Digger’s Journey to becoming a Quantum Mogul



Woke up to another day of migraine. It’s like banging my head to a brick wall until it turns to a pulp.
Not sure if it’s because of the headache, but I’ve been getting easily angry today.
Very very very much wanting to join the EQ testers club. Already sent DMs to @SaintSovereign in the past week but still no response. Maybe it’s just not meant to be.
Went to the grocery store to find rows of empty shelves! Somehow I feel like the Zombie Apocalypse is coming. With kids, I really need a lot of supplies. But I just couldn’t over-buy because not only do I have no space to put everything in, but I also can’t spend too much at a time!


I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear from Saint soon enough. My impression is it’s a bit of a backlog on the applications. I sure hope you get in for sure. I’m eager to see what happens with more listening of EQ for me.



Woke up early to a headache still. Though thankfully not as severe as the past 2 days. More tolerable like a dull throb and not like a jackhammer.
Nothing much happened today. Kids were rather rambunctious. But when I sternly talked to each of them, they followed my instructions. Maybe due to EmperorV4 giving off a commanding aura? I don’t know. But whatever it was, people with kids would understand that being able to have your kids listen to you and have them do as they’re told is utter heaven.
Went ahead and assembled the 2nd dresser drawers my wife and I bought last Tuesday. While working, kids were again misbehaving. Had my wife shouting at each of them but as long as nobody disturbed me, I didn’t care. Which is good. Cause normally, I get irritated when I hear my kids crying, shouting and fighting with each other. Today, I couldn’t give a fuck. Busy building.



Woke up at 3:30am feeling very cold with a slight headache still. As my eyes were still adjusting to the dark, I thought I saw what looked like a giant spider by the window. Not sure if it was a hangover from a dream or my imagination or there was actually a giant spider!

Thought I was about to get sick. Went downstairs to get the thermometer. Whew, good thing it’s a false alarm. However, with all the COVID-19 news, lockdowns, quarantines in place, am I being too paranoid?

Whole day my back and limbs were hurting though. Maybe because of the dresser drawers I assembled yesterday. Whole day I felt so old.