Digger’s Journey to becoming a Quantum Mogul


QL ST3 DAY2 (not so early update)

Got to sleep in today. Just woke up.
Remembered I had 2 dreams. One of them was about a female wrestler. In the dream, I was watching old videos of “me” and her. In that video, she said something like “I’m already your number 3. Everything I am is already yours. What more do you want?” I don’t remember the rest. That’s just the part that stuck.

I’ll update later if I remember any other parts or if I remember the 2nd dream.



For some reason, been feeling really weird about this “less is more” strategy with my sub playlist. It’s like, I’ve been so used to having my earbuds sticking to my ears that now that I’m not listening to any track, it just feels wrong having nothing on my ears.

Aside from that, nothing much to write about. Already forgotten about my dreams from last night. If it wasn’t for my entry earlier, I would not have even remembered I had any.



Suddenly had a thought about my study. Need to take better notes especially during problem solving sessions, like steps on how I solved it, what was difficult about it, etc. I used to simply just try to answer them and just hoped the methods and solutions used stuck.


That sounds like a QL-inspired thought. Do you think so?


@Malkuth absolutely! I admit. I’m a lazy fuck. I really hated note taking back in school. And I still hate taking notes even during meetings. But if it makes my life easier in the long run, might as well do it.



Felt rather good today. Sprayed some bug barrier around the house. Was starting to see creepy crawlies both inside and out. So decided to spray along the windows and doors to keep them out.
Also cleaned 3 very dusty standing fans. Was so dusty, took me some time to clean them all. Not really sure why I didn’t bother to clean earlier. But felt good afterwards. Even though my arm was hurting still.



Not sure if somehow StarkQ is affecting me or not. But in a way, I feel like my scarcity mindset is slowly fading away. Which is scary!

For years I’ve learned to work on a single laptop without any other extra monitors and stuff (and yes I’m in IT, ironic right?). And just a few days ago, I suddenly decided to buy a sliding monitor for my laptop (the one you can clip to your laptop and slide in/out/rotate) simply because I’ve had enough of having to keep using ALT-Tab and switching between windows.

The only thought I had while buying the monitor was that it would make my life easier. Maybe it will, or maybe not. But at the back of my mind, I’m not even really caring bout the cost. This is the scary part for me.

Even scarier? I decided to buy a Lego Technic set just because I wanted it. Scarier than that? I’m thinking of buying even more!


Is Mogul still in your stack?


Yes. But only 3 loops ultrasonic at night.


Digger, looks like you’ve made immense progress from where you’ve started. I used to read your journal earlier in the year, and just now finished reading it in its entirety.

I just wanted to comment that I also recently had a note-taking and computer monitor-related epiphany (extending screens vs duplicating). I’m running StarkQ and EmperorQ in my stack. Just thought it was a funny coincidence worth mentioning. (Also I didn’t know slide-out monitors were a thing. Really cool).


once you tried working with dual monitors… it’s hard to go back to a single monitor :slight_smile:

IT here too :slight_smile:


Thank you @TarMac.


Yup. I agree totally @Yondaime



Not much progress today. Woke up early hoping to get a lot of things done, but instead had a headache that only got worse as time passed. Took a few naps hoping it would go away, but only lessened slightly upon waking up. And then grew worse each passing minute.

Will try to sleep early tonight. Hopefully tomorrow would be much better.



Migraines and such have been keeping me from journaling lately. Migraine stopped yesterday, but was too “in the zone” with what I was doing to think of journaling.

I know I should be working on my project. Boss already liked the proposal. But I still can’t bring myself to work on it.

Been too much involved learning and studying. In fact, I can say that for the first time in a long time, I’ve been having too much fun learning! And yet, until I get certified, I really can’t find better jobs. So I’m still stuck with the one I currently have. And neglecting that would only cause more problems in the future.

Somehow, I feel like I’m in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” kind of situation.

I remember a meeting I was in a month ago. One colleague of mine bluntly said that our company has never turned up an original product. We resell/repackage existing ones instead. And I feel that any original thought I have would just be shut down. Maybe this is why I’m so unhappy?



Not really sure why. But lately, I feel that journaling is really more like a chore now. It used to be something that I liked to do at least once a day. Now, as I write this, it actually feels like I’m forcing myself to do so.

I recall in someone else’s journal (don’t remember who) that they also felt this in StarkQ. Maybe because I feel that I have other things to do than write here? I mean, I haven’t actually browsed the forum much lately.

But then, journaling has also been my way of counting how long I’ve been on a stage. So I guess I still need to force myself every so often?

Or maybe because there’s really nothing much for me to write about that isn’t new? I don’t really know.



It’s only afternoon and I can feel anger and frustration boiling up. Even if I wanted to work, I find it difficult doing so because of all the distractions from my kids. Even if my wife is home, she still calls me to help out with the kids’ school work. Especially their English. For a frigging Mass Communications graduate, she still expects me to think of things for my kids to write about. Math I can understand.



For some time now, I’ve been seeing people post various writeups about their solutions/ideas to the challenges/problems in my field. And so last night, I finally wrote one and posted it online!

The reason why it took me so long to even do it was because I didn’t think I was good enough to write. And that posting technical solutions to a blog would be difficult and time consuming. Turns out, after taking the plunge, it wasn’t as hard as I thought.



Has it really been 4 days since I last updated this journal?

So I’ve been really engrossed with my blog. It contains solutions to some practice problems I have worked on before. Here’s to hoping that people in my field would notice it and I may gain a bit of a following because of it. Maybe this is StarkQ working?

Also, I’ve been solving problems a bit easier now. So yeah, I think QL is a great help here.

Also been starting to get involved in a discord channel for us reviewing for the certifications I was planning on. A couple of people have already asked for tips/pointers with some things we’ve been tackling. So again, maybe StarkQ?

All I know is that I have this urge to get recognized in my field. Looking back, aside from money issues, this is probably one of the reasons why I decided to combo QL with StarkQ in the first place.

As for missing out journaling, I think I’m starting to feel how @AMASH may be feeling when he’s going on those long breaks? Been very busy.

I can’t promise to update regularly. But I’ll try.



Oh man. I feel like I’ve been putting in a lot for my personal project (both blog and preparation for my certification exam). And yet I have yet to touch my work project.

Probably because I feel I get more satisfaction from my personal projects that I don’t even think about work? I mean, staying up late is fine with me as long as it’s my project and not work. I don’t really complain.

But as soon as I logon to our office vpn? Man I start to complain. It’s like I lost the drive to work. Either that or something’s pushing me towards a different direction. I don’t know.