Digger's Khan Journal



Nothing much to report. Last night, wife still rearranged our bedroom furniture. Kinda surprised me that she was able to move the bed by her self. Only asked for help with my computer table since there are a lot of stuff (papers, printer, books) scattered on it. But aside from that, didn’t need to do a lot of heavy lifting. Not sure if it was the sub working or because she didn’t want me to complain. Either way, I can’t complain since, again, I didn’t have to do a lot of work.

Last night, received email asking if I would consider being a technical reviewer for a publisher’s video tutorials. Sadly, it wouldn’t pay anything but at least I could have my name included there. Looking at it from a different angle, the pros are:

  1. My name would be cited in the video. This would make for a better resume when applying.
  2. Less work since I wouldn’t be writing and recording the video itself.
  3. I get to learn more about the topic being presented in the video.
  4. Free 1 year membership to their site. So I can indulge in more tutorials, and hopefully gain more knowledge.

Cons are:

  1. This would eat up some of my time. Testing and reviewing the code and processes presented can be time consuming, especially if I didn’t have the proper setup.
  2. No money. This isn’t a paid gig since I am not the author.

Oh well, at least I can still use this to improve my credentials and maybe help with the certification exam I am reviewing for.

Speaking of which, I lost the drive to actually study for it. Maybe this is a sign telling me that I should get back to it. In my field, certifications help a lot in getting the job you want, getting a raise, etc.

Maybe I should try limitless once Khan is done? Or maybe this is another reconciliation thing? In either case, I’m almost done with ST1, and will shift to ST2 on the 29th. So a little over a month, maybe I’ll finally find out what I really want and need?


Khan ST4 contains Limitless. And it made me as smart as Limitless does. So no worries, Khan will satisfy your needs :wink:

You maybe consider Beyond Limitless to use in the morning to make your learning faster, however. SuperChargers really work.


As always, thank you @AMASH for the suggestion. I’ll probably add Beyond Limitless once I get to ST4.


It is recommended to use Beyond Limitless before sleep. It will work if you use it anytime during the day


Thank you @rising. I’ll keep that in mind.


When I started, I was sooooo excited. Excited for the changes to occur. Excited for all that I will be manifesting, and all that.
As days turned to weeks, I just couldn’t stop counting the days before I switch to the next stage. Some times it feels like forever!
But now, I really don’t know what and how to feel. Seems like Total Breakdown really does break one down.
On a different note, I don’t know whether to be pissed off or sad. The reason why I accepted to be a Technical Reviewer for that publisher is because my demo video for a different course did not pass their standards. On my first attempt, I was told that the audio was too low and that my speech had too much sibilance (the strong hissing sound one makes when pronouncing the “s” sounds at the end of the word). I didn’t bother to ask for comments on my 2nd attempt, as rejection hurts pretty badly for me then.
So yesterday, I started watching the 1st of 3 videos for the 1st section of the tutorial I was asked to critique. Lo and behold, the audio fluctuates constantly, sibilance is too much that it hurts listening to it, and it was down right boring! It’s a technical tutorial so boring is often the norm in most cases, however, aside from the audio and sibilance, coughing was prevalent that it distracts me from further listening. Honestly, I don’t really know whether I want my name associated to the finished product if the quality will be like this. And I couldn’t bring myself to finish the first 3 minutes of the video!
Call me bitter but I really believe that I could have made one much better.
So the question here is, should I continue or not? Or maybe this is still part of my reconciliation phase?


Then don’t. Your name and your reputation is more important than anything else, honestly.

Btw, does this mean you’re moving to the next stage of Khan tomorrow?


@AMASH - I’m planning on adding an extra day for ST1. Personally, it’s easier for me to keep track of the date rather than count the days. Since I started ST1 on August 29, I figured I might as well start each stage on the 29th of the month. That way, if I loose count, forget to journal or anything else, I still know when to switch. Also, I figured I’ve already been broken down, what’s an extra day of misery if I end up having a future of pleasure and harmony?


I agree :smiley: Very wise words.

I look forward to your initial impressions of ST2 on day 29th!



So today is my last day listening to ST1. I don’t plan on listening a lot primarily because it’s Saturday and my family and I have plans to spend time outside.
With that being said, here’s what I noticed during the past month:

  1. Increased feeling of sadness, anger and resentment. This is probably due to my subconscious reconciling my past with what I want to become.
  2. Slightly better posture. I feel like I’ve been walking taller.
  3. Better speech. I have always had a higher pitched voice as compared to most men I’ve met. Though I noticed that my voice seem to be slightly deeper and fuller (not much, just a little).
  4. Much heightened senses. Not like seeing and hearing better as I still need glasses to see, but I’ve been able to discern things out of the norm. Examples;
    A. Lying down in bed, I was looking at the ceiling one night, and noticed a small black dot moving. First I thought it was a shadow or my eyes being tired. But when I got up and checked, turned out to be a small spider, that still freaked my wife!
    B. While driving in the car with my family and kids, I heard a very high pitched, low intensity noise that nobody noticed. Sounded like the feedback loop when a microphone was placed very near a speaker. Turns out my dad-in-law did not turn off his hearing aid before placing it in his bag.
    C. 2 days after having squid for dinner, I kept on smelling a faint odor similar to rotten shrimp that’s been left to dry. But I know that we didn’t have shrimp recently and that I threw away the garbage. Turns out, my wife placed the plastic bag used to carry the squid in our recycle bin.
    Now I really can’t say that my senses got better as I still need glasses, and have problems hearing my wife when she’s 3 rooms away from me. However, I think I am more attuned to knowing things that are not ordinary or should not be there in the first place.


Yeah, same thing happening here too. Not a major change but there is a little more timber in the voice.

Yep, this is common in ST1. Just know, you’re getting a proper good cleaning out.

I call this: the heavy testicle walk :yum:

This is interesting. I wonder if Khan has uncovered a natural talent for ESP?


I can’t say ESP per se @Michel. It’s more like being able to filter out the background noise and finding the odd things in various situations.


I got the same a bit the other day with Emperor V3. Interesting how that stuff manifests, isn’t it?


Probably due an increase of testosterone, I guess.


Could it be that the sub somehow causes more testosterone production? I wake up sometimes with morning wood.



Started playing ST2 about 4 hours ago. Feeling a little bit irritated but with rambunctious kids on a Sunday? What’s new?
Not really been doing much today. Though I must say I freaked out after seeing a couple of large spiders out by our garbage cans. I really hate spiders! Though I must say, I’ve been fascinated with Spiderman since I was a kid. Now isn’t that ironic?
Still felt sad after seeing another bill in my email inbox. Seems I keep on seeing expenses. Hope this changes soon.


Oh man st2 will be hard. Just be prepared. I never understood why so many people are fascinated by spiderman


@rising - I guess it’s how people can relate with Spiderman. He’s an ordinary guy, not a soldier not billionaire.



Oh man I feel like crap! I let my temper go last night and fought with my misbehaving kids. They started disrespecting me around dinner and wouldn’t eat their food. Food that, although take out, I still payed for. Food that they said they wanted to eat. But they’d rather play, shout or read than to simply sit down and eat.
After 30 minutes of having to remind them, I got so fed up, I said to myself fuck this and proceeded to pick their plates up and bring them to the kitchen.
When they started to complain, I simply blew up and began shouting and all that.
Until now, I’m still so mad I refused to talk to them on the way to school.
Am I a bad parent? Or is it my subconscious trying to fight back the programming? Or is it a combination of both?


Even if you understood the past, would you be able to change it?