DRACARYS! - Raphael's Primal Ascended Dragon Journal


I’m considering starting Dragon Reborn in May of next year. By then, Alchemist and Quantum Limitless will have played out and reached Stage 4. Seems like a possible time.

Then again, this is Subliminal Club. A whole lot is going to happen between now and 5 months from now.

love this place.


That’s a very wise decision

With all the excellent products being dropped often, we are indeed spoilt for choice

Amen, bro!


I agree with this.
Users should focus soley on healing while we in semi-lockdown.


Absolutely! Highly recommended :+1:


Day 29: Monday (Week 4 of Dragon Fire and Week 2 of Dragon Blood)
ST1 x 2
ST2 x 2

  • Today I was meditating on the concept of fear and how all the lessening of my worries, reduction of the need to control others, the feeling of opening up to more possibilities, being stronger in the face of opposition, better conversations, etc are all because DR is clearing away the fear programming

  • Reminds me of the popular Yoda quote “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering” And since fear is the root of all our insecurties and problems, the ability to face our fears head-on is a worthy goal

  • At first I thought that Dragon Reborn was removing my fears. That would be true to an extent. When we remove psychological baggage, we become more non-reactive to their respective triggers. For example, an incident from childhood makes us always hateful of authority figures and the healing of that wound saves us that unnecessary energy expenditure

  • Fear has its uses though. On a very primal level, it keeps our reflexes alive and helps us be safe in the face of danger but it is the growing of ourselves that Dragon Reborn helps us achieve. We grow in strength and wisdom while burning in dragon fire and being bathed in dragon blood. A dragon growing up to dwarf our mountain-sized issues. And in that subliminal transformation, we become…as fearless as Dragons


Have you noticed any differences in wanting to prove yourself or competing with others?


@RVconsultant - Interestingly, the need to prove myself or compete with others have decreased. But I still do want to succeed more than ever. And the possibility of success looks brighter with DR


I am feeling this on Khan. Once fear is removed i am calm and use logic to steer through situations instead of letting emotions decide on my actions.


I’m noticing something similar. I mean why compete when I can focus on advancing my life in directions I want rather than trying to outdo someone?


I was just about to type that out…


Dude! We’re like so mental synchronized… or something…:sunglasses::+1::grin:


I have an interesting perspective on fear now. Fears are mountains. And DR is turning us into such gigantic dragons that make mountains look like little molehills to us now

And thus, the fears are still there. But now they are so small because we have grown


And then I smash them so they’re gone!


Yes! Just step on those teeny weeny little things


I can pretty much say that I’ve become fearless on DR, especially, if it comes to some concerns related to my life and future.


I have felt close to that at various times but then something that needs working on pops up and shoots that to shit


When I feel this way, life comes knocking and knocks some sense into me lol

Maybe I will eventually get there but ‘zero fear’ isn’t possible for humans. But the argument can be made that we are dragons and dragons aren’t easily scared


I meant rather the fear of life and dealing with its top fears. Here’s what fears I mean:

I’m sure that if somebody put a gun to my head I would wet my pants or something like that. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Day 30: Tuesday (Week 4 of Dragon Fire and Week 2 of Dragon Blood)
ST1 x 2
ST2 x 2
Aegis Initiative: Covid 19

  • Since I had to take a flight back home, I listened to a loop of AI:C19 to be safe. And safe I am so far

  • Finally finished all the overseas work I had to do and it feels good to back in my city. Loads of stressful situations felt easier over the course of the these 2 months thanks to DR

  • Will keep this short since I travelled overnight and I will get some much needed sleep. In the lair, his quiet lair, the dragon sleeps tonight oooooweeeee oooohoo ramraee :grin: