Digger’s Ultima Experience


Sounds like extra energy to me. :slight_smile:



So I just realized. My elbow isn’t hurting that much since I started listening to Ultima. Before, I winced when I had to carry my kids. So either there’s some physical healing stuff in Ultima or my elbow’s healed up and I just didn’t notice.

Also, I’m having some slight pressure around the forehead now. Not sure if it’s because I’m just tired or not. But my eyes do feel tired now.


@SaintSovereign man, you are hilarious with these little drop-in teaser comments. It sounds like you’re having way too much fun. :rofl:


We’ve been working toward this for so long, and it’s very amusing to see people executing the script with a single loop. :wink:

Plus, I can’t say too much because it’ll invalidate the test (even though I want to sooooo bad).


I hope it will be available soon to the store !


Okay, I would like to sow the seeds for a sub that allows us to fully rejuvenate on 3-5 hours of sleep each day.


Actually I do sleep less then I used to, and feel recovered after taking my rest. Didn’t account that to Ultima yet, and even then I started to have really strange sleep patterns ever since the lockdown started, so I just thought it where more ascension symptoms.

Definitely have been feeling somewhat more awake and energized, although I’m quiet energized already. Not to much of a different there, after I do my daily battery I’m ready to go climb mountain Everest, perhaps I just didn’t notice it!

Besides when listening to music, it rocks my world, energizes me and prepares me to conquer my day.



Went to bed almost 3am. Woke up at 9, but wife told me to go back to sleep. Got up at 11 and played 1 loop of TestA. It’s now almost 5 hours since I listened.

Felt awake and listened to a lot of music. Went to a big box store to stock up on supplies (just got out), and although every time I go there, I always come out tired, I don’t feel that way.

People seems to be responding to my presence positively, greeting me and such, even with a mask.

Got an email regarding my job interview. They decided to not proceed with this. Although I was the one they called, I can’t help but feel down about it.

But still, overall, I still feel good and still have energy for the rest of the day. I plan on tackling more sample tests tonight, so I think this extra boost would help with that.


The Universe is ALWAYS on your side… once you choose for it to be.


Thank you @Sirchiropractixalot. Can you give any pointers on how I can do so?


I find that those two words are pretty key.

We are organized around a kind of Ego Program. Works great for the most part. But it’s a program. It does what it’s made to do and doesn’t do anything else. (And what it’s made to do basically is to strategize around narrowly-defined personal interest–most of which comes down to strategies and derivatives of biological survival and reproduction). This program is at its best when it’s serving us and not ruling us.

But it’s so confident about its job that, for most people, it tends to run a whole lot of the show, especially during the first phases of life. It’s so much in charge that many people don’t even think to question it at all. Practical result of that is that the ‘airtime’ of awareness is largely dominated by those things that legitimately concern the Ego Program. In the appropriate proportions that’s great, but when it’s allowed to run wild it’s unhealthy and unbalanced.

Gratitude is a very necessary reset that, among other things, reminds us of the 99.99% of phenomena in the Cosmos that are not directly related to Egoically-defined priorities. The world becomes bigger, more spacious, and less oppressive. (and ironically, the ego is then able to perform its actually appropriate functions more effectively and efficiently. It’s not really up to the task of maintaining an entire worldview.)

So, take time to appreciate and say thank you for the bounty of this Cosmos. Fucking clouds, for a starter. Functional, ceaselessly dynamic, and aesthetically-pleasing as well. They’re transporting water and providing a freaking Rorschach test at the same time.

Oceans. Memories. Adipose cells and tissue. Energy metabolism. Organized religion. Your kids. DNA. Proxima Centauri.

Where did any of this freaking come from? (A question that’s good to ask emotionally as well as intellectually)

Every so often, try to find some Really Big Thing to sit and look at.

Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude.

The Universe fucking extruded you man. You’re growing out of it the way one of your fingernails grows out of you.

Anyway, those are some pointers I know.


Thanks for the pointers @Malkuth


What he said.



Last night I had an accident and sprained my foot. Couldn’t sleep much last night as the pain was unbearable. Kept waking up.

And though I am having a hard time standing up and walking, I am finding gratitude in the fact that I can still feel my foot and wiggle my toes.

Wife was kind enough to prepare the inflatable pool for my kids. Am currently sitting with my legs stretched out watching my kids play in the water.

Thanks to the Tylenol, the pain seems to have subsided somewhat. But foot still looks swollen.

Will be listening to TestB sometime tonight as today’s pretty busy for the family. Looking forward to my wife’s dinner tonight.


Speedy recovery!!!


Thank you @Malkuth



Was able to listen to TestB earlier than expected. It’s been almost 5 hours since I played it. While playing, I fell asleep. Not sure it it was because I wasn’t busy doing anything and had nothing else better to do, or because I didn’t get much sleep last night because of the pain from my sprained foot. Either way, taking a nap felt good for me.

Although I played TestB, it felt more like TestA today. Maybe because B makes me concentrate on what I needed to accomplish that day. And since today is both a holiday and family day, what I needed to accomplish was basically to bond with my wife and kids! And I think that’s what actually pushed me to even play games with them even if my foot hurt.

As an afterthought, I think A would pair greatly with Stark, given the party-going vibe I feel when I listen to A. Whereas B goes well with Emperor, as I often feel a laser-like focus on tasks at hand after a session of B. Either way, both seem to drive my energy levels high, so working on any task is helped by both.



So Stage2 testA is now available. But I haven’t started it yet. As of now, my foot feels much better. Was able to sleep well last night actually. Makes me think if there’s any healing component in Stage1. 2 nights ago, I couldn’t sleep because of too much pain. Last night, I was able to sleep well. Am actually able to walk although I am limping slightly. But less pain.

Based on the new information about the tests, I am not sure if my Stark/Emperor comparison is right. Another theory is that TestA and TestB may be the same sub but different build methods (similar to Q and Terminus). Again I may be wrong.



Given that I’m currently playing Stage2, I have decided to start numbering my entries based on the stage I am currently at.

Just 3 minutes in and I feel some sort of calmness. Just had an argument with my kid so this sudden shift is new. Will update later.


STAGE2-A Day1 update

About an hour after 1 loop of listening. Can’t help but think of Ultimate IronMan. Not sure if @Sirchiropractixalot would agree. But given that this is based out of Stark, maybe a Marvel reference is apt.