DRACARYS! - Raphael's Primal Ascended Dragon Journal


Totally understand!

Exactly. And good point on “name embedding being available on the main store soon”



That’s a super specific effect, thanks for sharing

I’m out of likes so I will verbally heart this message.


Reminds me of the times people ask me “Why?”. And I reply with “The more important question is ‘why not?’” :+1:


You verbally heart his message and I hearted his message for the two of us. haha!


As you guys are chatting i can only see flames…


ROFL! Too good! The Dragon Council is indeed having a small chat here


Im fine with that…i Khan end this conversation yourl having but its fine go ahead.
Hahahahah :wink:


You did two rounds of healing…
You must be feeling completely new and free!


Hahaha! Oh man oh man!

3 rounds infact

  1. Khan ST1
  2. Elixir + Regeneration
  3. Dragon Reborn ST1

Not one after the other ofcourse but boy do they still leave the effects long after you are done with them. SC is too good with that


Will love to see how the alpha programmes affect you now😎


Masculine? Sure. :+1:t2:
Without adding Khan or Emperor at that. :smile:

What I can’t decipher are the goals & actionables of this custom. I guess Status is too vague a concept for me - without a context of dating, business, social, etc.

Like @RVconsultant mentioned Mogul for a financial bend, this custom would make more sense to me if it contained elements like Gorgeous Manifestor, Exercise Motivation, Approachability Aura, Dragon Tongue – module(s) that give context / direction to the Status.

Where will Mr. HyperMasculine AlphaQ hang out?
What will he pursue?
What work will he do?


Now this is one reason I love this forum… this is an idea I had not considered. TBH I was thinking it was a combination of wealth and status.

Yes, this would help in that direction. Thanks @Simon


I do think so since I wanted a custom with lesser dense modules. Hmm. Possible that Emperor and Khan cores aren’t dense but mainly wanted to combine the masculine natures of both Primal and Ascension

It’s good advice but am planning to get a wealth custom made later on. Or add standard Mogul to this Primal Ascension custom at a later date

The advice is much appreciated, @Simon. Thank you!


It’s all about being top dog with yourself :slight_smile:

your forgetting the most important question

Who will he do?





It felt like the right reply


Right on, that’s such a strong alpha masculine custom. This sounds great to me.

Like @Joa93, You know so much more than I do when crafting these, my knowledge and experience with creating a custom is nil. With that said, I like it. I have 39 modules in my cart right now and I’m checking out what status isn’t listed in your custom that had caught my interest.

I have Invicincible Presence and Glory Seeker, Perfect Style & Smell and Steadfast, Temptation.

Not status but I also added ygdrassil and FSRS to help me manifest, but my custom is more like an all around first dip in customs.

As for my majors, I added Emperor, Stark, Primal Seduction and Medici. I’m just sharing what’s in my cart but I’m definitely going to need to prune this… :rofl:

Primal and Ascension sounds like the foundation that completes an alpha male.

I think your custom is going to be fantastic


Looks good to me! If you do end up running it then should yield very interesting results


It looks really dangerous, mate! I would tremble if I was your enemy. :heart_eyes:

I would call that custom Chain Braker :sunglasses:

You put Sultan in it which shows that you want to be focused on building your wealth too so I would change Total Nonchalance (it’s a dangerous module anyway since nonchalance is not always an advantage and you may hurt someone you wish you would never hurt-just my opinion) for Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy. You put Manipulus in it so you might want to consider putting PCC Core in it instead since you want to read people better and have some defences. Another thing is Alpha of Alpha (unless you live among other Alphas and you cooperate with them, like a fire chief and you have to manage other firemen (alphas) for example so I would rather go for Torchbearer. That’s all from me. :wink:


raohael can always stack it with Emperor or Khan if needed but apparently raphael doesn’t deem those titles as necessary at the moment. But yes, it would be great if we could read more about raphael’s goals. To me, it looks like focusing entirely on raphael’s inner development.