Digger’s Journey to becoming a Quantum Mogul


What’s your current stack? Quantum Limitless Q & Mogul Q or do you have anything else in there?


QLQ and MogulQ at night. QLQ and StarkQ during the day.



So I finally forced myself to start working on my work project. Got a little progress but still so far behind. To make it worse I feel so sleepy and tired! Not sure if it’s recon or just my subconscious refusal to work on office-related stuff. Funny thing is I haven’t been listening to my stack too much today.



First of all, I’d like to congratulate @SaintSovereign and @Fire for the successful launch of the Q store. Looking at all the available modules makes me feel like a kid in a toy store.

However, like most kids, I only have a limitted budget, so I think I’d stick to my current stack for now.

With that being said, let me continue with today’s journal. So I had a job interview 2 days ago. The recruiter was rather impressed not only with my resume but also with how I was able to articulate and explain complex matters in layman’s terms. So yey QL!

My personal development project is going well. Been learning a lot of stuff. And maybe meeting like-minded people is on the way. Hoping to improve more.

As for work, still grudgingly moving forward. Actually had a dream last night about presenting the prototype to the team.

As for dreams, I dreamed about cheating on my wife with my wife. Or at least a different version of her. Been thinking of getting her airpods and Seductress for her birthday. So maybe that’s a sign?

Anyway, that’s all for now.




Thank you @Malkuth



Why is it that when I finally am able to get myself to work on my office project, my head starts to hurt? Yesterday morning, I had minor headache as I worked on my project the night before.

Same as today, I’ve got a headache again. Funny thing is, I don’t get headaches even if I stay up till 3 or 4 am working on my personal project. But when I work for 3 hours staying up till 1 am for my work project, I get headaches. Is it a form of reconciliation? Or is it really just my stubborn subconscious self refusing to work on office stuff?

I really need to get it done as I know my boss is starting to get impatient. However, I think StarkQ is helping me convince him to be a little patient with me. I talked to him earlier and it looks like he’s still a bit excited about my progress so far. Although personally, I think I can do a whole lot more.


I noticed that aside from the headaches, the more I work on my office project, the angrier I get at my kids. It seems that the anger I may have for my job, I am transferring on to my family. The slightest mistake or disobedience they make irritates me.

Somehow, I feel that I’m trying to find a difficult balance. Before, when I would just focus on my personal projects, I would be playful with my family. And yet my work lags.

Now that I’m trying to pick up the pace with work, I slowly no longer feel playful towards my kids.

I only noticed it now as I was trying to work earlier. And it is this balance that I must find.



So far, keeping my balancing act is a bit tough. Focusing more on office work makes me miss my personal projects. And yet I need to bring home the bacon so to speak. At the same time, I think my frustration with work gets redirected towards my family. Right now, I’m trying to keep my mouth shut to avoid any negativity coming out of me.

Funny how things turn out. As I mentioned earlier, one of my goals with Mogul and Stark (especially with Stark) is to be known for my technical skills. This is the reason why I started working on my blog discussing various solutions to problems I have seen (and maybe tutorials in the future). While sifting through my email earlier, I saw an invite to a free webinar about giving technical talks. This got me rather excited simply because this is actually the next step I had in mind! After blogging and writing, I also wanted to be able to present well and give talks/demos. Somehow, I feel that now I’m getting directed to things that I want to do.

This is probably why I get frustrated at work. Simply because I no longer feel fulfilled with it. So now, I’m slowly looking for things at work to make me feel at least a sense of accomplishment or fulfillment. Even minor.



So I had a meeting with my boss earlier. Not sure why but it looked like he likes my work. Although personally, I feel that it’s been sloppy. In fact, he even had me team-up with another colleague of mine for his project. Not sure but I just cannot stand the guy. But somehow I feel that either the company’s about to downsize again or my teammate’s about to resign. Based on my talk with my boss he wants someone else able to handle that project in cases my teammate is unavailable or goes on vacation.
Honestly, even if the guy’s a jerk, I feel like he’s done more in the past few months compared to what I’ve been doing. But then I don’t really know.
Maybe StarkQ and MogulQ manifesting something better?


Sure sounds like it. Reminds me of Yardbird’s Emperor journal. One of the great ones.


I do hope so @Malkuth. I believe it’s about time for me to get ahead in life.


Amen to that.


Thank you @Malkuth



Is something wrong with me or what? I just noticed that if I’m focusing more on work, I end up journaling at least once a day. Whereas if I turn my attention to my personal projects, I oftentimes end up not journaling.

So yeah. Had a meeting with my coworker over the project my boss discussed with us yesterday. And yes, still can’t stand the guy. I don’t know why, but maybe because of how he presents himself. Funny thing though is that he ended up sharing some personal matters that I did not even ask him about. So is StarkQ and Mogul having that effect on people? And we talked over skype! It wasn’t even a video call. We just needed to be able to present each other’s desktops. So we didn’t really “see” each other.

Was able to write something for my blog today also. So I feel like I’m starting to get a somewhat “balance?” between work and personal projects. Although I still need a little more push with work.



Halfway there I guess. Told myself I’d go 2 months per stage on QL. And here I am. 3 months to go.

Still contemplating about getting one of them custom Q subs. But cash is tight right now. Been telling my family to save up and lessen our expenses. I need to set a good example. Besides, I guess my current goals right now still align with my Stark, QL and Mogul combo. So I need to stick with that. Got to get my head out of the candy store so to speak.

So last night, I wrote an article on my blog about a solution to one of the problems I was working on in preparation for my certification exam. Posted it on LinkedIn this afternoon and in just 6 hours that LinkedIn post has been viewed over 600 times (and I only have a little over 300 contacts there). I then checked my blog and that article was viewed over 30 times already. I know 30 is so low a number, but for me whose biggest view count for 1 post has been 80 (and it was posted over 2 weeks ago), is sudden spike is big for me!

Yeah, yeah. But small wins, right? Too bad I’ve been banned by AdSense over some stupid shit I did over 10 years ago. Would have also wanted to be able to monetize it if possible.

Oh well. At least my main goal was to be more well known in my field. And I somehow feel that this is a good start.

Maybe once I am done with running this stack (3 more months), I could consider actually getting me one of them customQ subs.


It’s a distinct possibility that by 3 months from now some other significant development will be occurring that will make you glad that you didn’t jump on the bandwagon right now.

Things seem to keep moving and shaking around here.


That’s actually another reason why I’m “trying” to refrain from jumping into the custom sub bandwagon @Malkuth. In the first place, I don’t want to risk any progress I already have right now. Especially reconciliation, I’m afraid that the progress I have made may suddenly grind to a halt.

Another is that I’m not sure if the goals I have right now will still be the same 3 months from now. Right now, I want to both improve my status (being more well known) and also my knowledge. At the end, I hope to be more “marketable” to employers and also increase my pay. 3 months from now, I’m not sure if I still need to learn more or if I still want to be more well known if I get a much better job.

Things really are going so well here in subclub. And I’m so glad to have came upon it.


I’m with you, tempted on the candy store… but decided already to commit to my current stack.

I’m currently KhanQ ST2 and EFQ ST2 halfway of the month. Then will continue ST3 and ST4 each for a month.

Then afterwards, can re-evaluate if it’'s time for a custom sub :slight_smile:



Nothing much to write about today. Whatever “highs” I felt yesterday over my LinkedIn post being seen a lot of times has gone now. Maybe because I posted another article on my blog last night and didn’t get the same attention. Or maybe because of reconciliation.

I’ve been feeling a lot of anger again. Maybe because I’m focusing again on my work project? But then again, I just posted something on my blog! Or maybe because I didn’t do much today and I’m feeling a little antsy? So I really don’t know.