Discovery - Dragon Reborn & EmperorQ - Journal of PurpleRT


Exactly! It feels natural as opposed to reconciliation and/or shiny object syndrome


Y’know, it’s nice for a change to not feel the shiny object syndrome. DR’s making us one hell of a favor.
The best part? Since we know what we truly want, keeps removing limits and enhances our results even more, like a giant overall booster for life.


I’ve been noticing this massively. I feel like a bunch of users have been noticing it too. You have a great point about us knowing what we want and DR getting to work to stop the limits from delaying/preventing us from getting it.


Day 11:

This time it was a bit difficult to fall asleep, but got decent sleep quality regardless. Fair mood, neither pessimistic or positive. Like a neutral state of being.
DR’s sharing me interesting paths to take, and even showed me a way of beginning my wealth. Also gave returned to me the ambition to retake sharing drawings online. Hope I can get my small shade of fame with it.

Guess I’ll have to finally accept that now ain’t time for dating and socializing. Feels painful to admit it. All the things I wanted to try out for a first time.
Well, better focus on my creative skills and the things I can do here. I’m on this certain part of the journey for a reason.


Yes! Purpose is the most important thing we can have. Without it, everything else lacks color


Another discovery:

Felt intense recon, shed out many tears, finally uncovering one of my main faults, the social side. From having a shell, pretending to be someone different back in the day, not developing true friendship. I didn’t want to admit it, but DR finally showed it to me and smacked it into the face.

I was wrong all along, it was my fault all those failed, unfulfilled relationships I made years ago, and to this very same day. Fear of judgement, fear of abandonment, of being mocked for who I really am.
Years and years of coping it. It’s the day I WILL try to allow what I really, really feel.
To nourish the actual ones, to develop fulfilling ones.

Never really opened myself for who am I, every single relationship I made is superficial. Never allowed intimacy and vulnerability. And that mistake left me unhappy.

I’m just tired man, too fucking tired from fucking up every ‘friendship’. So empty in them, it’s no wonder why many contacts left me, and my ego told me their were the incorrect ones.
It’s painful to admit it, but I… I think I finally understand.

There wasn’t any point in trying to continue like that, it would repeat the same mistake all over again.
Glad to finally uncover that layer of myself. Can’t really do much about it, however if I just try to change the tide around and express who am I, that little bit makes a whole difference. To make things right in my social life, for once.

From this day on, I’ll make it right. I don’t have to be afraid of the things that scared me years ago.


Day 12:

After the epiphany of yesterday I’m ready to ascend new heights this upcoming year. There are many things in my head. At least one things is clear.

I’ll be sure to make 2021 the very first year where I’ll invest more and more time on my art, take courses, read more specific material for it, to polish my writing and skill, explore different wealth ventures.

On June 28th, of this year, my own path for self-improvement got a kick-start, it’s where I truly began.
It’s time.

This year 2020, despite the world situation:
-No longer have to attend classes, free from school.

  • Father’s company revenue multiplied. Compared to last three years, thanks to EoG and it’s stages he closed 2020 with approx. $320,000 USD, total income. Yearly money got tripled!
  • DR gave me new, fresh and hard insights. Ready to pursue what I want
  • Engaged in art properly, signed up to different sites and uploaded my art, something my older self would never do
  • Worked out consistently, adapted cold showers for over 2 months now. Slowly but surely.
  • Kicked porn out of my life. No more time wasting, neither paranoia. To share my personal devices without any fear.
  • Moved in to another house after 13 years. All new.
  • Got a turntable I’ve always wanted, got me a custom sub made.

It ain’t much, but not bad for my first 6 months of personal freedom. There is more to enjoy next year.
I’m ready.
Either way, happy New Year to all. Grow even more this 2021.

Let’s get serious!


DR is doing it’s job! Give yourself credit too and :champagne:


You’ve had a great developmental year!


Day 14:

Feeling like If I fell from the sky and ready to explore new lands. Mood’s a bit apathetic, at least for now.
Tonight I return to the usual stack. DR’s healing on point, and didn’t realize how much I needed it.

Let’s start with the right foot on this one.


Day 15:

Took me two days to recover fully. But I don’t blame me, it was New Years Eve, so why not?
Anyways, ready to work towards my goals on this new year and enjoy the next twelve months ahead of me.
Mood’s better, is actually determined and motivated. So I’ll use Limitless Executive to give me even more boost for the day.
Felt more spiritually connected these days, it’s like I know I have an additional purpose, the perfect timing of this information came through not even three days ago. And discovered even more of myself, didn’t knew exactly what was an old soul, and from the looks of it I’m one of them.

That explains a lot of stuff of myself, liking stuff from different eras more than the actual one (muscle cars from 70’s, the turntable I mentioned, admiring series and works of art involving the 60’s - 70’s, etc)
From being like the advisor role for my classmates back in the school days, being a lone wolf, seeking knowledge, overthinking everything, among other things.

Despite I admit I fucked up with my past social interactions, didn’t realize enough that the story’s different now. Mistakes were made, however I noticed the other side of the coin, ain’t bad. Nothing wrong with enjoying solitude.
Didn’t knew what to do exactly back then, and tried to recover from a horrible, horrible specific year at Junior High that left me broken years ago, it’s normal I tried to be someone else to fix that issue. All of my problems and insecurities relied on that fateful year, five years ago.

Once again, I understand. Eventually, which is this current place in time, I managed to track down the problem, admit it, and move on. Can’t fix the past, however I can mold the present and future.
What to do next about social interactions? In this case, just be more open. That’s all in my case.
I have other things to uncover and develop that need more attention.

Gotta say, big thanks to Dragon Reborn and giant thank you, to Saint and Fire.
From this day on, I feel more content, more connected to my spiritual side, that’s a first for me. Acknowledge my mistakes, move on and have a clear head for my goals.
Many, many things make sense now.

I’m glad to enjoy these benefits, to heal my body, my emotions and soul in this specific timeline.


:dragon: on!


Day 16:

For some reason I’m waking up late. Not complying, will try to recover my old morning habit. Yesterday I was in a certain specific mood, such as ready for anything and kept my frame.
Haven’t felt the intense rush of ambition of Limitless Executive, it’s possible that I just need more exposure to it. Or maybe the scripting’s different to balance the two Ultimas?

EIther way, today I’ll make a brief test about it and run The Executive for getting that intense drive that I crave.


If that doesn’t work, perhaps consider a rest day or two.


I took three days off Ultimas since the year began actually. Executive’s gave me the push needed for today.
Maybe I need more exposure to Limitless Executive




Two can play this game tho.


:champagne::+1: and :dragon: on!


Day 17:

Already over than two weeks? I can see deep changes, yes sir. We’re back on track and live!
The first loop of The Executive ain’t finished yet and I’m already working fast and hauling ass.
Gotta say it again, this Ultima’s the best for me. It’s the very same one who kickstarted all my journey as it should be.

Good progress with DR, gotta enjoy deep sleep, among other stuff.



Hands are still shaking a bit, but I feel… I feel different. DR manifested one of my deep fears, and got around it. Made it, oh god, the relief, adrenaline, fear and the victory.

I’ll share something quick. I love cars, a lot, however due to my own insecurities and fears, don’t drive a lot, and less if it’s a shared car. And today, DR caught me good.
Apparently, there was some urgent business that my family had to resolve, pops was extremely busy and told me if I could drive my brother and mother to the bank. I said yes.

Despite being a bit blind, and with an expired license, which I can’t renew at the moment, the appointment’s is in 22 days. Fuckin’ bank’s inside a mall, which is closed so you had to get around it. Drove in the dark parking lot, avoiding cars and feeling the adrenaline and fear, but pushed on.

Afterwards, I had to leave. I always drive with company, DR manifested yet other insecurity, driving alone, quite ironic. I felt incompetent to do it and felt comfortable riding with other folks. Not today, and still made it. Suffered an embarrassing moment paying the ticket and made a small queue, another fear of mine.
Then had to drive in heavy traffic, another insecurity. And eventually reached home minutes ago.

Never exactly knew why I had this fears and insecurities, today’s events were manifested by DR, there’s no other reason. All of 'em were connected, and lived them, persevered and got home safely. No dents, no crashes. I fucking did it.

My hands keep shaking, but lived my fear, and kept my cool, kept my frame. Despite all the shit that kept happening, my inner voice told me the opposite. “You can do this man, you got it” It was special, and there’s no other sweet relief, like the one of breaking free of limiting beliefs and fears. Like Henry’s Ford quote, nothing surprises more a man, to do the one thing he think he was incapable of…

I gotta recover a bit, but I’m content. I fucking did it!