Do people here make money through their online businesses?


ROFL, not even gonna lie. This is pretty much the description.


Because I know the two of you are way more then just merely coincidence otherwise I wouldn’t be here in the first place not even a slight understatement. And this is why I like Ascensions script tho, it’s takes you we’re your soul wants you to be.

All who’m I meet in life and I have an ‘instant spark’ with where literally times disappears for the both, then you know it is right. A place where two souls on the same frequency can interact with each other is far beyond the spaces of normal interactive consciousness.

As can be seen from there fruits, there scripts are far to intelligent to be of linear consciousness this comes straight from source as the divine is running through them in the Now.


Wow, @Hermit :slight_smile:


Is anyone’s side hustle selling on amazon or ebay how has this worked out for you ?


Any tips on how to manifest an ideal business partner?

Was your divine meeting situation pre subliminals?

Out of your subliminals, I guess inner circle sub would be the closest bet?

I am assuming inner circle is not included in EmperorQ?

Must be so cool to meet somone on similar wavelength, share a business idea and both feel inspired to start the business together. Being able to function, communicate and weave with each other in a authentic and compatible way. Both with an intuitive connected vision and mission for the business.

Part of me would love to be able to come up with a business idea on my own and do everything myself, but I can imagine the path being easier with excellent people and networking skills and being able to manifest genuine, compatible people that are on my wave lenth. I am pretty much a lone wolf, other than my GF, (she is my best friend) she has her own business, I got to and want to find my own individual path.


Read the books Traction and Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman, followed by The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber.

Wickman’s books introduce the concept of a visionary vs an integrator, and Gerber introduces the idea of systemization. Together you’ll have an idea of exactly what you need, and that will really clarify exactly the type of person (experience, skills, etc) that you need to find or manifest.

In my case, I score super high on the visionary side, and my EA scores about as high on the Integrator side. If we were both Visionaries, we’d sit around talking about what might be, without anything ever getting done. Conversely, if we were both Integrators, we’d be cranking away on doing stuff, but it might not be stuff worth doing. I’ve dealt with people in both situations… and from pesonal experience, pairing a strong integrator with a strong visionary is essential.

Good luck!


Yes there is … :thinking: :smile:

So started in April 2018, leading to Saint leaving is day job in December 2020. Need to do a AMA someday :slight_smile:


It still feels unreal. Having an odd time adjusting to working solely on my own businesses and being able to work any schedule I want.


Every time I read the thread title I chuckle at the question, as if it isn’t being asked on a money-generating online business :slight_smile:


How much of that do you attribute to mindset?


It’s societal conditioning. We’re all trained to get up and work a 9-5, answer to a manager, etc. I’ve had a 9-5 job since I was 15 years old. Decades later, it’s gonna be hard to overcome that conditioning.


Isn’t that sort of the point of SubClub? I think you’re misunderstanding my question. How is your experience with what you and @Fire have created has caused a mindset , belief switch, or both that either facilitated or put into motion your ability to leave your job?


I finally got to start my company last year and this year am working to build the skill to release my games, quit my job 2 years ago and been full time i die since then, from the time i started my last job which i was doing for 6 year i knew i wasnt going to keep doing this, game are what i want to do welll that was a mouthful, time to push using my customs