Digger's Khan Journal


So after contemplating @rising’s question, it seems that simply hoping and waiting for wealth is really not going to work out. I mean, wishing to win the lotto, even if you know the winning numbers, is basically pointless if you don’t go out and buy a ticket right?

Still, I have yet to come up with something concrete. I mean, there’s this saying, “Wealth begets wealth” or something similar. Meaning, you need money to earn money. Without any starting capital, it’s going to be difficult to earn more.

With that being said, I guess it’s only proper to start with saving first. Minimizing expenses. At least that way, I can get the ball rolling. I just hope I can get my family on board.

I guess this is where Khan comes in. Being able to put my foot down on unnecessary expenses. Telling my family no when something is not needed.

On another note, my temper’s been flaring up on and off again. But thinking about finances usually does that to me. I really hate seeing my finances go to the red zone.


Temper is the same for me. Many people are reporting temper issues while running subs


Day 22

I just can’t stand stupid fuckers today. I have a co-worker who just doesn’t read. I have this inclination to simply bash him over it.
The problem is that the stupid fuck can’t take a fucking hint! It’s like his skin is as thick as a concrete wall!
I have another co-worker who just had to repeat already said jokes thinking by saying it himself, he becomes the funny guy. Aaaarrrgggghhhh!
Is it the sub messing up with my temper again? It’s a good thing I didn’t do any keyboard warrior stuff and bash them over skype or email. But still, a part of me wishes I can just go over there and slap them silly. Too bad I’m working remotely.



Took my kids to school today. I noticed some of the moms were looking at me. Either I never paid any attention to it before, or I may have been giving off an aura that makes them look at me.
Temper flares up every now and then but been mainly kept in check. Though sometimes, looking back, I don’t know why I got mad in the first place.
Weight spiked up again. Mainly because I ate good for 3 people today, and didn’t workout yesterday. Makes me wonder if it’s my subconscious “punishing” me for skipping exercise last night?
On a side note, since I started listening to ultra at night, I’ve been getting more headaches. Will probably switch back to masked tonight.



Temper still fluctuates.
Slept much better last night, though I’m not sure why I’m not dreaming of anything at all. Reading some journals, there’s a few entries containing dreams. Am I supposed to dream of something?
Funny thing though, while listening during the afternoon, I suddenly got a boner. Don’t know why as I was only at home and just ate lunch with the family.


I don’t get dreams, and I am one of the people who gets the most significant results here.

So don’t worry. Just keep going :slight_smile:

Khan also leads to spontaneous boners and much much better sex. Enjoy :wink:


That is good to know. Thanks @AMASH. Though I guess it would be better not to listen to the sub when picking up or dropping off my kids at school. Lol!


I don’t know if it’s the sub working on me to look for wealth or me just going crazy. But I’ve been getting weird ideas lately. Like, I remember a post here about remote viewing the past, but instead of the past, why not the future? Call me old, but I remember the plot line for Back to the Future 2 (I think), wherein Biff got a hold of a future sports almanac and used that knowledge to bet on games to get rich. Of course, this can be the geek in me too, wishing I can predict the future. But then again, what if? Maybe I should give Alchemist or rvx a shot after I finish Khan?


Khan adapts to whatever your subconscious views as the best goals for you right now to focus on.

I guess it’s telling you money should be a priority :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what I was thinking. However, I’ve still got this mindset of “wealth begets wealth”. So without proper capital, I’m a bit hesitant of investing into unknowns. That’s probably why I was thinking of Back to the Future 2.
In addition, I guess I also have this “instant gratification” mindset, wherein I want things done right away without too much effort. This is why sticking to just Khan has been very difficult for me.
As you can see, 2 clashing mindsets do not really work in my favor. I’m hoping that things get better as I switch to ST2 next week.


I really hope that for you as well!

Next week meaning the first of next month of before?


I started ST1 on August 29. So I’m planning on switching stages every 29th of the month.


Awesome, I look forward to seeing your progress.


Using rv for gambling is a pretty common things among remoter viewers. There are even books about it.


I did not know that. Any book recommendations for this?


I havent read any yet but I have seen some when I searched something on amazon once.


Oh. I’ll check it out then. Thanks for the info!



So after about 2 weeks, my wife and I had sex last night. Normally it would be me warming her up. However, last night she was the one who initiated it.
Funny thing is, I only realized that last night, I wasn’t looking for sex so much since I started Khan. I mean, I get boners every now and then. But haven’t been consciously looking for sex. In fact, the past 2 weeks, I slept pretty early. It was only last night that I slept past midnight.
It reminds me of @AMASH’s comment yesterday. Maybe money is becoming my priority now.
So could it be that the sub is making me focus more on wealth while at the same time making me more wanted? Or maybe this is just a one-time deal?
In any case, I’ll stick to Khan and see where it takes me.


Khan adapts to what your subconscious knows you need right now, that maybe your conscious mind is not aware of yet.

So, maybe you need to validation of being wanted so that you have the courage to face your fears more and make serious money :slight_smile:


I don’t know why, but I was somehow drawn to @Pwnie21’s AlchemLIST The AlchemLIST (List of books and sources).

Looking at the list, I saw Magickal Servitors. I read the book a couple of years ago, and only got mixed results. Probably because:

  1. I was aiming for a lot of things simultaneously . Thus my energy and focus was split among all of them.
  2. Some of my intentions were either just wrong or very difficult to achieve no matter what.
  3. I started out half-heartedly.

Could it be that the sub is pointing me back to it? I feel that now, my concern is more on wealth rather than social or sex. Given that, maybe I could use a servitor for wealth generation?