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The Dragon King?


@Azriel, @Malkuth

Means no worries, for the rest of your dragon days!

It’s a fear freeeeeee, philosophyyyyyy

Hakuna MaDracarys :grin:


Did anybody play it too?

I was in love with that game when I was a kid.:heart_eyes:


@Voytek - never played it but it looks sweet and reminds me of a game that i loved as a kid (and still do). It’s called Knights of the Round. It got some sweet music, cool bosses to defeat at the end of each level and you can play as either Perceival, Lancelot or King Arthur himself. I always pick King Arthur :grin:

PS: start from 2:15 for the music


Fucking classic! I played it even on my old PC a few years ago but as a kid on an arcade machine, of course.



@Voytek - absolute classic! Spend loads of coins on it nostalgia begins


Day 31-32: Wednesday, Thursday (Week 4 of Dragon Fire and Week 2 of Dragon Blood)
Rest Days

  • Due to traveling close to midnight on Wednesday and general exhaustion/jet lag on Thursday, I took 2 rest days to relax and recuperate

  • After 2 months of resolving my overseas issues, am glad to be back in my home country. I feel that Dragon Reborn helped me stay grounded through it all. There were some days that I almost lost my mind but there were many more moments where I was surprised that I had it together. DR surely matures you. There is Dragon’s Wisdom in this beast of a subliminal which makes me feel more “grown up” than I used to feel before

  • Spent the last 2 days just chilling out and having some good food. Packing on some of that holiday weight that I need to make weight-loss new years resolutions for lol

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Day 33-34: Friday, Saturday (Week 4 of Dragon Fire and Week 2 of Dragon Blood)
ST1 x 2
ST2 x 2

  • I almost broke the streak of journaling twice this week. Thankfully, journaling every 2 days saved it

  • I feel back to normal after recovering from all that jetlag

  • Talking a bit more about the overseas trip, it feels like a huge chapter of my life is over and a brand new one has started now. Am free of that place which didn’t really much care for foreigners and I remember the many days my dad had to run around to get things done

  • That doesn’t mean my home country is not without its faults either. That’s why I aim to take up the idea of being a nomad. Let the earth be my home and be wherever I want to be, whenever I want. Borders are just cages for the ignorant

  • Got my Primal Ascension Q custom today. Will start playing it (along with DR2) tomorrow night when it becomes next week. Am excited for this one

  • These days am more kinder to my father and mother. I don’t feel like holding things against them anymore. A lot of parent-related healing has taken place without me even knowing it. Well, one action I did take is to forgive them and everyone who I felt wronged me. I forgave myself too. I had tried this many times before but forgiving everyone along with Dragon Reborn accelerates your healing like nothing else

  • If I had to describe DR in an understandable way, I would say that Dragon Reborn is Therapy in subliminal form


Day 35: Sunday (Week 4 of Dragon Fire and Week 2 of Dragon Blood)
ST1 x 2
ST2 x 2
Diamond Ultima x 1

  • I tried 1 loop of Diamond Ultima just for the heck of it and have to say that it really works. Woke up with real strong morning wood and had some minor erections through the day. Won’t be continuing Diamond Ultima for now

  • Had some major reconciliation in the afternoon. I notice that I don’t immediately chalk up bad feelings to reconciliation. It’s only after a couple of hours that I do. Even when I “get over” feelings of insecurity or depression immediately, I realize that it was recon only much later. This must be because of feeling lost in the emotions and in those moments we are busy wrestling with our emotional burdens and that’s when the rational mind is weak. Regardless, it will all be worth it in the end

  • With this week ending, am done with my run of ST1 and will be continuing ST2 for 2 more weeks. Along with DR ST2, I will be stacking my Hypermasculinity Q (a personal version of Primal Ascension cored custom). EDIT: renaming this as Lion Q

  • Along with posting the modules in the beginning of this thread, here is the make up of my new custom:

  1. Primal Q Core
  2. Ascension Q Core
  3. Godlike Masculinity
  4. Alpha Body Language
  5. Alpha of Alpha
  6. Dominion
  7. Emperor’s Voice
  8. Invincible Presence
  9. Iron Frame
  10. Leader of Men
  11. Lion IV
  12. Manipulus
  13. Natural Winner
  14. Power Awareness
  15. Power Unleashed
  16. Pride Unbroken
  17. Rogue
  18. Steadfast
  19. Submodel Alpha
  20. Tyrant
  • The goal of this combination of Dragon Reborn and Primal Ascension is to increase my sense of Dominance, Masculinity, Charisma and Status wherever I am and in whatever situation I am in. Being raised with a sense of powerlessness, I want to regain that lost sense of manhood and masculine power. To be able to decide my own destiny and be strong in my decisions and self-discipline. To not be detered by what others say but make my own path. To be an Alpha among alphas. To be the Primal Ascended Dragon


Thats great mate!
The script worked so fast because you have been doing major healing.
Can you ellaborate more on the effects if possible.
Top stuff @raphael


Well, I played my stack overnight, including Diamond Ultima. When I woke up, I felt as if a “diamond” had grown in place of my “precious”. Well, diamonds are precious so that’s redundant

Also, through the day, I felt as if I was a teenager. And that is, whether or not I was thinking something sexual, I felt some stirring in my loins and I got some mild erections. Possibly testosterone increase now that I think about it. I will reconsider whether or not to continue Diamond Ultima since testosterone increase will be good for my masculinity goals to say the least and even though it isn’t my goal to date at the moment, it wouldn’t hurt to run some sexual healing way before I get some tail

Excellent point. I agree


Thank you for that review @raphael


@pacman - Anytime, my friend


You’re also on NoFap/SR for months, right?
And the mostly carnivore diet?


@Simon - yes. Am on Semen Retention and Cold Showers although since it’s the holidays, am on a bit of a break from my diet. Will be resuming carnivore from the first week of January


The Diamond Ultima software was being run on a Natural Testosterone Optima hardware. :blush:


LOL good point


Day 36: Monday (Week 3 of Dragon Blood and Week 1, Day 1 of Lion Q)
Dragon Reborn ST2 x 2
Lion Q x 1

  • Woke up feeling irritated for no reason at all. Must be reconcilliation from my new custom. Remembered having some vivid dreams. Which meant that my Lion Q custom was working. Everytime I change subs, I always start have vivid, long dreams which eventually leads to nights that I have no dreams or have them randomly

  • Continuing in the spirit of the holiday season, I spent the day watching the second season of the Mandalorian. Loved it!

  • There was a feeling of guilt through the second half of the day for not having accomplished anything I can be proud of so far. The subs must be pushing me to push myself

  • Watched youtube videos on how to get out of the rut I am in. Even though I knew that action and experimenting are the keys, I felt at a low point

  • Dragon Blood helped the reconcilliation though and I didn’t feel like I was in the pits but nudged me to do better. “Start something. Something small. Why care too much for where you are when you can feel better with even the little you can do now”

  • Also this thought came to me: “You can live whatever life you want regardless of your circumstances. Dismiss the part of your health that you can’t change right now. Don’t use it as an excuse to deny yourself success”

  • There’s a great hunger to read suddenly. Will do some reading tonight before going to bed. Will start Jack Donovan’s The Way of Men. Perfect companion for a masculinity oriented custom

  • Will be adding The Executive to my stack from tonight to push me to more action


Day 37 and Week 3 of Dragon Blood
Day 2 of Lion Q
Dragon Reborn ST2 x 2
Lion Q x 1
The Executive Ultima × 1

  • Renamed my Hypermasculinity custom to Lion Q. Yeah, am a sucker for names lol

  • Since I was regressing a bit in my daily habit for the last couple of months, I put in The Executive and that combined very well with Dragon Reborn + Lion Q

  • Since the purpose of Lion Q was to push me to increase my sense of masculinity and I was falling into a vicious cycle of youtube videos, movies and junk food, I asked myself what the smallest step would be to get out of this funk. That way, I could allow my stack to “pounce on my action” no matter how little it was

  • I had decided yesterday to read The Way of Men, so figured I would read it for 5 minutes. Ended up reading it for a couple of hours along with another book which was fiction (Horus Rising. Recommended if you heard of Warhammer 40k. This fictional world is where the concept of Primarchs come from. A nice way to mentally prepare for Subclub’s eventual PRIMARCH release😁)

  • Just the simple act of reading something related to my stack (in this case masculinity) opened the flood gates in my mind and I was raring to go like a racecar at the starting line. Both The Way of Men and Horus Rising touches on masculinity and I found myself immersed in them for the better length of the day instead of wasting time into mindless entertainment

  • The Executive ultima feels very good. It prods you to take a step. If you take one step, that is more than enough momentum to push you into more action. Even the other subs work like that but The Executive gives you more energy and excitement. That’s what I felt

  • That makes me wonder how good Limitless Executive would be. Sooner or later I will get it to boost both my productivity and my creativity

  • My current stack is also urging me towards more self discipline. Before playing Lion Q, I felt I didn’t want to give up my “holiday diet” but now am impatient to get back to my carnivore eating habits

  • Noticed that the Alpha Body Language of Lion Q was kicking in. More upright posture and walk today

  • Also there is a general sense of desire to be get stuff done now. Am toying with the idea of adding Ecstasy of Gold to this stack when I reach DR ST3 Dragon Flight. I already have EoG with me but hadn’t utilised it before. It’s hightime I did