Digging myself out of a hole - A Q Journey


Doesn’t really say. Maybe that house is empty?


If it is empty then it has not much value.

Do you have a lot of Cancer in your natal chart?

I am currently studying Astrology like a maniac with my TeslaQ custom. After I done with my natal chart and that of my closest friends and family, I can sure have a look at yours if you like. But I am probably also going to share all my findings anyway here on the forum so you can check yourself.


Not sure about that really. As I said earlier, I don’t know much bout astrology. But found this after a google search:

When you’re first investigating your natal chart, you may quickly find that some of the houses in your natal chart are empty houses. An empty house in astrology means there are no natal planets located in that house. Many people worry that an empty house in astrology shows an area of life where they will struggle (like an empty 7th house of relationships means you’ll never get married or an empty 10th house of career means you’ll never have a career). But that’s not true at all!
There are only 10 planets in astrology while there are 12 houses, so every person has at least 2 empty houses (it’s usually 3-5). This doesn’t mean the energy of that house isn’t present in your life. It actually means you’re not as focused on it because it’s not as much of a struggle! There is belief that an empty house represents an area of life that you already dealt with in past lives, so there’s not much karma to work out there. Houses that have planets in them are areas where we have to work out the energy, so we give them more focus because there’s more to work on. This doesn’t mean we neglect the empty houses in astrology!
When a house is empty, you’re going to put more focus on the sign on the cusp, which is the very beginning of the house, and the ruler of the house (which is the natural planetary ruler for the sign on the house cusp, so if you have Aries on the cusp, Mars is the ruler of the house as ruler of Aries). The sign prevails over the energy of the house, and the ruler of the house often plays a bigger role.

So I don’t know.


Yes that article explains it well


brah… What’s Tesla Q?


My QL St1 & St2 custom. It is crazy
Will share more on my thread soon



Played RebirthU as soon as I woke up, and then played 2 loops of my health custom in the morning.

Went to my kids’ school to get some materials the teachers were distributing for the kids. Had a short talk with a couple who happen to be parents of my kid’s classmate. Missed having a simple conversation.

Played another round of RebirthU after lunch and took a short nap. Seems that I need naps whenever I listen to Ultima subs a 2nd time.

And then listened to another 2 loops of my health custom. Somehow, I’m thinking of looping both my customs in the same day and wondering how that would turn up. Not sure if it’s reconciliation or not.

Barely did any office work today. Maybe reconciliation too. Or maybe because I’m just hoping that I get to be hired by another company. Got 3 interviews coming up this week. Imagine that? Before I was thinking so down because no company was interested, and now, I have 3. Here’s hoping that they get impressed with me.

As for my wife, I still felt a little bit of her B.S. test today. Although she’s also been getting mad at the kids easily. Maybe because I’ve been able to deflect her B.S lately, that she has to vent elsewhere? In any case, here’s to hoping I get through with all her tests.

Also, there were some times today wherein I suddenly felt sad. Even while singing what should be a happy and moving song, I suddenly felt sad. Not sure if it’s really RebirthU or reconciliation, but in any case, these were just fleeting moments today.



Been busy at home yesterday. Didn’t have time to update this journal.

Wife’s been giving me a little of her shit tests again. Just trying my best to ignore it.

Yesterday and today, had interviews with recruiters. Here’s to hoping I get hired with a better pay/benefits and work environment too. Had another meeting today and I just wanted to quit right then. I don’t know the direction the team is going on. Heck, I don’t even know if there’s any direction for me there TBH. And to top it off, I have to swallow my pride because I have to rerun the whole system again because the data fed to the database is wrong. Crap!

By the way, this is my 889th post. Maybe that’s why I didn’t update yesterday? 888?


888th post, and then there’s this:

ought to bode well for something!


Oh wow! I did not notice that. It’s a bit different when you use the phone vs. desktop. Thanks @Malkuth for pointing this out.



So I really got mad a coworker today. It was a good thing that we were just using Skype and not have to really talk face-to-face. The guy’s really a jerk a lot of times and he gets under my skin a lot. Took a lot of self-control to just ignore him.

I think my 3 job interviews the past few days went well. Of course all of them were HR/recruiters so I’m trying not to expect too much here as I’ve crashed and burned before. Had a long series of interviews last year only to be either ghosted or told that I was missing something they needed. So now, I’m trying to be more of a realist. If they don’t want to go ahead, then it’s their loss.

Although, seriously, I am really getting tired of my job. So a big part of me is also hoping to get hired elsewhere.

On other news, I’ve been really lazy today. Only doing a minimum amount of work for the office. Just monitoring my project and making sure if it needs a little tweaking or not. And a few guys will be on leave next week. So I don’t know if I would be going on leave too or not.



So I was a bit busy yesterday. Had to play with my kids, while playing my health custom.

As today is a rest day, though I need to do a lot of stuff (recaulk the shower wall, etc) I decided to try out the Executive Ultima. While listening to it, drinking my morning coffee and playing with my phone, I got the urge to get up and actually do something. As to what that “something” is, I feel “anything” as long as I’m moving and not just wasting my time on my phone. And yet the coffee is still very hot, and my morning ritual involves a whole cup of coffee. Oh well, might as well try to finish it faster.


Just a thought. I wonder how kids would act around me if I were to use Commander Ultima?


DAY32 (update)

Oh man. This was the first time I had to re-caulk a bath. So after removing the old caulk and cleaning, I had to dry it. I decided that since my wife was bothering me a while back about going shopping for my kid’s fall and winter clothes, I decided to pack the kids in the car and drive to the store.

As usual, me and the kids stayed in the car while my wife shopped. I’m not sure if it was executive but I was easily agitated. Maybe because it was the fact that I had to stay put in the car with the kids, or maybe because the kids were very rowdy, or maybe because I knew my wife would be spending a lot of money again (even if the kids needed new clothes).

This was the reason why I was contemplating about Commander Ultima. I wonder what would happen if I used it? Would my kids be behaved? Would my wife at least listen more to me?

Anyway, once we got back and had dinner, I decided to continue re-caulking and finished it. I know a lot of contractors would just laugh at me for complaining, but then again, the contractor who did the bathroom (at least we were told that the bathroom was remodeled shortly before moving in) didn’t really do much of a good job with it either. And that it was really my first time doing it. So all, in all, even if it took a long time, I’m still glad I got it done somehow.

My thoughts on Executive would be to use it whenever I feel like a lazy ass. It really does motivate me to get moving and accomplish something. I just need to make sure that I would actually be doing something the whole day, and not be “forced” to sit idly by.



Started my day with RebirthU.

Then, as an experiment, I decided to play both my health, and wealth customs at 4 loops each (with about 20mins to 1 hour between each loop). And then I’ll play both mogulq and QLQ ST4 tonight. I’ll do this for 5 days then take 2 days off.

As of today, I just feel tired. Not sure if it’s reconciliation or something else.

As usual, meetings sucked. Even if 3 teammates were on leave, we still proceeded with it. Waste of time if you ask me.

Have an interview tomorrow. Feeling kind of worried as I just sent my resume when I applied and only looked at the title of the job. And now that I have an interview scheduled, I just checked again and it turns out the details are a little more “intensive” and requires more know-how. I mean, although I know them, I am not an expert in them.

Well, here’s to a better future!


DAY34(early update)

Played 1 loop of RebirthU on waking up. About halfway through, I started feeling both resentment, anger and humiliation bubbling up. Memories I’d rather forget popped out of nowhere. Not sure if this is reconciliation or part of what RebirthU is supposed to do.

About an hour later, am starting to feel much better. Though some negative feelings remain, I think I’ll be fine. Some feeling of hope is there.

Am currently listening to my wealth custom, and will rotate it with my health custom later.



Been working on my office project today. Mostly trying to find ways to improve the performance. Am not happy with how it’s going lately as it seems to be slowing down the more data it’s processing.

I know. I’ve been complaining about work and even contemplating about sabotaging my project or putting a booby trap for when and if I leave. But seriously, I wouldn’t want anything to tarnish whatever reputation I have by doing something as childish as that… Wait did I just write that? Am I starting to think of myself in the 3rd person point of view?

In between, I had an interview this afternoon. Didn’t go as a I hoped. Interviewer didn’t seem really impressed, although, honestly, I guess I was taken aback by the posted job description versus what he said about the job I was interviewing for. Kind of reminded me about my situation with my current employer, so I don’t know.

Am currently on my 4th loop of my health custom. As mentioned, I planned on playing 3-4 loops each of my 2 customs during the day. And 3 loops each of MogulQ and QLQ ST4 at night. Not sure if the “drive” to optimize my project is a result of stacking everything or just because my previous routine was shook up. We’ll see how it goes.

As for tomorrow, I have 2 appointments schedule. Not sure if I’ll take it as a rest day and just play Commander and/or Libertine. Probably will just flip a coin.


THIS reminds me of when I interviewed for a job as a “technician” at Chuck-E-Cheez. This woulda been 2010 or so maybe. I think. The CEC location was in Albuquerque and I lived in Los Lunas. Which is about a 40- to 45-minute drive to the CEC location on a good-traffic day.

I got there, thinking I’d be interviewing for a “Technician” position since that’s what was advertised.

He (interviewing manager) was all “What drew you to this position?”

And I said “Well, I’ve been an electronics technician on submarines for 11 years in the US Navy, and been troubleshooting equipment most of that time.”

Dude straight up laughs at me and says “Not much of that here. This job entails cleaning the floor, taking food out to the kids. Taking the occasional customer order when the main counter help is on break.”

And I say “The position said ‘Equipment Technician’ and the description talks about maintaining and repairing games and equipment as necessary.”

He says “Yeah, that isn’t right. That’s just the ad we ran. Gets more people to come in for the interview.”

I must have let my anger show, because he said “Is there a problem?”

I say “Yeah, I haven’t even started working here yet, and you’re already lying. I drove nearly an HOUR for this interview with gas I could have used to interview elsewhere.”

He says “Well, we’re not done with THIS interview.”

And I said “Wanna bet?”

I bought a drink from the counter chick (cute as hell btw) for the drive back home. and left.


This is awesome! The Executive just works. I tried one loop of it the day it was released but didn’t feel anything immediately. But the next day, I felt restless as hell and ended up finishing a couple of tasks one after another that I had delayed for over a week.

Right now, am not using The Executive though since you know am on the Elixir Ultima + RegenerationQ stack. But no regrets about it since I deeply desire that I remove traumatic limits in me so that The Executive will work even better when I bring it back on.

Main Disc. Thread - The Executive


Nothing much to write about really. Took my kids to the dentist this morning. A couple dental hygienists were rather chatty. However, I couldn’t really pay much attention to what they were saying as I had to look at my kids. With kids, it’s really hard to give any woman your undivided attention.

Then, had to go to the optometrist. My glasses has so many scratches that I really need to have them replaced. My wife and kids really don’t know how to respect my stuff, that’s why there’s so many scratches.

As for work, been monitoring my project and seem to have found some bottlenecks in the code. Hopefully the tweaks I did today would improve the performance and prevent them from simply hanging. Frigging Try-Catch/Try-Except. If you don’t know if there’s going to be any error, you’ll likely assume you don’t need any “Try” statements. (Wrote this down since I know some here are either in to or learning programming, also as a note to myself. Never assume your code will work. Always assume the fucking worst. That way, you’ll never get surprised.)

May need to test out Commander soon. At the dentist, even I told my eldest to behave, he was not even paying much attention. In fact, my youngest was the one behaved! I wonder if Commander would help me with instilling some discipline in my kids.