Custom: Ultimate Healing Q + Lust At First Sight Q + The Mighty Mogul Q


Day 39 (29th Aug 2020)

UH x1

Not engaged in PMO for a full month. Taking a break from TMM for a bit, not sure exactly how long.


Day 40 (30th Aug 2020)

I had a dream that I told a ex classmate of mine from grade school that I was in with love her, and we were hugging and being intimate. As this continued, I saw that she had male genitals. FML.


Day 41 (31st Aug)
Taking a full week off. Will be documenting my yoga nidra experiences in greater detail.


Did you do it? I would be interested in doing it myself lmao


i have not. In fact I forgot about it. I will do it :slight_smile: stay tuned.


Day 42 (1st Sept)
Cant feel my aura definitively…


Can you link it pls :wink:


What do you mean link it? The service itself?


Yes, I want to do it too. Sounds very interesting :slight_smile: (or at least check it out)

And then we could compare our results


I am currently located in Asia. Are you even in the same continent? :face_with_monocle: I’d sent you the link if it could be done online.


Ahhh I see. I thought this is an online offer. Nevermind then.

But interested in what your results are if you decide to do it


I am doing it in 2 days time.

First I will do it, then listen to one of my custom subs and see the effect.


Day 43 (2st Sept)

Had a dream that I was Thor defending planet Earth from an alien invasion. But, for some reason I was using a rifle to kill the bad dudes. I shot 1 guy in the face like 10 times. Then, the Avengers helicarrier appeared in the sky. And I was too scared to use my hammer to fly up into the sky initially.
I eventually did, and saw Tony Stark and another person in it.

Reading the Q thread, I am planning on changing LAFS. Seems like there’s too much for the subconscious to process. This is what I will change it to if I do:


  1. Primal Q
  2. Sex Mastery X2 Q


  1. Approachability Aura
  2. Aura of Craving
  3. Auric Overdriver
  4. Direct Influencing Aura
  5. Intensity Aura
  6. Sphaera Magnetic
  7. Energetic Development XI
  8. The Architect
  9. Earthshaker - Sexuality
  10. Instant Spark
  11. Temptation
  12. Transcendental Connection
  13. Focused Arousal
  14. Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver

Results Enhancement Modules

  1. DEUS
  2. Omnidimensional
  3. Pragya / Sexual Manifestation / Aura Q
  4. Yggdrasil


You should definitely get DREAMS Ultima when it is released.


I have little to no desire to lucid dream though.


Any reason for that? Would you at least be open to it if it? The title would at least help you recall dreams.


Yes, if it isnt going to compromise me in any way eg spiritually.Are you able to lucid dream after using DREAMS?


Gratitude is the connection and re-uniting factor between us and our Higher Selves.



Well said.

And true.


Day 44 (3rd Sept)

Yesterday I said “Gratitude is the connection and re-uniting factor between us and our Higher Selves.

Why did I say that? Because I was feeling extremely grateful. A professional acquintance who I previously contacted to ask if I could use some of his stuff for a small fee, wanted to charge me initially for it. Of all the things he wanted to charge me for, I only required 5% of it and could not justify paying for the other 95%. His charges were in the 3 digits.

Yesterday, he generously sent me the pictures that I wanted to use, with my company logo and all. When I asked him how I can repay him for this, he simply told me to put his stuff to good use. That made me feel extremely grateful to him, and in that moment I felt empowered. I’m not sure if this holds true for everybody, but certainly for me it is impossible to be in a state of gratitude and feel any negativity. I felt connected to my Higher Self. Hence the quote.

Was this the manifestation modules, along with The Mighty Mogul working it’s magic? I wouldn’t be surprise at all.

Speaking of surprises, now that I am resting from my stack for a few days, I am WAAAY more productive. I find that I am do not have to worry about getting the 3 customs in. And I was pretty much stone walling at the thought of getting shit done. I’ve been more productive in the past 2 days than the past 2 weeks.

It’s crazy how I was facing reconciliation but not even realizing it.

Which brings me to my next point, I think I have to cut down my stack to 2 customs per day. Still waiting for @SaintSovereign to publish the stack cycle.

I’d probably go with… TMM and LAFS. I feel like the morphogenic fields that I am using are currently helping my heal, and UH is the most redundant (relatively speaking) at this point in time. I will definitely revisit it. Decisions.