DRACARYS! - Raphael's Primal Ascended Dragon Journal


Out of these, I already have Invincible Presence and am strongly considering adding Steadfast

The former is a good choice but what is FSRS?

Haha! I know I know. I think this is a beginner’s dilemma with respect to cores. In the beginning I bunched a whole bunch of (dense) cores together in each custom. Ah that was a mistake since I got serious reconciliation and doubt about whether it was working

Thank you, @Apollo


@Neurokinetic - thanks, bro. I am hoping for some very focused manifestation of alpha behavior from this custom


LOL. This…is…ALPHAA!

Okay this is cool :ok_hand:

And based on @RVconsultant’s and your advice, I will be removing Total Nonchalance (also because Lion IV has some of it)

Alpha of Alpha stays because I want it to be a long term alpha male custom that I can use anytime since you never know when you will need to handle another alpha

Also will keep Manipulus instead of PCC. Even though I did consider the same idea, I thought I would stick to a lighter Manipulus compared to a denser PCC. But it’s good advice

I will consider Torchbearer if there is space

Much thanks for the advice, @Voytek


@Simon and you are correct regarding goals. I will elaborate more but in short, am planning to develop an Alpha male’s sense of Frame and being my own Mental Point of Origin. The idea of adding Primal and Ascension is to focus on their respective alpha attributes of dominance (whether sexual or career or social) and to bring them altogether in one custom


I intuitively understand the value and the desire to combine Ascension and Primal. That part is cool.

I “feel” like your pivot to Status did not arise from an optimal/logical approach to custom building. I “get” it’s pull, but not it’s purpose.

Here’s the thing …

Primal will drive you to desire EVERY live female in vicinity, and
Ascension will ask you to have clear goals/habits for immediate life improvement.

If I were creating an A+P custom, I would want the remaining modules to be chosen to direct these drives – and to handle my specific aspirations & challenges.

What you’re building, will require more conscious guidance, than I am personally willing to bring, when I pay for a custom.

My mention of Emperor & Khan was a joke - as in, if someone requested for a HyperMasculine stack, E+K would be our answer, not A+P. :slight_smile:


Your custom is sick bro …go with it and don’t change it for anything else.


@Simon - okay. I see your logic regarding Primal. Either I will add 2 sexual modules for this custom to support Primal OR keep it this way and call it an experiment in being alpha OR go with the main store Primal + Ascension where there are plenty of modules in built into the titles that they can stand on their own. Thank you!


Thank you, dude. I appreciate it!

  1. This looks like a very potent build to me.

  2. The effect of the whole thing taken together does seem to be like Khan.

I haven’t run Khan, Primal, or Ascension, so this is just going by observing and thinking.

I guess the point of it is to customize and have name-embedment.

Seems like the goal is to be directed, wild, and full of power. Internally, socially, sexually.

It is worth spending some time thinking about the life and lifestyle—the context— you wish to have around you as you develop in this way.


Yes. That’s the goal

This, along with Simon 's probings makes me wonder whether I have the proper context for it.

It’s a good way to reflect on my goals though. And I have decided that I will now choose between 3 options. The first one being to modify this custom to fit my current context and circumstances. The second being to make an altogether different custom to more fit my current context and circumstances. And the third being to play the long game and continue with the already decided-on Primal Ascension Q custom so that am ready for the circumstances and contexts when they come

Thank you for your valuable input, @Malkuth!


Oh financial success reality shifter

Shifting reality… A concept that sounds far fetched. At Subliminal Club… it isn’t. With FSRS, we will be shifting your reality and your perception of it into a reality where financial success is the only true reality. This will result in unbelievable coincidences, luck, chance meetings etc. Wealth is within your grasp.

You’re welcome bud


Just to be clear, I think you’ll be fine either way.

It’s just that personal characteristics never exist in a vacuum. They’re always going to have a context. So, since your already envisioning the personal side, might as well envision the whole deal. If it’s too much trouble though, you could just jump in and let it happen.


that’s the kind of realistic self aware authenticity that will maximize one’s sub use :slight_smile:


I think it looks great @raphael

Before DR I would have said-it needs a cohesive connection to actionable’s or vision.
And that has been the mantra or message.of what will bring results. Often juxatposed against a lack of clarity or unwillingness to take action.

Certain subs cause breakthrough into this domain of performance. (Emperor/Executive etc) I.E. being in a world of action rather than thinking about it. Living from and understanding action is what moves things in our lives and produces results, nothing else.

But my sense now after running DR is that transformation can happen and has value in happening independent of circumstance and then will effect circumstance from that new causal point i.e.

Your custom seems to focus on your being, your character, and your instinct. And I believe addressing those things without initial concise external deliverable is sufficient.

Although we all really know the deliverable here (BE FREE, GET LAID, MAKE MONEY $$ :heart_eyes::sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


That was very inspiring and true to the spirit of the Dragon. Since DR itself can launch us into whatever we want to have or be, be it wealth, status, romance, etc, adding anything to DR (especially from a place of desire, which in my case is to raise my masculinity) will make it work along with action

I appreciate your comment, @Azriel


These are the statements that really intrigue me about Dragon Reborn.


Absolutely, @Malkuth. Because they intrigue me too. If I have to sum up Dragon Reborn in one sentence, it is that it helps us “become the person we desire to be”


Day 28: Sunday (Week 1 of Dragon Blood)
Rest Day

  • Another magnificent day in terms of good mood

  • I realized that I haven’t been fearful of other people’s opinions or criticism at all for some weeks now. Previously I used to wonder what others might say (thanks to my INFJ personality type). Now I just listen, say my part or stay quiet, and move on

  • Since I did 3 weeks of DR1 and finished 1 week of DR2, am planning to complete 1 more week of DR1 along with my usual run of DR2 the following week. So it will be (ST1 x 2) + (ST2 x 2) for the next 5 days after which I will resume ST2 alone as usual. No need any nagging doubts on whether I did DR1 properly or not lol

  • Had loads of free time on my hands today. Spent all of it on finalizing my Primal Ascension Q custom and have already hit BUILD on it. Since it will be created in 5 days time, I will be ready to play it next week along with DR2

  • Speaking of which, this is the final version of Hypermasculinity Q (or Primal Ascension Q):

  1. Primal Q Core
  2. Ascension Q Core
  3. Godlike Masculinity
  4. Alpha Body Language
  5. Alpha of Alpha
  6. Dominion
  7. Emperor’s Voice
  8. Invincible Presence
  9. Iron Frame
  10. Leader of Men
  11. Lion IV
  12. Manipulus
  13. Natural Winner
  14. Power Awareness
  15. Power Unleashed
  16. Pride Unbroken
  17. Rogue
  18. Steadfast
  19. Submodel Alpha
  20. Tyrant


Smart…I was going to suggest this for your own peace of mind.
Any final summations of 1 week on D2?


Yeah, it’s good timing too since doing a week of DR1 would be good preparation for my Primal Ascension Q custom the following week

  • An inherent feeling of calm and peace solidifying more and more within me after 1 week of DR2. Even more when compared to DR1

  • Authentic connections and conversations with those around me

  • Don’t feel the need to control others

  • Sense of humor comes when needed and not out of neediness for validation

  • Much less worried about difficult situations than before. I think Dragon Reborn is the best title to run during these pandemic times solely for our mental and emotional health alone