Digger’s Journey to becoming a Quantum Mogul


I have not achieved that, but my sister has. She got very serious about Dave Ramsey’s program, and applied it like a Navy Seal. She did her ‘debt-free scream’ about 3 to 5 years ago, I think. (That’s the Dave Ramsey ritual where you finally meet the criteria for being completely out of debt. I’m not that familiar with it, but I’ve heard of that.) She’s still just as committed to it as she was then. I remember that she was talking to me about how you really have to work hard at first to find non debt or credit-based options for many normal purchases (home buying, home rental, car buying). But there’s a growing network of people committed to that, and she managed to get her car and her place to live without using the normal way.

So, it’s possible.


FYI debt is just a tool, much like a knife. It must be used responsibly.

Some of the wealthiest individuals of all time would not have been so had they not leveraged debt.

Anyway, just planting a seed for the future. I, like you (it sounds) am working my way out of dumb consumer debt :man_shrugging:


Completely true. But for most people that point is more or less academic, since we were never properly trained in the skillful use of this ‘knife’. After having cut up yourself more than you cut anything else, there’s an understandable inclination to get things done without the knife for a while. This may gradually develop into a healthy respect for the knife’s power and utility.

I’d probably change that to “All of the wealthiest individuals of all time”, but yes, agreed. (haha. a-greed! He made a funny, he did.)

Kata first, then weapons practice.


That level of thinking is supported by EOG.
Mogul is more compatible with FIRE (Financial Independence, Early Retirement).


Probably when I have fixed my finances, then I may choose to go with EOG. However, as you well know, my aim right now is not to be filthy rich, but to get a better boat. Right now, I feel like we’re justing trying to stay afloat on a leaking raft. So maybe a better boat would do. Or even yet, land us to an island paradise.


Ahh yes. The knife/weapons/tools analogy. Indeed many have used debt to great advantage. Similar to one such rich man who keeps incurring debt only to file for bankruptcy to avoid creditors, one can say that is using his brains and savvy. Though some would say that is something else.
I, for one, believe that, like a coin, debt has 2 sides. Good debt is getting a mortgage so as to put a roof over one’s heads. Bad debt is when more than half your pay goes to paying off said mortgage. Some may say that good debt is buying stuff with your credit car and paying it as soon as you get the bill. Bad debt is only paying the minimum requirement.



Had a very weird dream last night. Dreamt of Ironman/RDJ shackled to a wall. The villain, using something that looks like a laser scalpel, then proceeds to cut out RDJ’s iris (not the whole eye, just the part of it), so what’s left is just the white of his eye. Like a movie that zooms in to the eye, I saw what looked like nanobots forming around the area where the iris used to be. All the while RDJ was nonchalant about the whole thing, even laughing/joking with the villain. And then I woke up to find it was only a little after 5am. Then tried to go back to sleep.

Went shopping with the family today. Wife decided to get a 20lb kettlebell. Good thing it was 40% off. 2 weeks ago when she first thought of getting it, they were still on full price.

Still paid a lot during our shopping trip. Though aside from the kettlebell, most of our items seem to be necessary items. So I really can’t complain. Probably because with wife and kids, I really should start expecting a larger grocery bill.

Question of the day:
What do you fear the most?

Failure. I’ve failed so many times that I’m afraid to try and go do risky things.



For a Sunday with no plans on going out, I was rather productive. Woke up early to watch over my kids (1 had fever) while wife slept in. Normally would be going back to bed as soon as I prepare food and drink, and check if they need anything else. Today, I didn’t feel like going back to bed.

After lunch, I decided to vacuum the air vents in our home and also clean the A/C filters. Afterwards, put insulating material into our wall sockets as I noticed a draft in one of them a week ago. This may explain why my kids’ rooms get cold easily.

Only took a 20 minute nap as carrying a heavy step ladder and vacuum really took its toll on my back.

Also felt like working on a way to get secondary income by accepting some freelance work. However, the platform I decided to join in requires some reputation (similar to street creds) to be able to join various programs. So I need to work on that some.

Tried reviewing again for a certification. Problems still require a lot of hints for me to be able to solve properly. Hopefully I start getting the ball rolling. Although I’m not particularly pushing myself too hard on this one yet.

Feels like my brain is a bit on overdrive. As I’ve been moving a lot and thinking today. Although I do hope that my skin hypersensitivity right now is not related in anyway to QL. It feels like I’m getting a rash or something. Feels similar to prickly heat but it’s neither hot nor humid so I can’t say why I’m feeling that way. If this keeps up till next week, I’ll probably consult a doc.


QL ST1 Day20

For the first time in weeks, was actually excited to do something for my job. Probably because instead of thinking of what to do and how to do it, I have something to actually do. Even if it’s just for 2 days. The fact that I am actually doing something my team needs me to do is enough.

Aaaaaand then I joined our weekly Monday meeting. Good thing my boss didn’t have much to talk about.

It was about 10 minutes before the end that my boss had me join an early evening meeting with other teams. That’s when I started to feel bad.

So the PM who facilitated the last meeting didn’t really care about the requirements and functionality of the product. He just wanted something, anything out. It didn’t matter if we’d be totally reliant on the 3rd party he talked with. It didn’t matter if they were really good. As long as we could release the damned feature.

And looking back, I’m not sure if it’s AM, mogul or QL, but I was able to keep my cool and stay composed. Even if deep down I was starting to simmer. Maybe because I was thinking, I need to make money. I need this job as nobody wanted to hire me. As none of my applications have worked out.

And yet at the back of my mind, I was also thinking…

Question of the day:
If I don’t want to play this game anymore and wanted a different set of rules, in what way can I make up new rules to benefit me and my family?



Not much to write about today. Skin still a bit itchy but not overly sensitive as before.

Wondering/thinking whether or not I should add EF. With my gum/teeth problems, aching joints and back and now skin issues, I’m willing to try any healing that I can afford. The problem is that I can’t afford much right now… Or maybe this is just another thing wherein people tend to go after the shiniest and latest thing?

So got a tax bill in the mail. Turns out I owe additional taxes for 2015. I’m like really? Another expense?!

Was feeling lazy as fuck today. But mind didn’t want to rest. Kept on thinking about various what-if scenarios. Probably another case of wishful thinking?



After some thought I have decided to change my stack a bit.
Night (ultrasonics):

  • Mogul
  • QL St1

Day (masked):

  • QL ST1
  • AM

Feel like I’m loosing out on my “Alpha-ness” once again. Although I have been using AM during the day for some time now, adding QL and mogul to it seems to be diluting it for me. As I have said before, QL and Mogul aims to help both me and my wife (but mainly me by helping curb our expenditures).

Wife still seems to be having some reconciliation. Been snidely commenting how she’s stuck at home and can’t go out or pamper herself. Tried to keep my emotions in check as I don’t want to argue especially if I know her monthly thing is coming up soon.

Had a 1-1 call with my boss regarding a project we’re working on. Seems like he’s asking my thoughts and ideas on stuff. Not really sure if it’s complimentary or if he’s fishing for stuff. With him, I never really know. So it’s best to be on guard.

Still hoping to get that call from the other company. But also thinking of doing freelance stuff. But in order for that I really need to improve my credentials. So probably will be taking that certification training.

Question for the day:
Been thinking bout “investing” in myself heavily now. However, how can I “invest” when I have no capital?

Unsure. Maybe charge it to credit and hope for the best? Still looking for “freebies”.


You’re very correct, investing in yourself is the best investment you can ever make, because everything else comes and goes, but who you become stays forever. So that attitude is a huge improvement and in my humble opinion, is the right road.

But to you, specifically, with no capital: What small investments in yourself could you think of now that you haven’t thought of before?

How can you make investing in yourself a priority, make time for it in your day, and think of all the ways it can give you the life you want? And how can you do it without capital but in other innovative ways that maybe you haven’t seen or thought of before?


Wow! The great @AMASH has graced my journal once again! First of all, thank you sir. As for your question:

I have always thought of investing in ones self. However, due to certain things and situations coming up, I have never really done so. With wife and kids, being a father and husband has been my priority and myself has taken a back seat.
What I have been doing though is reading and watching various tutorials whenever time permits (normally at night) and when I still have energy to do so.

Maybe I will start going watching Igor Ledochowski’s “The Money jn Your Mind” program. As I stated earlier, I have been guilty of spending on programs that I never fully went ahead with. And maybe this is the time I decide to actually do so.

Going back to this program, there is part wherein one is supposed to split his/her income to various envelopes (accounts) for specific purposes (home, basic needs, education, etc). I have never actually done so, so maybe I should start doing that with my next paycheck.



Been busy yesterday and didn’t have time to update journal.

Maybe it’s Mogul/AM or maybe I’m just thinking too much, but maybe I am starting to manifest opportunities. So I had a meeting yesterday regarding one of our projects. One of them actually kept calling my name and telling me I will be handling this/that, telling me that I will have more responsibilities regarding that project, etc. And my boss agreed!
The thing is, at the back of my mind, recognition is good but will it actually get me promoted? Will it get me a raise? A year ago I asked my boss what it would take to get promoted. Until now, I find no concrete answers.

Mogul again at work. Today is Valentine’s Day. And last night my wife flat out told me she didn’t want to get flowers as they are expensive and so on. Too bad, coz I already ordered and they arrived yesterday afternoon. I was only hiding them from her. So I went to my hiding spot and retrieved the bouquet. Told her, “well if you don’t want, I can’t return them and expect a refund”.


That’s a very effective method btw.

A great app that helps you do exactly this is YNAB. I have used it to great effect.


YNAB is amazing!

To edit: I think it’s like $60 per year and super user friendly. The first year I used it, way back before they updated to an app and yearly subscription, I paid off $8k in credit card debt. One of the better investments I’ve made.


Thanks @AMASH. I’ll try to use it. The issue here is not with me, but with my wife also. Having a budget is nice, but if she does not agree, then no matter how I try to budget, then it’s useless.
This is why I play mogul at night on ultrasonics.



Took my kids to the mall for shopping and movie. New sonic movie is out and kids love sonic. Also they needed new shoes. So might as well.

Shortly after the movie, kids were not behaving at all. Wife surprised me when I heard her tell my kids that watching a movie and the snacks cost a lot. And this is the thanks we get?

So maybe mogul’s working slowly with her. She never brought up costs before.

Maybe once she really starts appreciating the value of money, then we can start with talking about budgets. Need to go slow with her as she’s still having some recon. Don’t want to push my luck all at once. Still taking whatever wins I can get.


You are doing fantastic, and really I noticed a lot of progress in your journey.

I congratulate you on that!

Also, since language reflects the structure of consciousness, those quotes above reflected to me a hidden belief that could be translated to:

“Beggars can’t be choosers.”

When you look at your words above, do you tend to agree with this assessment?
And if yes, what kind of life would a person with such a belief have?


@AMASH - Indeed beggars can’t be choosers. The thing is, I am at the point wherein I am so tired of arguing. Right now, I just want my wife to realize things by herself. Trying to argue with her just lets her raise her guard even more. However, by trying to be patient and keeping calm, I have seen that she, herself, seems to see her own mistakes. I don’t know if it’s the subs working on both of us, whatever I am doing in our relationship, or both, but it’s rather an improvement with regards to how she sees money, costs, and expenses. As I said before, her father was rarely there for her, and to make up for it, he just gave her whatever she wanted.

So yeah. Beggars can’t be choosers. And yet, I refuse to be a beggar. This is why I decided to go through with Mogul and QL so as to help me and my family.