Discovery - Dragon Reborn & EmperorQ - Journal of PurpleRT


30 days eh? Currently going with 2 months per stage


90 days here


Damn, you’ll be one hell of a brand new man once you finish all four stages.

How was your procrastination for the day?


I’m counting on it. It’s happening already

I did a lot more than I planned or wanted to


Day 24:

Sketched and planned out, and formalized my possible routes for developing my own income. My laziness’s starting to wear off and I’m getting back my own motivation and ambition alone.

Got my ideas straight and ditched the unnecessary ones.

Seems as the day gets near, I’m ready to soon execute them and give them their jump start necessary.
Not all at once, but explore each idea to determine which’s one is ideal.

Possible opportunities with the family’s company too. Finally I get to choose which road to take.

When that pimped-out Reconnaissance subs gets out I’ll def get my copy. But for now, DR and Emperor seems like a wise choice. I delayed Emperor many times, and never tried the Q potency.

It’s time then. First loops already done last night.

From now on:

Dragon Reborn ST 1 & Emperor Q.

Perfect fit, to make my own wealth, lone wolf style. Love the idea. Oldchap’s story inspired me to get my ass up and execute my plans. Yardbird also inspired me the first time I stumbled on SC.

Let’s rock.


How many loops are your running for DR a day?


Total DR loops a day: 2x
Tempted to add one more but it seems 2 loops is fine for me.

Same thing goes for Emperor, 2 loops in the stack.



:dragon: on!


Day 25:

I’m loving this drive coming from Emperor. On one side DR’s healing and dissolving blockages, in all three sides, and on the other hand the mighty, independent and confident stance of Emperor.

Making a test too, trying the excellent combination of Emperor & Commander Ultima.
Man, I do feel different. Ready to confront what lies ahead and to make a name for myself.
Plus, I’ve noticed no hesitation when making decision, just like the description of Commander!

Waiting for some money to come through and I’ll be on my way. In the meantime I’m preparing myself to take life by the horns, no matter what’s the outer circumstances.


Day 29:

Almost switchin’ to ST2, near to experience Dragon Blood.
Took almost three rest days, and last night returned to my stack as usual.

Emperor’s the king on this. Finally got my ass up 7 in the morning after a month, worked out, took a cold shower among other stuff. The curious thing is, I’m regaining the momentum and my habits like they should be.
Currently running Executive right now to ramp it up, and to take action towards my wealth and creative pursuits. Either practice, read techniques, watch tutorials, anything to start marking my path.
To take action and let the manifestation go like it should.

Like my grandpa used to say, sometimes the hardest thing to do is to just start.
Damn right.

Either music, writing, illustration, let’s go!



Finally, I took the action necessary to progress like it should. I mean it ain’t bad to stay back and relax during ST1 of DR, but honestly more and more thoughts came like, can’t be the man you want to be if you ain’t putting in enough work.

Today was excellent indeed. Positive mood, focused and tackled many goals for today. Had energy, motivation and ambition for the whole day.
From working out, applying theory of illustration, practiced for 50m, analyzed structure and styling of a new art style.
Checked info for writing dialogue, spent writing for 50m also, checking inspiration and applying the theory for a better narrative, instead of rushing, making quality writing.
Messed around with a program for music composing, searched info online and practiced making some beats, tomorrow I begin with music theory.

Finished all my daily goals for the day, ready for tomorrow’s action.
Feels good to be back.
Today’s the last day of ST1. Tomorrow I’ll hop to ST2, Dragon Blood.


ST2: Dragon Blood

Day 1:

The recon’s strong on this one. I suppose it’s healing and closing old, old wounds. Mood’s not the best, however that’s how you know it’s making progress. Although I do feel a bit better accepting the things I did wrong and instead of fighting it, let it pass and accept it.

Accept, move on and let the purification complete itself.


:hugs: :metal:


Day 2:

The desire to avoid do anything is even more present and intense than ST1. At least for me, I feel like I’m fighting against it instead of, y’know let it do the healing. Maybe in those 2-3 first months I’m not so productive, but after this phase I’m sure I’ll be unstoppable!

However, maybe I do have to embrace this temporally. Or I can probably sort out my goals to be less strict and easier to perform, at least do small progress a day, it’s better than none at all.

Today I woke up in a lifeless mood. Had to use Sanguine to come back to life. Man, totally a lifesaver.
Harmless and quick way to recover our optimism. This one’s a keeper the rest of my life.
Some part of the money came through so I got Paragon and Rich. No more changes.

Currently testing first loop of Paragon. Gotta say, today my skin was itching and during the loop of now, it subsided. Feels different for a change!
I’ll add this to my stack, to bring more emphasis on my healing for eyes and skin. I agree that it ain’t a magic pill, however I do have faith in it.


Small cont:
Paragon finished it’s loop and my eyes feel heavy, this is even faster holy shit.
A small pressure in my forehead and eyes.


Day 5:

Compared to the first couple of days when I switched to ST2, no longer have recon and thankfully, no longer have the feeling of removing EmperorQ of the stack.

Been engaging in some work from my father in the meantime, and kept researching about my hustle as photographer. It’s true, smartphones cameras are leaving the traditional camera in the dust. Since I’m not going into a very specific area, I’ll buy a phone with an excellent resolution to start the practice and eventually selling them.

Confidence’s back and better than before, and ready for whatever that lies ahead. Although I’m spending more and more time in solitude, Emperor’s good for enjoying the moments as a lone wolf.
My break from studies is soon gonna be over. Tackle a four months course, then prepare myself for one final exam in August. While studying, I’ll keep up with my artistic pursuits.

The UA phase and transition was for the best, drawing a lot better than months ago. Haven’t practiced the same but there’s a difference.

Kinda excited to see what lies ahead, but in the meantime, keep up my habits, work with my pops and enjoy this few weeks of rest before kicking ass with high grades again.


Thanks for the warning. Perhaps I should come up with a plan for what to do during this time.


What type of photography are you doing?


I’ll go for landscapes in general, that’s the idea I have but maybe I have to iron it out more.


Small update:

So these last couple of days where I’ve been feeling decent, even today I feel great, I ran accidentally Dragon ST2 for more than five loops at night.
I feel confident and content on my own. Maybe this was a sign to add more loops instead of the usual two?
Will experiment with that, I’m feeling good.