Digger’s Journey to becoming a Quantum Mogul


QL ST3 DAY2 (not so early update)

Got to sleep in today. Just woke up.
Remembered I had 2 dreams. One of them was about a female wrestler. In the dream, I was watching old videos of “me” and her. In that video, she said something like “I’m already your number 3. Everything I am is already yours. What more do you want?” I don’t remember the rest. That’s just the part that stuck.

I’ll update later if I remember any other parts or if I remember the 2nd dream.



For some reason, been feeling really weird about this “less is more” strategy with my sub playlist. It’s like, I’ve been so used to having my earbuds sticking to my ears that now that I’m not listening to any track, it just feels wrong having nothing on my ears.

Aside from that, nothing much to write about. Already forgotten about my dreams from last night. If it wasn’t for my entry earlier, I would not have even remembered I had any.



Suddenly had a thought about my study. Need to take better notes especially during problem solving sessions, like steps on how I solved it, what was difficult about it, etc. I used to simply just try to answer them and just hoped the methods and solutions used stuck.


That sounds like a QL-inspired thought. Do you think so?


@Malkuth absolutely! I admit. I’m a lazy fuck. I really hated note taking back in school. And I still hate taking notes even during meetings. But if it makes my life easier in the long run, might as well do it.