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Thanks @Malkuth


@Neurokinetic - I’m really sure. You may be right. I do have negativity towards spending on things that don’t really matter. The thing is, I’m not sure how I feel towards spending on things we do need. Maybe you’re right. But then, given that money’s been really tight lately, it’s really hard not to worry. Especially with the holidays coming in.



So my dentist found a problem during my xray. Went to a periodontist and found that I’ve got boneloss around 1 tooth and need to get an operation and bone graft to save my jaw and hopefully my tooth too. Thing is, it’s another expense I honestly don’t know where to get the money to pay for. Even with partial coverage from my dental plan, it’s still a big amount.
Planning on calling my doctor and maybe medical insurance if I can get any ideas and help to cover the other expenses for this surgery. Hoping to dig my way out of this hole.
@Neurokinetic, even if I wanted positive energy to flow, and hopefully, money to flow also, given this piece of news, I’m not sure how or what to think right now. If you or anybody has any suggestions, please let me know.
Right now, I feel that all my progress went down the drain shortly after today’s dentist visit.


Try not to frame it in your mind as a struggle? Find the mentality of “until now I have been able to pay for things In needed to, I will find a way again this time.” Hold steady faith that you are capable of accomplishing it. Find financial reasons for gratitude to raise your vibrations away from the negative and toward what’s good. This often clears the mind and presents opportunities. :slight_smile: I know it’s going to work out for you man


@Neurokinetic - Thanks man. I’ll try to shift my thinking towards this.


ST3 DAY 15

Halfway through. I’m not sure if it’s another reconciliation phase or not. But for the past 2 days, my back’s been killing me. Either that or all that negativity is manifesting as physical pain. Need to follow @Neurokinetic’s advice. I need to look for things to be grateful for. Maybe I have been focusing too much on the negative.


this helped me


Thanks @rising. Will try this out



Still didn’t feel very sociable today. Preferred to just shut myself in. Though I still get greeted by people, or at least, acknowledged.
Still felt lazy and tired. Not sure if it’s because I’m still worrying about my dental procedure, my still aching back, or work, or something else. But I just couldn’t help but yawn most of the day.
On a more positive note, didn’t have to shout that much. Kids were relatively more behaved.


Just wanted to update. There’s a lot of things I want to learn, a lot of skills I want to master. I would like to learn how to play the guitar like a rockstar. I would like to easily absorb information and new knowledge related to my field in IT so that I may do well in the many certifications I wish to take. I would like to easily and instantly understand and apply street/conversational hypnosis so that I can easily get a raise/promotion/better job. I would also like to learn how to speak Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, Spanish, French and German to be able to communicate faster and better with the higher-ups at work (and maybe at the competition?). Maybe even play better games on my phone (the games that pay actual cash when you win). I know that QL would greatly help me a lot. In fact, I have had the urge to stack QL ever since I heard about it.
However, I’m at a loss right now. If I were to stack QL, do I need to stop Khan? Or do I stack QL and Khan with each stages running together (ie, QL ST1 running with Khan ST1)? And if so, would this mean that the reconciliation I got running Khan’s STs 1 and 2 come back to haunt me?
All I know is that I need to continuously strive to learn new skills, acquire new knowledge, and to better myself. And hopefully, apply these new skills/info so that I may also get a better, more prosperous life. Ahhh…. Decisions decisions decisions.


You’re nearly finished with ST3, so ST4 with Limitless will turn you into Matt
Damon in Good Will Hunting.



Still feel minor pain in my back especially when standing/walking for long periods. But it looks like @rising’s suggestion seems to be working.
My wife and kids seem to be responding well with me. They seem to be listening and paying more attention to what I say.
Also, temper’s still flaring up every now and then, though I’m at least able to recognize it before I say or do something I’d regret.
Been looking for things to be grateful for. Still worried about expenses though, but it’s more like a fleeting thought rather than a lingering one.


i think if you do it twice a day you will see massive results


Any significant update on the wealth side?


@mecharc - good question. However, from the start of this journey, my main goals were to attain alpha status and improve my confidence. At the start, I felt that I was being pushed around so much.
Wealth, at least at that time, was a lesser goal. Given that I have a family with a spending mindset, at that time, I felt I had to curb that slightly by simply saying no and standing my ground. It doesn’t matter whether or not you earn millions, it’s about how much you are able to save and invest in. As I said, my family (wife especially) does not know how to save. So as long as there’s something to buy, she goes and cajoles me to get it.
At this point, I would say no significant changes with regards to wealth per se. But there’s been at least a slight shift in the power dynamics at home, such that we are slowly getting to the point where we are buying less frivolous things.
In addition, I can’t say it’s a big thing, but I have seen a slight increase in my takehome pay recently. Probably because my employer has started to decrease the deductions (tax, insurance, etc) from my pay because it’s almost year end. But hey! I still consider this a win for me.



I know I said earlier that I’ll probably do QL after Khan. However, I finally gave in to the temptation because:

  1. All the journals showing QL have been mainly positive.
  2. Aside from my planned certification in 2 weeks, I have more lined up for me in the coming months.
  3. I feel that I need more brain boost now. Especially when my bosses are breathing down my neck waiting for constant updates.
  4. I’m not sure if it’s Khan’s “Total Action” scripting working in me, but I feel that I need to get all the possible boosts I can get.

So the plan now is stack QL ST1 with Khan until I finish with Khan. I feel that I need all the rebalancing I can get right now.
As for today, I feel that I have faster and greater productivity. What normally took me a long time to analyze (days some times), I was able to finish today. I guess it’s both Khan and QL working in tandem. No more laziness and procrastination, with faster analytical capabilities.
Actually, to be honest, I feel more chill and laidback than normal. With the stress from work, before, I would be all stressed and mentally over the edge. But now, I feel somewhat calm, composed and still able to work.


@d1gz - hey man. Being a long time reader of your journal, I can notice the change. You are definitely alpha-ing up. And regarding the money front, am bloody confident you will get there.


@Michel - I just love Good Will Hunting. It’s the first movie to make me desire to be a genius. Way before the movie Limitless. And talking about Limitless, it’s the number one reason I got Quantum Limitless.


Thanks @raphael.



Nothing much to write about today really. Been a lazy weekend. Took my kid out for a drive and ate burgers. People were more accommodating though.
Later in the afternoon, fell asleep on the couch without meaning to. Man, felt so tired today. Though I don’t know why. Maybe QL needs to repair a lot of my neural pathways, that my body just needed to rest. In any case, still feel chill even though my kids would sometimes misbehave.
Also looking at more things to be grateful for.