Dimitry’s Ultima 3 Test


Day 8 Afternoon

  • The meeting with girl left me with a very warm feeling. We talked about everything, walked in forest park. I bought a few pastries and they were good. Weather was good, not hot and no raining.

  • We were sitting on bench and passing by females gave me «that instinctual eye-contact, which can’t be confused with something else». U3 gives much more to think about.

  • «Energetic confidence» I think that this is right word for state created by U3. It is very natural.

  • I have no fears showing others my new aura but… I think I got triggered by some old issue: «why I’m bothering with being attractive to girls instead being a social god?» I know that those words belong to somebody else. As a psychologist I got used catching those «looks normal, but» thoughts from my clients. And now it is my turn. I guess I need to contact my supervisor. Interesting form of resistance, isn’t ?

  • Being close with girl, I univocally sensed her arousal, it was instinctual, involuntary one because we were talking about unrelated topics.

  • I think I will stop with two loops today, not three. Two loops of U3 gave me a very pronounced and sustainable state which not fades out till the night.

More later.


Day 8 Evening. End of Day

  • After walk, I came home and fall in sleep. Two or three hours, can’t say how long I slept. Waked up and… eh… ran the third time of U3 :slight_smile: and in a few minutes I get a message from a girl I walked today: «I miss you». Damn.

  • Decided not to play games today and just listen music and read a book. Found myself reading one sentence again and again. Can’t concentrate. I want sex. Had a thought: «maybe I can invite girl?». I rejected that thought because I have another relationship right now. F*cking soup opera.

  • Listening the third loop and listened to Italian OST music, I don’t know why my choice with Italian OST music but I feel not that horny… more sensual or something. My walk with girl ignited something in me. Usually, I suppressed that kind of feelings if I’m not with a girl but this time I let them flow, unfold.

  • I had a dinner, decided to watch Coco cartoon but moved that to another day.

  • I feel that effect accumulated with U3 is definitely continue to evolve. I’m not frightened or intimidated I just allow things to unfold in its natural rhythm.

  • I’m going to sleep right now, tomorrow I have some appointments. Thanks God that I have free time until August, 1. I will use this time for relaxation, rest, U3 testing and etc.

  • I feel a little bit emotionally aroused, maybe this is felt in my words. Okey, I need to sleep.


Day 9 Wakeup. Morning

  • Waked up in great, uplifted, energised mood! Everything is good.

  • Ran 1 loop of U3, add more if needed later. Pleasant sensation of awakened body, energised belly.

More later.


Day 9 Afternoon, End of Test

  • Since stage 3 test is complete, I’m now finishing my test thread journal. It was very interesting experience, indeed. I see that new technologies offer another level of subliminal experience. So, my gratitude to @SaintSovereign and @Fire for creating new techs and products and you guys - thanks for reading!


Was it Diamond’s prototype?


No, Libertine Ultima.