Digger’s Journey to becoming a Quantum Mogul



Spent a long time working on a practice problem last night and I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. Been feeling sleepy and tired the whole day today.

Was at a meeting and just kept on yawning. Good thing it was via remote conference so nobody saw me. And I could mute my mic.



As an experiment, I decided to add 1 loop of Khan ST4 early this morning. I’m not sure if it’s reconciliation or what, but I’m kind of missing hearing rain during the day. The time I’m not listening to my stack feels like I’m empty. That’s why I experimented adding Khan.

And as soon as I started playing Khan, I knew the timing was wrong. 2 things happened. I felt anger, such that the smallest wrong my kids did had me seething. Another was a hard-on, while working, in front of my computer, looking at code.

So maybe if I do decide to add Khan ST4 back to my stack, it would be at the end of the day. Where my kids would be in bed (so that I wouldn’t find anything to be mad about).



Nothing much to write about today really. Although last night, I had the urge to do some light exercises. Given that my elbow still hurts and any heavy lifting ends up with me in pain, I found it to be an excuse to skip any workouts. And last night, I just really felt that I had to. Like I’m using my injury as an excuse to just be lazy. So last night, I ended up doing about 20 minutes of light exercises without any lifting. And it still felt great! Although now, my elbow is hurting a bit. So I’ll probably rest for now. But tomorrow, I plan on doing a little more.



Felt like crap today. Wife’s been on her “monthly” thing so she’s been easily annoyed. And yet, I feel that I’m the only one who cares about the time. Had a couple of long meetings today so I had to always be in a hurry. Need to rush giving the kids a bath. Even needed to hurry up eating brunch. And yet, she’s on frigging slow motion! And she’s the one who’s mad?!

Family issues aside, I’m not sure if what I’m going through now is reconciliation or not. Another new training with a shiny certification popped up again. And I feel like I just got to enroll! And yet, there’s already so many on my plate right now.



Call it synchronicity or just plain coincidence. But somehow I feel like I’m about to have a headache. You know when your head starts to throb but there’s still no pain or the pain is barely felt. But as time goes on the throbbing starts to build up? Yeah that’s the one. Anyway, my wife suddenly approaches me and asks where I keep my emergency stash of Advil. She says she’s been having a migraine since she woke up this morning. I did not see that one coming.

More coincidence, I did a little more work on my office project last night. Remember how I feel about work? Anyway, I’ll just pop a couple of Advils tonight and try to see if I can study a little. Planning on taking that certification by the end of July.