Discovery - Dragon Reborn & EmperorQ - Journal of PurpleRT


That driving incident of yours reminded me of some of mine. It was horrible especially since at the time I didn’t know there was something wrong with my eyes. After I got diagnosed, my doctor told me to not drive anymore. I really miss driving and hopefully Paragon will help with that

But kudos on your determination. Ending it all with “I did it!” is what life is all about :+1:


Day 19:

Yesterday, I took my time and relaxed all day. For some reason I’m actually in a pissed off mood today.
Don’t know why to make or what to focus today. It’s a first time I feel like this on DR.

No interest in sketching or writing today. At least not for the moment.



Mood’s way better than before. Something or a type of blockage left and now I’m good.
I’m enjoying to take my time and instead of rushing everything, I’m doing the opposite. Gives me a healthy dose of perspective, everything in it’s due time, enjoy the present.

Phew, the recon in here it’s tough, but makes a great change for the best. I have to keep reminding me that.


@PurpleRT73 I found running executive helped a bit today. That and doing my 6AM workout


This is very important to me - thanks for sharing this. I am not going to stop playing Dragon Reborn until I achieve the same goal as you.


Oh, yes! Executive’s the beast for getting things done, and thanks to it I made excellent progress my journey back in October, running it five days a week. Thanks to Executive I’m working out and taking cold showers to this very day, I eventually made the habit.

I’m pretty sure it can get my ass moving now, being aware of the potency of the Ultima. But my intuition tells me the opposite. I feel the need to take my time and let DR make it’s magic.

@raphael I understand you man, that’s why I also avoid driving for the moment. Everything’s blurry and can still make out the cars but prefer to avoid it for a while. Since my eyesight is curing at a decent pace, I miss driving around seeing everything fine, ditched my glasses months ago, I hate that glasses never fix the problem and can’t make myself new ones since they’re gonna be obsolete quickly.

I’m wishing you success on your path of physical healing and recover your health to an optimal level quickly. Sometimes I do get the thought of what’s the point of amassing wealth or other stuff if we don’t have our bodies in check and healthy. Thank you for sharing that insight months ago. Plus, I’m happy with seeing you got what you finally wanted, a sub for healing.

Many take for granted what we have, and need to remind ourselves to be grateful.

@King DR will help you tackle it, I’m sure of that. Keep persevering brother, eventually your wish will be accomplished and will return ten times stronger and recovered!


Interesting conversation about DR dorecting you to other subs.
I had a taught about using Primal Seduction
Not sure if its reconcilliation or DR direction.


If DR’s directing you to another sub, the thought is still present a week or two after, like if it’s permanent. plus in my case there’s a good feeling in my gut about it.


I will observe and see if its still comes up.


Thank you, my friend. I really appreciate that. Am wishing for your healing too

It’s a big relief to have a physical healing sub from subclub especially since I trust them the most

I agree. I myself took things for granted until I went down the path of poor eyesight


Could you please elaborate?


Basically, I’m using other methods or fields for healing my eyesight, but they’re working very slowly, at least there’s progress!

Compared to my blindness two months ago, I can see a bit better and can’t no longer use my old glasses 'cause I tried it and no longer fit my eyesight properly. So when I saw Paragon has potential to it, I finally have a sub, made from SC to heal that problem of mine at last. There’s still a long way pending but this will speed up the process.


What have you been using to improve your eyesight?

What are you currently doing to improve your eyesight?

@raphael Check this out! (I know you are, but still…)


Some specific audios which, respecting the policies here, can’t mention the name but basically just hit play and that’s it. These are not subs however. I’m not really interested in getting specific surgery or something of the sort so that’s why I’m trying these methods.

Not making any type of exercises about it, currently undergoing a passive process for healing the eyes. It’s slowly restoring but good progress nevertheless.

If you’re interested @raphael we can use the PM method tho.


@RVconsultant, @PurpleRT73 - will allow Paragon Complete Ultima to do its work on me


Excellent choice man, lots of luck over there! You’ll see how this upcoming 2021 Christmas your eyesight’s gonna restore.


Amen for both of us, @PurpleRT73


Day 22:

Everything’s well as it should be at last. This night I get back on DR after the necessary break.
Been thinking of my overall direction and thought using LD Ultima, sounds like a nice plan to complement DR.

Not much to report, other than feeling calm and peaceful not only this morning, but in general. I’m 8-10 days away from starting the Stage 2.


Lucky you. I’m not getting there until the end of January. What’s your criteria for switching stages?


Just following the normal rule of 30 days each, feels right tho.