing 2 things that are suppose to help insomnia, one of them being spooning… wait what? not that type of spooning (yet, lol), but taking a metal spoon and rubbing it on the soles of the feet. And placing my hand on my forehead while breathing deeply.

Yoga Nidra is getting easier, but frankly I wish I can just move on to the fun stuff directly related to sexual magnetism. Although I trust that everything is happening the way it’s supposed to be.

I’m also not finding much difference since switching TMM for Rebirth Ultima.


Day 16 (6th Aug 2020)
TMM x 1
LAFS x 1
UH x 1

I am experiencing the slightest form of reconciliation, where I didnt want to listen to my stack and was considering “taking a break”. I didnt. I think this is due to my life being at a standstill right now. But all of that is going to change. Today I am getting my business phone + sim card, which allows me to finally make a business card with my contact number on it. Then I will have to go clean up my new office during the weekend, get the office software and quickbooks going, and start going out there to promote my services.

I hate all these fucking unforseen expenses/cost of a business to ensure that it will run smoothly. But fuck it, with The Might Mogul by my side I am confident of rising above all these trivial matters that can be taken care of with money.

I need to remind myself that money/people is not about the superficial shit like having a logo designed by Pablo Picasso, or a business card with gold flakes on it that could be sold for $10k.



Day 17 (7th Aug 2020)
TMM x 1
LAFS x 1
UH x 1

So, it turns out that we actually can have too many aura related modules in a custom… At the moment I do not have many chances to test how well LAFS is working, but I will continue to listen to it until Saint gets back to me on how I can determine if the current number of aura modules are excessive.
Having said that, I dont think this is the case for me at all. Intuition tells me I am on the right track, and yoga nidra + subsequent advance exercises will help me manifest the Lust At First Sight effect.


I’m seeing many changes in you during the past couple of months. Thank you for posting.


Interesting. If I could sum it up from my perspective, the most notable change since I started listening to these subs is my attitude towards life:
To me now, nothing is a big deal. I used to care way too much about what others thought of me.


True, what others thought of you. This is great. What is your thought about how you think about yourself?


Right now I think that I am blessed for being able to walk this path of self exploration & development. I even have this feeling that my past reincarnations made a pact with the Divine that in this life time I will have the opportunity to continue my soul’s ultimate project, Alchemy.
And by that I mean being able to manifest the biggest desires at will.

I dont think it’s a coincidence that I stumbled upon SC, and them releasing The Alchemist, Neville Goddard, @Hermit’s perspectives, morphogenic fields, incredible healers around the world who are manifesting health with their patients/clients.

In this regard, I still have a long way to go, but I am enjoying it.