Custom: Ultimate Healing Q + Lust At First Sight Q + The Mighty Mogul Q


I briefly browse through it because it’s for single titles. I am still waiting for Saint to release recommendations on stack cycling. We’re probably the only people that are not pro bodybuilders who are using such a term :rofl:


Don’t forget biohackers; now I’ve got subliminal stacks and 50+ supplements a day in my nutritional stacks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:


Day 28 (18th Aug 2020)
TMM x 1
LAFS x 1
UH x 1

Just got done listening to UH. During the last 10-15 minutes, I was like “When the **** is this going to end?”. Is this time for a deload?

After reading blackadder’s journal, I am also considering making LAFS lest the result enhancer modules and doing an A-B-A-B experiment to see if having 10 REs actually slow progress.


Day 29 (19th Aug 2020)
TMM x 1
LAFS x 1
UH x 1

Went out to town and saw this big booty woman by herself, felt a little bit anxious at the thought of chatting her up. Unbelievable. It seems that my IDGAF attitude hasnt been transferred to social situations yet. Going to revise how this played out ala Neville.

Still having the “When the **** is this going to end?” with UH during the last 10-15 minutes…

I am certainly not going to change up my routine, but I do wonder if I am progressing as fast as I can.

Week 4 of yoga Nidra is hard, more on this later.


Day 30 (20th Aug 2020)

I had a dream about this ex classmate of mine in grad school. Another female lifted up he skirt and exposed her booty to me. I had another dream that I was quoting something like a bible verse that doesnt even exist in the old and new testaments.

I saw 11:11 two days in a row.

With yoga nidra, I am attempting to feel the energy of hallow space in my body (foot/arm/abdoment/chest etc), and I dont feel it in my torso; pelvic to neck region. Going to try it again, and if I still dont feel it I will need to sort it out. I suspect my lower chakras are blocked, but they should be getting less and less block with The Architect and Energetic Development XI so I dont know whats up with that.

I also hear my inner voice telling me to go through two programs that will make really good at sex, and then use Current Invoker to sail on the current which involves me and a few hot chicks I have in mind having mutual orgasms. Good idea.


Yoga nidra is on my list. I am going to start it in September. Thank you for the reminder. I hope you are enjoying yoga nidra.


Day 31 (21th Aug 2020)

TMM x 1
LAFS x 1
UH x 1

Listening to an energy worker talk about how in the winter, nothing looks like it’s happening on the surface but underneath the earth, the roots are growing and preparing to blossom in the spring.
I think this really applies to subliminals as well. How many times do we wonder if anything’s happening on the surface, especially when it seems like there’s no change of any kind reflected in the 3D world?

Really considering if I should experiment with this:

I’d get a scan before running any subliminals, and then get one after each custom on different days. Very interested to do the same with Libertine Ultima too.

Should I?

  • Yes
  • No

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Was carrying an umbrella out as it looked like it was going to rain. Looked at the brand, and it was from Forbes :money_mouth_face:

On a side note, I wonder what is the record for the longest time someone has been listening to a subliminal from SC. Here I am at ~ 28 hours for all 3 customs and I think it’s so little. At the moment I am looking at a medium term goal of 180 hours of exposure for all 3 customs before deciding if I should change it. Long term goal is 500 hours. But by then SC would probably come up with technology so advanced that 1 loop of it = 50 hours of Q or something :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Day 32 (22th Aug 2020)

TMM x 1
LAFS x 1
UH x 1

Current Invoker seems to be the Neville Goddard module, along with Gratitude Embodiment.


What would you say that Current Invoker does? Never really understood that module.

How’s your Custom going anyway?


At times, it can feel like we are being swept by a river into a specific activity, emotion, a chain of events… These currents, manifestations of different energies, can be chosen and sailed on by an individual with the proper subliminal and with conscious guidance of their minds. Use the Current Invoker alongside with a mental desire to go into a current that interests you (a few examples: love, sexuality, wealth, music), and you will find you rapidly get acclimated to the current, manifesting more and more positive situations from that current, and becoming quickly better at it.

I dont understand it fully, but based on the part that’s bolded, it seems to be enhancing results by making our mental desire become reality as long as we “go into a current”, which I think is a fancy way of saying visualization. @Fire can correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s going good, but even if it wasnt at the moment I’m still sticking to it. I’m evaluating after every 24 hours of exposure.


Have you ever read Reality Transurfing? I think current invoker relates to the idea that we ride on waves of reality. People tend to think they have 100% control with manifestation but I think it’s more like leveraging the force of the universe. Favorable currents could be presented to you and you have to hop on them while they are there. The flow of events, timings, all that. Consciously we can’t perceive that, but subconsciously I’m sure we can. First thing that comes to mind is “lucky” people, those that always find themselves in the right place at the right time. They’ve just been following currents and currents that branch off of the main current but still retain the positive benefits of the first one, just a different path.

I have this in my custom as the idea of working within the power of the universe as a force of nature appealed to me. You can stand in an ocean and tell yourself a big wave won’t knock you over but the force is too strong. I see the nature of the universe like this, neither good nor bad but the events that happen will happen. So instead of standing there and fighting the wave, you can ride it out instead.


I have read the entire set (Steps I-V). Still, I find the module a bit abstract when considered on its own. I would ponder about its polymorphic effect when juxtaposed with other modules in a custom. For example, what would Current Invoker do in this hypothetical custom which is about finding the right people?


Day 33 (23th Aug 2020)
Rest. Really feel like I need to rest for 2 days…


Day 34 (24th Aug 2020)
TMM x 1
LAFS x 1
UH x 1

Woke up and totally did not feel like listening to my stack. Is this reconciliation taking place, or me just needing a longer break? Should I push through it?

I decided to push through it in the end. It wasnt so bad once I plugged in my iem and loaded the sub. A lot of “stress” comes from making sure I dont accidentally press any buttons on my phone that will affect the sub’s playback, which is laughable in itself. Or making sure that my ear plugs stay in my freaking ears all the way till the track is done.

Anyway, I’m not sure if Omnidimensional and/or Yggdrasil is at work, but I was exposed to a lot of products by SC competitors. Not that I’ll suddenly abandon my three customs and switch to someone’s (who I dont know at all) subs. But I came across a competitor who makes a subliminal booster which, from reviews, works well for the majority of the people. This competitor also warns users that listening to it will result in spiritual awakening.

Another competitor has a morphogenic field product (not subliminals) which completely clears the aura, and I am drawn to it because of project LAFS.

Yet another competitor makes “Audio Talisman” (also not subliminals) where putting this AT file in the same folder as a subliminal, picture, video will help it manifest faster. Sounds ridiculous when reading it, but then again we’re here thinking that constant exposure to certain mp3 files will change our lives for the better.

I am curious to see if these different technologies can work synergistically to accelerate progress on an unprecedented level. That’s kinda my thing, not just with subliminals but everything in life. I’m constantly seeing how different systems can work together to create something even better. Of course, there’s the possibility that they cant, so I have to decide if it’s worth the risk even experimenting with this.


It would send you down an increasing manifestation path towards of meeting more and more of the right people…

ADD current invoker !!

That one is in my new Emperor custom, which I have but have not used yet. I’m testing it next week. I’ll let you know what I can extrapolate about it.


Just do 2 days/week rest for a month.
Once you do it as recommended consistently, you’ll be able to fine tune,if you choose,
Cause you’ll have a baseline for yourself.
Plus it takes all the guess work out of it.

Amendment: never mind your stacking, don’t know the protocol. But if you feel like you need another day off, I imagine your better off just doing that.


Day 35 (25th Aug 2020)
TMM x 1
LAFS x 1
UH x 1


Day 36 (26th Aug 2020)

Impromptu Rest Day…


Day 37 (27th Aug 2020)

Impromptu Rest Day #2

It’s 99% official, I’m experiencing reconciliation since I started these customs. How do I know? The thought of listening to them makes me a little bit sick. Like “ugh… customs subliminals…”…

So I am going to rest today and see how I feel tomorrow. I’ve got a master plan to try to reconcile my subconscious if tomorrow still feels the same. stay tuned.

I am listening to 2 morphogenic fields during this break. One of them is titled Complete Health, while the other clears the Aura pretty thoroughly. So far I’ve experienced improved digestion, but it may not be due to this alone. Will experiment more.

Yoga Nidra… getting better… some trouble feeling the energy in my neck, but I am confident it will improve as I am working on sensing my energies.


Day 38 (28th Aug 2020)

UH x1

So far today I do not have the “ugh… customs subliminals…” thought. Am listening to LAFS now.

One of the yoga nidra exercises involves me literally feeling my aura and how far it expands. To be frank I feel like I’m hallucinating how far it goes (about 3 inches from my body), will do it again to improve my sensing abilities.

Okay, I am experimenting with non-subliminal audio ie morphogenic fields right now and wow, I feel really light. like really light. I’m pretty sure this is Omnidimensional and Yggdrasil at work. Listening to UH now, and even the masked sound track sounds different. Seems like the fountain splashes are more peaceful.