Digger's Khan Journal


That sounds like a truly deep realization, I congratulate you on it.

In what ways could you apply that wisdom in your daily life, that will steer you more and more towards the life you want? Any practical changes or small actions possible in your day-to-day?


Not gonna lie @AMASH. But I haven’t really thought about it. Either I am not yet willing to or I have yet to come up with a concrete idea. As of now, I think the realization of it all is enough. Baby steps I guess.
However, thinking ahead, I guess by doing things that I can do myself is a start. Not having to ask someone to do it because I feel lazy or what not.



Not much to report today. Lazy Saturday. Woke up earlier than usual for a Saturday. Normally, I would be grumpy, but today, felt more like meh.
After reading @realbillperry’s journal, made me think of running Regeneration after I’m done with Khan. My wife’s got a lot of issues such that any slight that you do, makes her so mad. She feels that any wrong either intentional or not is a direct attack against her. Given that I’ve been thinking of running EoG after Khan, it might be better if we both listen to it. But given that she’s got a lot of issues to work out, ST1 of EoG might be difficult for her if she hasn’t worked out those issues first.


Not much to report today. Wasn’t able to listen much yesterday as we had guests. After 2 years, we finally saw my sister-in-law and finally met her husband. Honestly, I didn’t feel much like talking to the guy because I thought he was a little of a show-off, I didn’t like his attitude towards money (as he spends a lot on stuff while being in debt), and I felt that he was taking advantage of my sister-in-law. However, I forced myself to have some small talk with him. Being able to hold a conversation with people I did not like has been difficult for me. Either I simply shut off or excused myself.
Could it be the sub forcing me to be more sociable? Or am I just trying to be nice for my wife and sister-in-law?


Have a cold today. Feeling like crap mostly. Probably because my nose feels like a leaking faucet.
Went to the grocery after dropping my kids off at school. Not too many people given that it’s a Monday. However, people greeted me good morning or got friendly nods and smiles. Smiled, nodded or greeted back, but didn’t feel much like talking.
Checked my credit cards online again. And got depressed at how much I’m spending each week. If this keeps up, all my savings would be gone. Knowing that our house needs some repairs and such, only depresses me even more. Good thing I was able to curb my family’s spending a bit. But still, it’s a long way to go before we get out of debt.


@d1gz - I got that leaky nose when I started ST1 of Khan. Wondering if it is the same. Try some Black Seed Oil. It helped me be “fever free” since I started taking it. Except I did have a mild sneezing phenomena for a few days after I started Khan.

Black Seed Oil is also good for applying to the skin and muscles that experience pain. It has other 100 benefits too.


I don’t think my cold is caused by the sub. Given that my wife and kids had colds previously, it’s probably I just caught it from them. But thanks for the Black Seed Oil. I’ll check it out when I have time.



So yesterday was just awful. Aside from colds, had a migraine (possibility because my sinuses were clogged), I somehow sprained my wrist (don’t know how, just woke up after a nap and it hurt), and I splintered my finger. Not to mention I was sleepy and tired the whole day yesterday.
It’s a good thing my nose isn’t clogged anymore. Wrist still hurts though and finger still has the tiny splinter (somehow broke off yesterday after trying to use tweezers).
The box with the shipping label for my tablet repair finally arrived yesterday. Went to FEDEX it earlier after dropping my kids off at school. Got friendly smiles from the staff. Usually, I tend to shy away from people as I’m normally an introvert. However, today, I started to do some small talk, which I think is a big thing for me.


Whew! I am now over 1/3 finished with ST2. Can’t say I like what I’m seeing but, either my workouts are working or I’m starting to appreciate my image a lot better. I mean, my weight’s been basically the same (plus minus 2 lbs give or take) but I feel lighter.
However, I still feel that the sub’s been pretty intense in the sense that I still get tired and sleepy easily. Before, I’m usually still up by 1am. But now, I’m about ready to crash by 11pm. And I sometimes take 15-30minute naps in the afternoons!
Though I want to not say anything bad right now, but is it just me who thinks it’s not right to have a kid to have access to SC’s alpha/sigma male subs? I mean, the kid’s just a teenager. I too was a kid once, and I feel for him. But as an adult, maybe he should just focus on his studies first? But then again, it’s just me.


I dunno, if the kid is nearer 18 then subs are a great addition to their growth - if they show an interest. Boys tend to gravitate towards the alpha subs anyway, so I don’t see the harm.

Under 15? Probably not. But if there was a “undo harmful programming + basic confidence/true self” sub…


Again, this is just my opinion. The reasons why I tend to disagree are as follows:

  1. Unlike other producers, subclub’s subs do not force the person to become whatever the producer thinks as an alpha. SC’s subs “lead” the person towards what he thinks or perceives as alpha. This being the case, if the kid does not have enough experience and perceives an alpha as being a party-going sex magnet, without responsibility etc, then that is where he will tend to go. This mentality may, in the future, cause problems for him.
  2. What if something bad happens (whether or not it is related to #1.) and the parents blame SC? Given that the kid is still a minor, SC can be legally sued and it would be very difficult to counter.
    Now I’m not saying that giving kids access to subs is bad, as I first started with subs to help me in school. However, access to subs should still have parental consent, at least for alpha subs. On the other hand, limitless, and beyond limitless, I think, should help the kid especially if he’s still in school.
    Again, this is just my opinion and I do not want to take aim at anyone in particular.



Last night, I decided to add 2 loops of regeneration. I read in a different thread that it also helps in physical healing. Given that my wrist still hurts, and will probably do if I continue working out, I thought it might help. My problem is that as soon I stop working out for more than a week, my metabolism goes bust and my weight shoots up.
While dropping my kids off at school, my son’s former teacher (who is cute) suddenly approached me for a little small talk. She never did that since this school year started. In fact, I don’t think she ever noticed me outside of her classroom.
Still feeling depressed after receiving another bill in the mail.



Temper’s been flaring up on and off. Getting pissed off easily, but at least still able to reign it in.
So wife and kids decided they want burgers for dinner last night. Went to a burger joint that also sells salads, nuggets and onion rings. It so happens that they were also selling pumpkin shakes. I couldn’t resist to try it. Halfway through the shake, I started to feel queasy. Didn’t known if it was the salad or the sugar in the shake. By the time I finished eating, I felt so bloated! Seems like after refraining from sugar, my body just couldn’t process it. Either that or it’s my subconscious punishing me for cheating on my diet.
My son was misbehaving earlier this morning. He was in a fighting mood, arguing with me, my wife and his siblings. By the time I got him to school, I was so pissed off! Good thing I kept my temper in check or else we probably would have made a scene in school.



Today being a Saturday, like any weekend, I woke up around 7 am because I needed to pee. Afterwards, I decided to run regeneration ultra as my ears were tired from having been clipped to my earbuds for some time now, and because I also wanted my wife to at least get over her emotional problems.
I then decided to go back to sleep. And lo and behold! Woke up to an angry wife at 11:30am! I get the feeling that the sub’s affecting her in a weird way.
Later in the afternoon, got wife and kids dressed and ready to go grocery shopping. When shit rains it pours I tell you! When we got in the car, it wouldn’t start! Had to call insurance to send a tow truck to jump start it!
I then went to an auto supply shop to buy batteries. Unfortunately, the kid who works there didn’t know how to install the battery. I then had to buy a jumper/starter thingy just to be sure I wouldn’t have problems later on. So I already bought expensive battery, and an expensive jump starter, and when I got home, my wife was mad because it was already late!
We still decided to go grocery shopping. But shit didn’t stop! Because kids, wife and dad-in-law had cough, I had to buy additional medicine that then added to the grocery bill.
It’s really frustrating when you have to shell out a lot. I know that we need most of them. But man! It still seems like the whole frigging world has conspired against me.
Good thing the cashier was very friendly and talking to her actually helped alleviate the tension and stress I’ve been building up.


Don’t know if you have tried EFT yet or if it will be effective for you or not, but it has and does wonders for me. Just tap and release. It’s that simple. Think about it :male_detective:


@Y.o.B - No I haven’t really. I may give it a try. However, if you meant that my wife also give it a try, it would be difficult. She doesn’t really believe in any “new age” stuff. This is why I “covertly” play regeneration ultra so as to help her with her emotional issues prior to me shifting to EoG. I find it hard listening on earphones all night as they’re uncomfortable and I believe that EoG would also help my wife. But with all her baggage, ST1 for EoG may cause a lot of problems for her if she’s not prepared.


I’ve used “Faster EFT” but recently downloaded some of the PSTEC stuff recently. I had never heard of that one until someone in the forums here mentioned it. Not tried it yet. Sounds cool though. I got lots of shite to release I’m sure


I just hope @d1gz don’t mind me sharing this, but here it goes @realbillperry

My technique to get faster manifestations:

I run Mogul or EOG ST1, both deal with wealth & money, replacing faulty beliefs and all… with more beneficial and empowering ones, cool!

While running the subs, i use two major EFT Programs full of tapping rounds on most problems and hang ups we have about money…

They are: Margaret Lynch - Tapping into Wealth & Secret of Intentional Wealth.
& Carol Look - Business Abundance Now.

What i notice is that the more i release and clear this issues, the faster everything seems to work/manifest. There’s so much synchronicities, blessings, opportunities, that it scares me sometimes. Too much success, i start to wonder when is it all going to fall apart?

Guess i got tap this one out too…

Good luck on your journey @realbillperry, almost forgot :wink:


That’s very useful info @Y.o.B. I had done EFT for a while but got tired of all the tapping not getting me anywhere soon. I was even doing Carol Look’s “Improve your eyesight with EFT” book but didn’t go beyond one course of it.

I think I have an issue with persevering in a project although I thankfully am able to do the SubClub subs without fail. Maybe I need to tap on that too.

Other than Carol Look’s eyesight EFT book, do you have any good resources for tapping for health?


Dude, I don’t mind at all! Please don’t hesitate to share any info you think might be useful.