Discovery - Dragon Reborn & EmperorQ - Journal of PurpleRT


Oh good grief, I have now a faint feeling of melancholy, or nostalgic feeling. I’m glad to have a space where I can be in solitude to reflect.
It’s giving me back those emotions I used to sense when I tried to engage in different art styles way back.


Wait until the apathy and indifference kicks in


It doesn’t sound so bad. I wonder how will it be.


Day 4:

Whoa, today I redefined my concept of “deep sleep”. Woke up late, groggy but now I’m refreshed.
Weird and intense dreams. The uncommon one was someone close in my family pull out a wisdom teeth in front of my face and showed it to me, damn teeth even had like a printed code on the top.
Oh, and did I mention better sleep?

More and more questions invade my head. What’s the path I’ll take? The career? What about my independence?
What’s gonna be my main form of income?

It’s curious ‘cause despite what I’ve accomplished I don’t feel… well, capable of living independently, it’s mostly related to wealth, or so I think. Other stuff like cleaning the house, cookin’, etc. I can finish that kind of chores, but what’s my career? Which career will give the money I seek?

Y’know, I’m starting to enjoy this moments of deep thought, feels…fascinating to uncover this and question myself about it.


Hmm, I’ve been enjoying more and more different music genres. It’s if like my tastes are changing. Laziness is hitting the roof. Just engaging in more daydreaming, reflections and… haven’t been in a much mood for playing some games. That’s a first for me.


Small epiphany. Maybe I can work in something that didn’t came to my mind before. I can make my own wealth working and learning 3D Modeling for interiors, rendering house and apartments interiors, or vehicular concept art.

It’s either this or get back to learning programming seriously this time. Or maybe both!
My, another answer’s here!


Day 5:
More weird and unusual dreams. Can’t remember much now but, there was a “bakery” that in the basement was like a normal home. When I got down there, the fireplace’s on and there’s a woman crying over at the oven in the kitchen. She had a knife
From the looks of it appeared to me she lost someone or her kids or something like that.
Felt uncomfortable and in danger and got outside of that house. Don’t know what to make of it.

Listenin’ to Limitless Executive, got many goals to tackle before the sun goes down. Practice again my art, develop new artistic styles, work out, etc.
Last night I’ve also read the new instructions from the subs. I felt inspired with it and got the info needed. Makes me want to use Emperor next year. Got a better picture in general now in my head.
Small edit: Don’t know why, but felt comfortable adding once again my older profile pic.



So I’ve been feeling chill recently, and tried new outfits for myself. Looks like DR’s is uncovering hidden preferences in clothes. Will take my two days of rest as instructed in the manual. I think my aura changed a bit, some people are more responsive, others not so much. Feel content to know which path to take from now on.

Either way, spend a happy Christmas people. :christmas_tree::gift: :crown:
Will speed through time and space to see what’s the secret gift this midnight. See ya there though!


Day 6 (Rest):

Woke up groggy, but relaxed. Last night I did noticed more changes thanks to DR. Had a good luck streak, in which I can mostly attribute to it since it removed blockages related to that aspect. Always been interested in gambling games but felt that I didn’t had neither the sufficient skill or enough luck.
Last night was a banger, and eventually won the whole game with a full house. It’s like a swift change in abundance mentality or something.

Also, for some reason I’ve always avoided wearing formal attires, but last night I… I felt very comfortable with them and I even like them a lot now. There’s a certain feeling to it, that wasn’t present in the past. Didn’t knew I really liked that kind of clothes until now.
Libido’s been dormant for the whole week. Huh.

More outgoing, witty and overall not afraid to speak what I think. It’s like someone turns on a switch for that. Don’t have any clue for being so reserved and with tons of limitations on myself on socializing. For a first time in years, managed to completely relax and have a nice night with the fellas back at home. It was the best Christmas, ironically for being one in 2020. Better than the last one.
Thinking back, last year I was running Ascension, playing games all day long and stuff.

This year… Today I’ll practice my skills, and to try my hand and computer in 3D modeling tools, along with a tutorial to follow. Gives me a feeling of wholesomeness. There’s nothing outside stopping me, this year I can pursue what I seek and desire. The chains that trapped me last year are gone.
However, it keeps amazing me all the bs I told myself to avoid pursuing other paths, or things I desired.
Well, that’s gone. First week of DR complete, rest days incoming.


Day 8:

Getting up from bed’s now a chore!

Back again to the action with DR. Dreams are getting so exotic, maybe I can write a whole book out of it when I finish ST1.
This two rest days felt long, despite it being holidays. Aching to get back to DR but took my time. Fair recon, tired for the rest for the day and shit. Healing blockages involving wealth and future goals.
These two days, my family felt different, all of them It’s like I was resonating at a different level, in which you can sense almost intermediately something’s off.

Today I get back to my daily goals, felt restless this two days.
Back to business!


Day 9:

Deep sleep once again, eye bags got reduced since I began with DR. Can’t complain with better sleep quality.
Sometimes I feel good, sometimes I feel annoyed. For today I decided to take it easy, instead of following a routine now I’m following what my intuition tells me. So far so good, it’s fun to write again, it’s been a while. At the same time my interest for reading spiked up. Interesting, maybe some blockages related to this got removed?

Reflecting my goals for the future, if this shit’s gets any longer I might have to plan things the other way around.

Fortunately, the software I plan to use for modeling runs decent on this laptop. Although I’ll be changing it very soon. It pisses me off how this laptop’s barely two years old, in fact this December 30th it’s two years since I got it and now the screen doesn’t work properly, flickers a lot and it’s a pain in the ass. They don’t make it like they used to be. And for one that it’s valued in $999 USD it’s bull.

Just have to hang in there, at least it still works.

In a side note, I’m running a loop of Diamond Ultima just for the kicks.


:joy: :joy: :joy:


Small testimonial regarding Diamond Ultima:


Less than an hour in and it… it got way too fucking strong. Man, there was this LONG vein that struck me out. Jesus! Two loops would be intense. Too intense.


Some might say it’s a hard title to run.


Oh god, cue the Rimshot.


Small update:
After a deep analysis regarding goals, I’ll stack Dragon Reborn ST1 along with StarkQ.
It will accomplish many tasks and future objectives, my intuition tells me it’s the right thing.
Tonight the stack changes.


Interesting. Let’s see how stacking DR goes!


Day 10:

Actual Status: StarkQ added into the stack, two loops a night.

So now I woke up less groggy, in fact refreshed. Getting up from bed wasn’t a pain in the ass, at least not today. Feel fresh and with energy for working today. Maybe I’ll go for traditional writing practice for today and practice sketches.

Feeling optimistic, or in a good mood. It’s either one of those two. It’s like I’m focused on something but there’s a faint sensation of optimism or maybe that’s the personal power? DR’s brought me some hard questions and made me feel one related to my current appearance. Wasn’t pretty but it’s over.
Sometimes I open up, sometimes I prefer to stay silent and avoid contact. Let’s see how this maintains itself when using the magnitude of StarkQ!

Will update later what’s good.


You know, DR recommended me to stack as well. First I stacked my Primal Ascension custom with it. And then The Executive. So far so good

I guess it knows what we need. Well, it does help us know what we need


Sounds natural and logical. Since it makes you discover hidden depths, desires and goals, it’s normal you feel which other program to run now. Clearer head, clear goals and future to pursue.

Damn, the way I wrote that, seems Stark’s already doing changes!