Custom: Ultimate Healing Q + Lust At First Sight Q + The Mighty Mogul Q


I don’t believe in coïncidences either. Thank you for your posts and insights . Imagine 1 year from now.


Very exciting to think about indeed. I would have completed 2 training programs designed to increase my sexual magnetism, along with much better ability to concentrate via meditation. I look forward to bringing this version of me to a big social event like a vegas pool party :smiling_imp:

How about you?


Day 18 (8th Aug 2020)
Had a dream where I was just about to have sex with a former sex partner missionary style, then ask her to bend over for doggy. I couldnt get it up fully and was hesitant to stick it all the way in, and as a result she suddenly did not want to have sex anymore.

My energy levels are improving quite a bit, I suspect it’s The Architect at work. I slept for 10 hours in the last 2 days, but still feel able to function at 85-90%.

I am also in the process of working with a good fellow healthcare practitioner to address insomnia.

I realize that my previous self sabotaging behavior of severe procrastination exist even as young as 10 years old. I knew and had a desire to want to study so that I could do well in school, but when the time came to actually study I just wouldnt do it. I would give myself all kinds of excuses. Looking back, part of it was me not knowing/having a game plan to follow. But the severe procrastination was certainly there. That made me perform badly in school until I was old to use my will to reverse it. By typing thi,s, I now realize that I procrastinate when I dont know how to get things done. The “proper” mindset would be of course to roll up my sleeves and figure it out, because procrastinating isnt going to change anything.

TMM x 1
LAFS x 1
UH x 1

I saw a facebook ad from a local company selling incense. They are giving out free trials for an aura and chakra reading. I am very tempted to do this, but I am not sure how accurate and valid it is. If it really does accurately measure my aura, I will go back to them every 3 months and see my progress.

I see Yggdrasil and probably Omnidiensional working too. I attended a zoom event organized by a healthcare provider who I respect. He was teaching how to dissociate negative feelings from previous emotions extremely quickly and effectively. This was a missing piece of the puzzle and I expect to use it to help a ton of people.

Lastly, I am VERY tempted to listen to Libertine Ultima, but then I will not know if my custom sub is working if I get the LAFS effect…


From what I can gather your running 3 customs?

It sounds like your experience of life is improving and improving

I’m moving towards a similar dense stack of 3 or 4 customs.

I know it’s a long term game, but how do you think your results are so far in terms of personal transformation and external results/ meeting goals?

I’ve read some good details and positives and learned new stuff I’m exploring from your journal-I mean from your personal big picture perspective.


So far I think of the three customs, the one that’s working most concretely is Ultimate Healing. But that’s because the conditions have not been ideal to socialize and see how women are reacting to me. And The Mighty Mogul is only 2 weeks old.

I think my results have been great for the period of time that I’ve been running my customs. I am more grounded, focused and have solid confidence that my long term goals are all manifesting. I dont sweat the small stuff.

My results as a healer are better. And I think part of it is due my improved ability in communicating. My suggestions eg “I’m going to do X to achieve Y, and when that happens your Z will feel much better” are getting accepted by my patient’s subconscious.

I dont have the desire to ejaculate through masturbation. The amount of sexual bodily fluids that I have expelled in the last two weeks is not even enough to brush one’s teeth if converted to toothpaste :joy: (and this is without the Stop Porn And Masturbation module in all 3 customs)

So I am satisfied with my progress so far. The next big thing to work on is insomnia, which I’m getting help, and productivity.


Sounds Awesome, glad to hear it :slight_smile:
Your results sound great for that time period.
And what matters is you’re sense of progress and achievement
in the areas you care about.


Day 19 (9th Aug 2020)

Started to clean up my office space. I find that the people around me seem to be more productive too.
Still need to work on speaking the truth no matter how awkward it may be.


Day 20 (10th Aug 2020)
TMM x 1
LAFS x 1
UH x 1

Listened to LAFS and UH back to back, which I dont normally do but I had to sleep.
On to the 3rd week of yoga nidra, which I will start it later today.

I was caught blind sided by a proposal from a relative which was cleverly disguised as a act of reciprocating my services offered free of charge. It did not sit well with me the moment I heard it, largely because it was a cover up for his own agenda. But I did not know how to turn it down tactfully.
I do notice myself being beta when I am unable to navigate the situation. I will need to solve this, either with a SC product or a course teaching how to do so.

I am going under the care of a great healthcare practitioner for all my other fucked up “genetic” conditions that I have since young. Interestingly, she brought up the idea that not everyone works best with a schedule of sleeping at 10pm and waking up at 6am. It is a possibility that people’s best sleep cycle involves waking up at 12-1pm. We will be finding out what works best for me, which she has a hunch it may be 3am-1pm.

If this is true, it once again demonstrates that a one size fits all approach is just bullshit.


Funny enough, you share this when yesterday my dad said that the approach of everyone should drink a gallon of water a day is absurd, since everyone’s bodies are way different. Just optimize it at your capacity and not use the one size.


Day 21 (11th Aug 2020)
TMM x 1
LAFS x 1
UH x 1

There are a few occasions since I started with these customs whereby I felt like I could hear my subconscious dialogue. My conscious mind felt suspended for like 1-2 seconds. And this did not even occur during meditations / yoga nidra. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I will report if it happens again.


I’ve gotten very good at navigating situations like this lately
You probably know this but for whatever it its worth
I’d love to share some default responses that have served me well in situations like this. (If I’m understanding it correctly)

" I’d love to help you out/ do that/ agree to that … but I’m not sure if I feel good about that/ I’m not sure if that would be a fair exchange/ feels fair. Let me think about it/ let’s figure something else out that feels good for both of us. "

You have the right to feel good about a situation or choice and when you say that in a ‘negotiation’ it’s quite politically correct because everyone understands that and respects someone who can own it, your ‘opposition’ might not feel great about it or they might understand but third parties will respect it.


Day 22 (12th Aug 2020)
TMM x 1
LAFS x 1
UH x 1

Listening to UH now, so technically at the time of writing it should be UH x 0.65 or something like that. whatever. this is the first in a long time where I am journaling on the same day of listen. usually I journal the day after because I go to bed once my stack is done.

I wonder how much information are contained in my script, how much of it has bee integrated, what’s the next module(s) that my subconscious will process.

May be meeting the woman I met a month ago tomorrow, excited to see how the auras are working so far. I feel like The Architect and Energetic Development are working, I feel less tired and am reaching a semblance of a constant sleep cycle. The rest of the direct aura modules i’m not so sure.

3rd week of yoga nidra started this morning. First week was more about feeling the body, second week was about the breath, this third week is about the silencing the mind. Something I am familiar with, but they approach it differently. I was asked to imagine drawing/writing on a white board, and then erasing it. Eg write the number 41 on the white board in my mind’s eye, then 42 etc.

I am VERY grateful for using Mind’s Eye Q as a foundation for all of this. I can literally be anywhere I want via visualization and it’s kinda fun. I feel like everthing’s falling in place at the perfect time.

“Experts” are predicting that it will take till 2024 to reach the “old norm”, and if that’s the case I should be 100% semen depleted by the end of Tomorrowland 2024 :smiling_imp:


Day 23 (13th Aug 2020)
TMM x 1
LAFS x 1
UH x 1

So I met the 2 ladies that I have previously talked about either in this journal or the Ultima Test journal.

I managed to be alone with the one that was sexually attractive because the other left… and… she was asking me questions that the PUA community labels as Indictors of Interest like “How many relationships have you had?”. And I am not sure if she is asking this because my energy is noticeably more sexual than the last time I met her, but “what have I been doing in the last month” was another one. She was also comfortable talking about sex and now I know she “doesnt mind” getting her…


ass licked

I gave an opportunity at the end of the night but she declined, so that was that, but I expect to engage in sexual intercourse with her in time to come.

Bear in mind that this was without Libertine Ultima, and I also havent started exercises that will directly improve my sexual magnetism.

Other than that, I have been and continue to be more productive.

I’ve not engaged in PMO in 2.5 weeks.

X-Rated Stuff Too

The most I’ve done is stroked my penis a few times and a teeny weeny bit of precum might have escaped, but no full on nut busting.


Day 24 (14th Aug 2020)
TMM x 1
LAFS x 1
UH x 1

Damn, I totally forgot to update this on August 14th. Followed a family member to their consult with a neurologist, and while waiting I found myself to be calm and grounded. I used to have restless leg syndrome, but my legs were perfectly still while waiting for our turn. Another change noticed since using these customs.


Day 25 (15th Aug 2020)
TMM x 1
LAFS x 1
UH x 1

I came across the website of a competitor of SC targeting women with the physical feature that I find attractive. Even though they do not use subliminals in their products, I’ve read that they use dark magic in their technology which is a no no for me.

I am starting to experience mild reconciliation. I keep on checking to see how long more till the sub stops playing, something I experience while running StarkQ for a while. I am not sure why though, it’s not like I am just watching netflix 24/7 expecting a miracle to happen:thinking:


Day 26 (16th Aug 2020)

Not sure if this is reconciliation, but I feel like my subconscious is asking me to take 2 days off instead of 1. My plan was to take 1 whole week off after 12 weeks of the current schedule.

@SaintSovereign Any input?


Day 27 (17th Aug 2020)
TMM x 1
LAFS x 1
UH x 1

The Might Mogul is working well. 1 loop of it and I was compelled to get off my bed. Probably the Productivity Unleashed module at work.

Not sure where I should post this so I’ll do it here:
With the Transcendental Connection module in the Q store, we’ve got all the tools to make a darn good Outer Game custom (not like we didnt in the past, but…). Panther for social anxiety, Charisma and Flirting Mentor for what is known as Attraction, and TC to build a connection so that intimacy is off the charts. Add all of this to Sexual Mastery with Primal Seduction as a core and prepare for the journey of a lifetime :smiling_imp:

Went to the beach for a short walk. Caught eyes with what I think is a blonde milf and smiled at her, she cycled past too fast for me to see her reaction.

I have a hunch of how Ultimate Healing Q is working, based on what I am experiencing and the modules in there.

It seems to me like Information Releaser, New Beginnings, and Inner Voice are working to bring up memories that are stored as trauma in my memory. Then with Negativity Displacer, FEBRUUS and Blue Skies, I am able to perceive these memories more positively and it just dissolves in my psyche.

I say this because I am remembering random events at random times. And some these events do not seem to be traumatic to me, but oh well…


The new official recommendation is two days off per week.


Interesting. I wonder if it’s better to put one of the off days midweek, or 2 off days back to back :thinking:


That’s a good question
I think it’s two days back to back

in case you didn’t see or get a chance to read this