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As you can see, Namecheap does have many different hosting options though. I’m sure one can out perform the other, and then website speed is can also be depleted through the website itself. Anyhow I don’t have a lot of experience with building/hosting websites and so on, so I’ll leave it to you, I trust you with it.

Namecheap also has VPS hosting, I guess you got it from Siteground then?

So basically, I’m building an Online Business, which might scale very quickly over the course-span of a year, build on Wordpress with WooCommerce as you recommended. Probably gonna get my Domain name from Namecheap then and waiting for your answer which DNS, SSL & Hosting Platform I should move forward with.

Currently we’ll be focusing on the Online Webshop, but after building a solid foundations we’ll be building into that an online Education Platform & Community, so I’m not sure what to move forward with.


@BLACKICE I realized I’m going to be hosting that domain for quiet sometime so I’ve looked into it myself. Don’'t bother answering this question, got it pretty much figured out. Seems obvious why you’re going for a Dedicated Server, although for me that wouldn’t me logical sense.

Going to move forward with Managed Hosting on Siteground’s Platform for now.


Managed hosting on SG is more than enough. :slight_smile: I’ve got some other website features for one of my products that chews through server resources like crazy, so I’m an atypical case.


HA, lol! I realized that very quickly when I did some research on the various different hosting services.

On Sideguard they both WooCommerce & Wordpress Hosting, I guess that’s the same thing right?


Should be, yes. I’d go with basic Wordpress as that gives you the most flexibility. I ran a woocommerce store like that for 2 years without issue. Until we started scaling and I broke the server on multiple occasions. :grimacing:


Is the GoGeek plan worth is over GrowBig with reference to your experience with it?

And in that case Business must be doing very well! Honestly I wouldn’t want to have a Brick & Mortar Business at this day in age, unfortunately they’re being worn out by Online Businesses.


I’m also on SiteGround. I’d say if it’s just you and a few of your websites, the GrowBig is probably big enough. GoGeek has a tad extra space I think andt he ability to do ‘sandbox domains’. But I sandbox by just adding a subdomain of “sandbox” (Not what I really use, just an example) and can install dummy wordpress sites there for testing before taking it to your life installs.


I have 2 GoGeek plans with my stuff spread across them and that’s just barely enough capacity for what I’m doing.

It is doing well, but that’s not always a direct correlation to our server usage… in this case some of it is just sloppiness. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes: I found out today that someone else in the company replaced the site header image with a version that is a 4000x3000, 9mb PNG… no wonder the site was loading so slow and the bandwidth was being maxed out. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I’ve personally used Namecheap for all of my domains with no issues. Not much to say - easy to use and no complications.

Regarding hosting, I’m currently with SiteGround (GrowBig plan). I haven’t had any issues in the 12 - 18 months I’ve used them, but then again I don’t have a major amount of incoming traffic. WP Engine looks good but I couldn’t justify the prices in comparison to SiteGround/Bluehost for my needs.


@realbillperry, @BLACKICE, @Rev – appreciate all of the helpfulness.

I might even go for the Supersonic hosting from EasyWP, it’s only 49 dollars, compared to the GrowBig plan which is quiet of a lot more. Traffic probably won’t be over 100.000 a month upcoming year anyway, so why should I waist those additional costs. Regardless of website speed, EesyWP does come out to be more interesting for other parameters.

At the end, I’ll probably get the most prevalent option for me at this point, might be EasyWP or Siteground haven’t really decided that yet.



I’ve got 2 sites on EasyWP as well as a test, and they both struggle to run a simple Wordfence security scan. You really do get what you pay for. :nerd_face:


Hey @BLACKICE, thank you for sharing your experience.

So, did you get the Supersonic Plan? How about the website itself, what kind of website are you mentioning? I’ve read reviews which we’re actually quiet satisfied with the Supersonic Plan, so I guess it might depend on your region because it will regulate the actual server your website is hosted on. I live in Belgium, Europe which might have a server being less occupied.


I have both sites on the Turbo plan, as I was just testing the plans out. Our traffic is mostly USA but we also get a lot from Canada, UK, and elsewhere in the world.

One website is a standard content blog, the other one is a landing page that collects emails in exchange for watching a video.