Digger’s Journey to becoming a Quantum Mogul


QL ST1 Day9

Same stack, different day. Wife’s really been easily irritated. Looks like major reconciliation. She talked about putting up wallpaper in my kids’ rooms. I asked her who would put it on? She said she’ll do it. She’ll look it up on YouTube and learn how. I thought well as long as I don’t need to lift a finger, sure. But she better not make me do shit.

So attended the damned meeting this morning. Turns out project managers and even upper management wants what I proposed before. Thing is, they want to buy the service from another company that is way expensive compared to if we did it in-house. Bunch of idiots. Got pissed off, blurted out loud the idiocy of their proposal. Good thing only my boss was there and no upper management, else I’ll probably be looking for a job asap.

Not sure if it’s Emperor or residual effects of Khan or both, but I’m finding it really difficult to accept any form of BS from work.


Definitely Emperor. It’s not a good sub if you want to keep a job, or get a new one.

Besides, Mogul also hates such inefficiencies - in money & productivity.


But I thought both Mogul and Emperor would improve my productivity? However, right now, because of all the circus shows at work, I feel like I am anything but productive. I used to have a lot of ideas. But now, it’s like either I don’t want to give any away or I can’t come up with one (at least work related)
Self-improvement on the other hand, I have come up with a few ideas. Maybe both emperor and QL are pushing me towards a different path? I don’t know.
I have been applying to various companies last year and all of them either wanted someone who is either more experienced or who had knowledge regarding other fields.
As of now, I interviewed 2 weeks ago for another company. But they said they’ll looking to interview other candidates before they make a decision.
So given that, do I stop with emperor? I really was hoping to get either a promotion or a better job, which is why I went with both Mogul and emperor.


That brings up a question I’ve been wanting to consult you on, @Simon; but, I’ll ask it on the Emperor thread.


Emperor’s primary goal is to help the user build (semi)passive income streams, leading ultimately to wealth & freedom (FU Money).
AND, it pushes very hard to eliminate timewasters - be they in office, family, or friends.

What I understand from members’ posts is,
If the job has great future opportunities - learning, income, wealth / stock options, Emperor seems to do fine.
If the job ultimately will never lead to wealth, then the user finds his mind & manifestations to be filled with bad behaviors, loneliness, frustration, etc.

Mogul, and more so, Ascended Mogul have a track record of helping people create jobs as well as side-incomes.


Hmmm… maybe that’s why I’m hoping to get hired by the company I just interviewed for a couple weeks ago. But then again, I already knew that I didn’t want to stay much longer with my current employer. I mean, when I asked my boss last year (before I even started with Khan) what it would take to get a promotion. He didn’t have any response but that he will ask his boss. At that moment, I knew there was no career growth. Until now, a year later, he still has not approached me about it.

So does that mean I should switch emperor with AM? I am already running mogul. So is that conflicting with Emperor?


Mogul is not conflicting with Emperor; it is boosting the financial & productivity focus.
Maybe, that’s why the irritation is more magnified.

Suggestion 1:
For your current situation, yes, I would recommend switching to Ascended Mogul.
Even if just for 1-2 months.
When you have some resources to start even a micro-online business, then you may bring back Emperor. But not now, when you want cashflow in a hurry.

Suggestion 2: (Advanced)
You could use Limit Destroyer or Limitless v2 along with Emperor, with the intention to invent money opportunities that you can profit from right now.
Write it as a question in your physical journal, and watch your Subconscious present workable ideas, within 1-3 days.
(Obviously, this technique can be used with any of the subs, for any goal.)


PS: Khan & Emperor contain Sex Mastery, so if you switch to AM, you might want to use SM2 sometimes. :+1:


Agreed. It’s not just wanting in a hurry. It’s more like needing cashflow in a hurry. I’ll start using AM tomorrow, as I am currently out the whole day today and wouldn’t be able to import the sub to my phone.

Just a follow-up:

Doesn’t emperor already have Limit Destroyer? And wouldn’t adding Limitless be of no use if Emperor v4 already has QL lite?


QL ST1 Day11

Came home earlier than expected. Went and loaded AM onto my phone. As per @Simon’s suggestion, I decided to swap out Emperor with AM as it seems to be too much for me right now (hence the title change of this journal). I need cash, not reasons to be a jerk and lash out at superiors.

So I’m still playing QL and Mogul at night, while I’ll be playing QL, Mogul and AM during the day.

Was surprised when my wife suggested we just go to the grocery store today. On Saturdays we normally go to a big box store for household stuff and then go to the grocery for vegetables and meat. The thing with the big box store is that we end up buying more than we planned. So was rather surprised when she said only the grocery store. When I asked her why, she said I didn’t have enough money and that we didn’t need anything from there. So must be mogul working on her.


QL ST1 Day12

Somehow, I really think my wife is going through a lot of reconciliation. She’s easily getting angry. Am thinking of adding regeneration at night to help her cope with it.

Took the family to the playground today for an hour. This is the first time in a long while that my wife suggested we go somewhere that we didn’t need to spend any money on. Before it was a mall, outlet/discount stores or movies. So maybe Mogul is really starting to work?

Even me, I noticed that I’m starting to think a lot regarding the various online training I was “taking” but never really focused on. Now, I’m just focusing on a cheap certification. May probably take it next month.

Even my impulse buying on amazon has died down. Which I guess is rather good.

My wIfe asked me to measure my kids’ rooms just to get an estimate of how much wallpaper we need. After computing I gave her the estimated count of wallpaper rolls we need and the associated costs (add glue, tax and tools). Told her, I want to have make the kids’ rooms nice, but even if we did it ourselves, I still couldn’t afford it now. Wife was rather calm accepting it.

Maybe this is the reconciliation she’s going through. She was used to having her way. But when I started showing the math and costs, she knew it was not worth it. This may be generating conflict within her. The problem here is that she’s starting to lash out at me and the kids. Yep. Will probably add regen starting tonight.

Not sure how QL is affecting us also. I mean, I’ve been running QL for some time now. And somehow I feel that I should move to ST2. But for my wife’s benefit, I think I have to stick with ST1 longer. Although, computing the costs seems to be easier now and more “palatable” to me and my wife. Not sure if mogul has something to do with it, but I’ve been finding it easier to do math in my head.


Do not use Regeneration where Rebirth will do. :slight_smile:

Good progress. It’s only 12 days yet. :+1:


Was actually considering rebirth. But I decided to use regeneration because of:

  1. Due to my previous “impulse buying” sprees, I already bought regeneration when I was staring off with Khan last year.
  2. Since I already bought regen, and since my goal now is to keep a budget, why not use it?
  3. Rebirth is already in regen.
  4. Me and my wife can both use the confidence, happiness, energy, and rich deep sleep in regen. (Especially with kids, rich deep sleep and energy is very helpful).

Thanks. I hope that it gets better soon. I’ve been trying to keep my anger in check but given that my wife’s going through some reconciliation of her own, I’m not sure how I can hold on much longer. Sometimes I just want to give her what she wants. But then, that goes counter to the reason why I’m going through with this.


This is the type of thinking that leads to impulse buying sprees.
We can rationalize a LOT of purchases with this decision process. :sweat_smile:

That way, Rebirth is already in Mogul also.

My only concern with using Regeneration to manage Mogul’s reconciliation, is that Regeneration will bring in its own reconciliation. :smile:
That unnecessarily complicates your stack.

Besides, QL stage 1 is working on healing too.

So, if you don’t have Rebirth, you’re probably better off NOT changing the stack at all, and waiting it out. Instead of adding Regen.

Remember, there is going to be some pain in the process. You can’t want your wife to transform, and also make it an enjoyable joyride throughout.
You can’t protect her from her own mind. :worried:

Anyway, I’m going to stop babysitting. You’re an experienced subs user.
I can’t protect you from your decisions either. Nor can I carry the burden (or take credit) of being somehow responsible for your results. :blush:


QL ST1 Day13

Given that I normally work from home, I often take a nap after bringing my kids to school. Today, even if the weather’s very cold and I just want to hide under the blankets, I can’t bring myself to fall asleep. Even if I play BL (which lately makes me fall asleep), I just “zone out” thinking about work stuff but not really sleep.

Felt the urge to go to the office today to attend the Monday afternoon meeting. Am glad I did. Turns out there were some layoffs last Friday. Good thing I wasn’t on the list. Although with how I’ve been feeling last month, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was.

Also felt the urge to look for other projects. Talked to my boss about it and turns out he had a few in mind. Although they were rather big in scope. More like “rule the world” kind of stuff, big data, machine learning and all that. Though those were things I want to learn some day, I don’t really have any knowledge and experience. Told him I’ll think about it and may come up with a minor proposal next week.

Still hoping that the company I interviewed for weeks ago calls soon.


QL ST1 Day14

Got a few ideas to propose to my boss regarding our discussion yesterday. However, only started researching on how to make one of them work. I guess one is better than none.

Question for the day:

Why do I feel like I don’t have enough money?


Because my bills are way more than the withdrawal amount from my bank account.


QL ST1 Day15

Something weird happening today. First I saw 2 quarters lying on the sidewalk while dropping my kids off at school. Normally, I would just ignore it and continue walking. However, I actually felt compelled to turn around and pick up the coins. I know it’s just 50 cents, but looking back now, how can I ignore any amount if I keep complaining about negative cash flow? I mean any amount helps, right?

2nd, I received an email from a certification/training company I took a training from before. They’re now offering an 25% discount to any course and certification they’re offering. Not sure if I will take it or not because it’s still keep me in negative cash flow for the time being, and would feel like a waste if I did not pass, but if I passed then I can use it on my resume. Given that I still feel like there’s no progress in my current work whether or not I try to work hard, I feel that I should still keep looking for greener pastures.

Question of the day:
What 3 things can help improve your cash flow right now?


  1. Do not buy unnecessary things.
  2. Get a better job/promotion.
  3. Look for 2nd/passive income.


@d1gz - can see the change In your wife, when she said she will put up the wallpaper. And also she was comparatively subdued after you started Ascended Mogul since it has a lot of Alpha male affirmations in it.

Also both your and your wife’s spending habits have changed remarkably.

Regarding the certifications, I would recommend waiting for a few months before attempting them so that you will get Quantum Limitless programmed into your brain. But since you already took the 25% offer on a course, do take into consideration that it will take some time for QL to take effect.

If the certification exams are a couple of months away, then you are in luck and you will have enough time to ace it.

You are doing good, bro :+1:


Actually, I haven’t really decided yet.




Was lazy as fuck today. Felt like kicking myself and at the same time just wanting to lie down and do nothing. Ironic isn’t it?

Boss cancelled 2nd meeting for the day. So ended trying to read up on AWS. Not sure why I was drawn to it. Maybe because the most basic certification exam is just $100 and the tutorials and online training is freely given by Amazon themselves.

Turns out that with the 25% discount from the training/cert company from yesterday, I could get an exam voucher that does not expire. So I don’t need to feel pressured to take that exam right away (note that this is different from the Amazon exam in the previous paragraph). But still, not sure if I will take it as it is still expensive. Also, I want to 2 or more trainings from them. So I don’t know which to choose from (if ever). Both trainings I have in mind can help me land a better job if I pass the certifications, but they are of slightly different paths. One is more on mobile space, while the other is not.

So it turns out my kids’ comforters are worn and starting to tear. Given that it’s still cold, they need to either keep using what they have or we buy newer ones (the ones they have are about 2 years old or older now). So wife tells me “The kids’ comforters need to be replaced… If that’s ok with you”. The “If” statement got me. It’s like, when did she ever ask for my approval to buy something? Before she’d just tell me outright “we need this/that” and expect me to get it right away whether or not it is really needed. So I’m not sure if it’s AM having me act more alpha in the relationship, or mogul working on having us save more. In either case, I hope it gets way better.

Still no word from the company I interviewed for weeks ago. Last thing I heard was that they although the feedback from all interviewers was generally positive, they want to interview more to be sure.

With regards to interviews, I got a message over LinkedIn from a recruiter earlier. Maybe this would be much better. I don’t know really.

In either case, here’s to manifesting a better life for me and my family.

Question for the day:
What’s really holding you back from achieving your full potential?

Not sure really. Used to blame my wife and kids for my failures. But maybe because there’s a part of me that says I’m not good enough?



Not sure if it’s because the air at home is dry or something else but I felt irritated the whole day. Not only in an easily getting mad kind of irritated but that my skin was rather prickly.

So got a call from the recruiter I mentioned yesterday. Although we talked and seemed to have established good rapport, turns out the company he was recruiting for needed someone with a different yet similar skill set than mine. Given that, we both agreed that it would be best if we just remain in touch if ever one of his clients should have need of someone with my exact background or if I were to gain knowledge regarding what they needed at the moment.

Still wishing the previous company were to at least tell me any feedback. Turns out, there’s about 20 or so applicants for the same position I applied for.

Work still sucks. Even if I tried to focus on work, I can’t seem to do it. I mean, I was able to focus on other non-work related stuff even if I needed to think more. However, with work, even if I knew what I was doing, I still couldn’t get myself to do so.

Question for the day:
What 3 financial goals do you have right now?


  1. To save enough money in the bank to equal my current annual salary.
  2. To get a 2nd income source so that I wouldn’t be dependent on my salary.
  3. To pay off all my debt and never incur any more debt. I know of some who pay off their debts but after a while apply for other loans and/or max out their credit cards shortly after paying. I don’t want to be like that. When I say pay off my debt, I mean don’t incur any more.